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  1. Looking back at the whole thing, my problem was because I installed the unofficial Windows 2000 SP5. It apparently broke the ability for the wireless to work. I also had other stupid moments of mine where I didn't realize the wifi switch was turned off, resulting in no wifi despite having 2000 installed. I was an utter noob at system drivers when I first tried Windows XP back in 2014. Now, I've upgraded an R60 quite a bit: gave it a T7200, 4gb of ram, and a 320gb hard drive. The thing works like a charm now. I did a ton of photo editing using paint.net with a Windows 7 installation. I had a Windows 10 installation at one point, but it broke by itself. Found myself experimenting with different operating systems for a long time. Never got ME working on this laptop model. Now the system currently functions as an XP-testing machine for software I post on my personal-ish blog to organize software a bit. I personally prefer this computer over any modern laptop with its comfortable keyboard Thanks to MSFN, I learned quite a bit: the power of internet archive, FTP search engines, searching original file names, manually installing system drivers, driverpacks, system basics, and more. Even learned a bit of psychology
  2. That one is by far my favorite screen capture program. However, I meant a video recording program. Changed title.
  3. I'm looking for something free...thanks anyway!
  4. While KM can't watch youtube (I recall siria got it enabled somehow), it's far better at rendering certain pages like image sites (Pexels is a great example). Both Opera and KM can't access MEGA but only KM74 can access Yandex Disk (but the download button is broken...). Opera lacks a custom user-agent spoofer as well. If you can link me to a good font pack for Windows 9x, please do so immediately. I'm so sick of files with symbols being unable to transfer onto Windows 9x
  5. I find it interesting how difficult it appears to come by a proper video capturing software on the internet. I would've figured there would've been plenty during the lifespan of 9x... I've been looking for a screen recorder for Windows 9x for years, if anyone knows of one, then please inform me! Thank you!
  6. I hope it's not too awkward for me to bump this. I am having trouble with Windows ME. I installed the required updates + unofficial service pack updates but I am still getting a message that GDI and USER requires an update! Never mind...It turned out the one provided on the site was outdated and using the 9.7 version fixed everything
  7. Where exactly is Firefox 3.6 w/ TLS 1.2? Is it supposed to be the NT4 edition? Also, KM74 for Windows 9x works fine for me. It's a bit sluggish and clunky (javascript has to be turned off to prevent TONS of crashes) but works when set on Windows 2000 SP4 or Windows XP API. I believe I am also using the first edition roytam1 intended usable on Windows 9x. I used my physical laptop with Windows ME w/ latest kernelex 20 updates installed if that makes any difference (all down to 17 worked fine): About 50 points higher than Opera 12.02, but the trade-off is speed and stability for better rendering and native TLS 1.2. The browser had also caused my hardware to crash and reset when javascript was not disabled on sites like youtube.
  8. Could you link us to roytam1's copy for Firefox 3.6 with TLS 1.2?
  9. While I'm doubting an individual can backport XP easily, it's certainly not impossible considering Maxthon, UC Browser, Coc Coc, Slimjet, Chedot, Advanced Chrome, and a couple more. We just need to figure out how exactly they backport the newer code and what code is removed during the process. I would say building on top of Advanced Chrome for XP would be a good place to start, if anywhere. Problem is that newer versions of Chromium removed the support. Looking at here, the Google developers changed the compiler
  10. Is there an AIO installer of POSReady2009 updates? It would be great to have another utility like the Unofficial Service Pack for XP
  11. If anybody knows a good site like Softpedia, please tell me immediately! I've discovered a Chromium 53-browser for XP, and a 56-based browser as well! So glad those Mandarin classes are paying off! It's sad how language barriers make good software hard to find... Both aren't in English, BUT one does not have all the annoying certificate issues like all the Chinese web browsers (excluding 360 Chrome and more or less Maxathon).
  12. @roytam1 If you ever want different icons for your builds please let me know I've been playing around quite a bit with paint.net and commercial-friendly stock photos. It's been a pretty fun experience and I would love to share https://imgur.com/a/cgvWC59 3D B&W Win95 icon, golden-ish 9x logo, and my personal Ifranview picture
  13. Could you post a back-up of these nice drivers? The links in the main thread no longer link to the proper drivers...
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