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  1. ~♥Aiko♥Chan♥~

    KernelEx 4.5 Core Updates (4.5.2016.17)

    Can you try a different file host? The download link here is broken!
  2. ~♥Aiko♥Chan♥~

    Windows 98 as high quality video player

    I've tried installing MP10 before and it was not successful... I just tried installing and there seems to be no changes T_T
  3. ~♥Aiko♥Chan♥~

    Windows 98 as high quality video player

    I tried SMPlayer with KernelEx v19. It only works properly with base enhancements + api fixes opposed to using XP and later. Unfortunately, an MP4 video only appeared the first time the program opened...and it was only a small square that would not expand to the whole player. Audio worked fine though. Could you provide a link to UMPlayer 0.95? I can only find 0.98 portable for Windows. If there are any honorable mentions, please say so. This is a bit off topic, but how did you manage to get Slimboat Portable working on 9x?
  4. ~♥Aiko♥Chan♥~

    Customizing Windows 9x themes?

    Hey y'all! Where can I find a good tutorial of installing themes on Windows 95, 98, ME, and maybe 2000. On the internet, there's plenty of support for customization on Windows XP and later, but I cannot find one very easily on Windows 9x besides revolutions pack! If you can provide me sites that do so, thank you!
  5. ~♥Aiko♥Chan♥~

    KernelEx 4.5 Core Updates (4.5.2016.17)

    Windows ME w/ all system updates I believe K-Meleon 74 (version 2 for w2k) by roytam1 I am running Windows ME in WMware because I don't have access to my computer.
  6. ~♥Aiko♥Chan♥~

    How you really browse the web on 98/ME in 2019

    Okay, what are the instructions to fixing TLS 1.2 on Opera 12.02? Which files must be replaced? Does this work on the portable version? Just tried doing this and it didn't work. Please tell me all the steps!
  7. ~♥Aiko♥Chan♥~

    Good file compressor

    I am not talking about the ones we all know, but I am seeking one that will heavily compress files. I know my expectations are probably unrealistic, but I would like to ask before giving up. Is there a utility that could potentially compress a 1gb file all the way down to 100mb or less? Thank you!
  8. ~♥Aiko♥Chan♥~

    KernelEx 4.5 Core Updates (4.5.2016.17)

    I tried the newest KernelEx version. K-Meleon appears more stable than I remember with this version. Unfortunately, I still need to disable javascript to prevent the browser from crashing. Also, I'm not sure if the new KernelEx update damaged my WinME installation in my VMWare. Suddenly, I could not drag files to the guest, file transfers by shared folders, flash drives would not appear, and cds would fail. Reinstalling VMWare tools did not help.
  9. ~♥Aiko♥Chan♥~

    Where can I find good free TTS voices?

    The title says it all. Where can I find free TTS voices? I am looking for something of higher quality, not Microsoft Sam or L&H voices.
  10. ~♥Aiko♥Chan♥~

    Best Hypervisor for Windows 98

    In my experience, VMWare workstation works best at emulating Windows 9x. VirtualBox is great because it's free, but I could not get the internet to work and the screen resolution cannot stretch fully to fit my resolution. VMWare workstation accomplishes this better. The only downside is that it costs money and it's bloated compared to the others...my AIO desktop cannot properly use VMWare without constant lags, so I'm forced to use a gaming laptop.
  11. ~♥Aiko♥Chan♥~

    Download Accelerator for 9x Systems?

    A bit late, but are there any limitations to the free version? I'm looking for something similar to IDM...
  12. ~♥Aiko♥Chan♥~

    Trying to find Odyssey Client 4.56

    Are the driver's installed? If it's 9x compatible, it should come with its own wireless utility. If the driver is installed, try clearing out specific parts of the register (I forget which) to rid Odyssey Client's view. I once had this issue and had to delete something because reinstalling didn't fix it. Less likely, but if you're using a Dell Latitude D600 by chance, the card bus slotson those things are faulty and the majority of them break.
  13. ~♥Aiko♥Chan♥~

    Trying to find Odyssey Client 4.56

    Couldn't find mercury's post, so here you go! https://ufile.io/jlxbf
  14. ~♥Aiko♥Chan♥~

    WPA2 for Windows 9x!

    Provide the hardware IDs if you can! It will help us search for the drivers of your card!
  15. ~♥Aiko♥Chan♥~

    WPA2 for Windows 9x!

    I did not get the chance to test any of these wireless managers, but the older odyssey client you linked appears to be exclusive to only specific cards... Darn, is finding WPA2 for Windows 95 impossible?