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  1. This is MSFN, we're all interested! The vogons forums is also a great place to post your wonderful discovery! What version of SMP Player? I've tried running 0.98, but it's slidebar won't work at all.
  2. Ah shoot! I either forgot to turn off the "enable kernelex for all programs" or updating the kernelex files re-enabled it. I'm so sorry! On the bright side, we have an aesthetic media player that will play any MP4 just fine with KernelEx + Extensions; no updated dll's or kernelex stubs were used here!
  3. Yes, I installed the program without enabling KernelEx and included the codecs!
  4. I just made a wonderful discovery! Haihaisoft Universal Player will install and play just fine on VANILLA Windows ME Unlike using the KernelEx updates with SMPlayer, this video player will do MP4's just fine; skipping to parts of the video works just fine <3 Backing it up here
  5. Hello, I was trying to make a bootable CD because rufus kept giving me a bootmgr is missing error, regardless of the choices I made, then I realized that most of my computer's dvd drives are not working. -My AIO HP PC -An Asus Desktop -A HP (2010) laptop -Thinkpad R60 -Dell Latitude D600 (it might be Windows ME's fault that the DVD cannot be erased) In the majority of my PC's (excluding a Dell Precision T3400), the DVD drives keep malfunctioning. Is there some sort of driver issue going on here? For example, my AIO HP PC used to burn CDs and DVDs just fine until a few months ago; the drive suddenly stopped reading discs; when I try to burn a CD, Windows ejects instead of read the input CD. Do these drives have a tendency to break out of the blue or something? It's frustrating to find that I have no other solution to Rufus (tried older versions too) when a I get a missing bootmgr error.
  6. Randomly dropping by: Does anyone recall a media player that had a minimum requirement of Windows 2000 but ran on Windows 98/ME anyway? While on Windows 98, the media player's video slider would not work, but video was amazing compared to other options.
  7. Seeing this is a Coffee Lake CPU, partially, at worst. To install, you'll require... *VLite (to integrate drivers in a Windows Vista installation) **A newer ACPI.sys file (Windows XP did; Vista may not, depending on the vendor) *SATA/ACHI Drivers (These are Windows XP drivers, but they should work) *Modified Windows 7 driver for your Intel® UHD Graphics 630 (this may not work because it's meant for 7) I do not recall any forum post mentioning getting the 1050 TI to work on Windows Vista...I do not believe modified drivers exist for the 1050... Also, you'll need to provide what sound card you are using. Do you happen to be using a wireless card by chance? I'm also not aware whether the video card I provided will provide chipset drivers or not.
  8. Does anyone know a good workaround for apple iphones too? I've had many headaches attempting to help my mother with her faulty apple iphone; it keeps stopping during a photo transfer to the pc. Android's workarounds are fine (FTP, online storage, OTG USB adapter with flash drive), but the iphone is a whole new story: the freaking thing doesn't even have an option to share/transfer galleries, attempting to upload into google drive and mega fails too. The iphone is a jailhouse of a "smartphone" e.e
  9. You could always install the Office Compatibility Pack. That way, you can view docx files.
  10. Do you know if the ACPI.sys files retain compatibility with all previous systems helped? I just wanna know ahead. If not, then I wanna try organizing and archiving them properly.
  11. Hello, I am looking for a lifetime cloud storage solution: something to both store and share files with. I currently use mega.nz (which I really love), but it seems storage is gonna find itself pretty limited if I back-up modern Windows 10 software. Any suggestions from free or one-time payment storage clouds are all appreciated! Please do not include storage with monthly/yearly payments! Thank you for your time!
  12. Hmmm...it looks like there is an app that can enable the usb ability back, but smartphone support is hit or miss...and root is required...my phone model (samsung galaxy s9) is definitely not listed on the support list either. I honestly prefer just having USB Storage Mode back because the phone will work with old and new OSes without having to provide a driver. I'm sure a Windows 95 could view an artificially cramped 32gb smartphone just fine. This mode would also make direct access from Linux certain. PTPdrive does seem fine in the case of an incompatible XP-machine. Then again, I kinda have the question if viewing a storage size unsupported in an older OS could lead to corruption or not...
  13. Hello, I'm hoping to find a way to transfer storage from a modern smartphone directly. I haven't had much success with an adapter into my smartphone and want to see if I can find an alternative to indirect methods (FTP, cloud storage, Netoworking, etc.) Is there a way to make a phone's internal or external storage appear as a flash drive on a pc? I don't want to have to try dual-booting with Linux. It would be nice if I could just transfer images and potential downloads onto the pc.
  14. The rest of the NT 6 series at least does its job properly Absurd how MS can screw up a perfectly good OS every time.
  15. Windows 10...I never liked the OS. Released unstable like early Vista, constant bloat like 98 to XP, and a horrid start menu. The total installation size for Windows 10 is also absurd compared to all other versions; ISOs for windows 10 are a couple gigabytes while a perfectly updated XP is less than ~700mb and fits on a CD. I've seen modded Windows 10 isos to find that even the smallest isos are 1.8gb. That's VERY tiny for Windows 10 especially.
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