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  1. Making Blackberry Vinegar?

    I ran out of place to ask, so I might as well ask here! Last summer I harvested a bunch of blackberries then juiced and turned some into wine. Fast-forward, I was too lazy to buy anything to preserve the wine so I left it turn into vinegar because I love vinegar more than wine. My wine has turned to a vinegar with a solid 'mother of vinegar', the pure juice that converted to wine then vinegar has 'mother of vinegar' in an oil-spill-like form. So...does anybody have experience with this? Is this vinegar safe?
  2. Part of .pdf incorrectly views

    First, try re-downloading the file in case of corruption. If that fails go to the next step. What PDF viewer are you using? For starters, try updating your pdf viewer, if there is none available, then try one of these freeware pdf viewers. Adobe Acrobat Reader Samatra PDF
  3. DPI Scaling Applications Individually?

    Hello, Windows 10 has been surprisingly smooth lately but there's one potential issue I can't seem to fix, DPI scaling of applications. Windows 10's DPI caused annoyingly blurry font on a high-resolution monitor. I found a slight fix, but there are a few applications which show 125% scaling is too much and must be reduced to 100% for a comfortable experience. The problem is I cannot find a way to individually scale the DPI of an individual application. Going into the compatibility area of properties has proved itself worthless.
  4. modernize ie 6?

    I've never used IE6 myself, but isn't there a security option you could use to make IE6 not care? I do not believe I can help anymore at this point.
  5. Windows 95C on a Dell Latitude D510

    Here's a ICH6 chipset driver (win98).
  6. modernize ie 6?

    I am unsure of the existence of other web browser plugins like Chrome Frame, sorry.
  7. modernize ie 6?

    It literally patches IE6 to use the chrome engine instead. IE6 will probably look the same as seen in screenshots online
  8. modernize ie 6?

    Use Chrome Frame; literally convert internet explorer 6 into Google Chrome. https://archive.org/details/ChromeFrameArchive01 It's a bit dated (February 1, 2014) and runs on Chrome 32.0.1700.107, but should be a big step up from IE6
  9. Modern Browser Project 2018

    QTWeb never worked on 9x. In order for it to work, someone's gotta know how to use Qt 4.4.3 and remove NT 5.0 dependencies to make it usable on 9x.
  10. Official - Windows 10 Worst Crap Ever!

    Anyone know if it's possible to obtain Windows 10 store applications on Windows 7? Freaking Microsoft...
  11. Windows 95 drivers on 98SE

    Only you can find out by the card's specifications. If the card doesn't have native support for 16, 24, or 32 bit color then of course it won't have the support. Windows 95 drivers should work on 98, but of course there are case where they won't just like Windows XP drivers not working on 7, rarely.
  12. Can you provide us a copy of your custom Firefox build for NT 4.0?
  13. Official - Windows 10 Worst Crap Ever!

    Piece of crap broke on me again! Windows 10 suddenly broke on my laptop with no explanation! Doing rollbacks and such aren't helping. I need to downgrade to Windows 7...
  14. Windows XP Spotter (the club)

    Because my school computers are so weak and incapable of upgrading to Windows 10, they simply have XP stream Windows 7.
  15. Modern Browser Project 2018

    What did you use to port firefox 3.6 onto NT 4.0?