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  1. Post the word you associate with the previous poster's word, i'll start: Laptop
  2. I'll start with two words and the next poster will drop one of the words and add their own but keep the other and so on etc Online Activities
  3. Pant (I probably lost again ... hehe)
  4. I liked your posting because you feel comfortable to open up - not at your situation. Its hard to be stuck in the past which is behind us and gone.
  5. I think we need fresh games on here really.
  6. Lol at that link - thank you for sharing it :)
  7. Reclaim (2014) Director: Alan White Stars: John CusackRyan PhillippeRachelle Lefevre
  8. Monday Brain Tease! I hope we can keep this thread going ...... :p
  9. Yeah, I don't know, I've returned to walking about a mile every day so I haven't been stuck inside but things don't feel right in public now, people are so wound up tight here politically and its bleeding into everything and I feel bare and vulnerable ... but hope the spring brightens up people moods. I enjoy seeing people walking their dogs. I also enjoy getting a diet coke.
  10. Strange because Mypal did in fact work when I posted those test results. They must have changed something between that time and now.
  11. Independence Day Special Edition Extended Version (2 DVD set I own) When alien invaders lay waste to planet Earth, it's up to a select group of survivors to make a last-ditch stand in this sci-fi smash.
  12. But, I booted to Open SUSE and the test https://www.cloudflare.com/ssl/encrypted-sni/ ... runs fine with all check marks, but no longer with XP it would seem, I wonder if Vista and 7 are in the same situation? Here is where I got the test from. https://www.ghacks.net/2019/04/29/check-if-your-browser-uses-secure-dns-dnssec-tls-1-3-and-encrypted-sni/
  13. Hi there ... it was in fact 68.13.9, but something literally changed recently because I also am now getting the same exact result - opens then right away to a blank page so you can't run the test - I don't know what happened? its the same result in 360 Chrome redux, and Serpent 52 and New Moon, so not the fault of Mypal; would seem, its CF.
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