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  1. Did a lot of research back in the day. I don't trust these methods of trimming from XP but I've read these three threads you share and I'm going to try some of the options. Thanks!
  2. Hi guys. Remember earlier this season I was telling you about corrupted files and occasional failures with SSD disks? Did some research and while I couldn't confirm from reliable sources, I got to thinking that we, the people who still use XP, can't TRIM SSD disks as newer operating systems do. I think this might contribute to early disk damage and file corruption. That led me to look for ways to take better care of SSD disks and one technique I've found is disable FF cache on disk and instead enable cache on ram. I did this in both SP 52.9 and Mypal 29.2.1 and performance improved quite a bit! The system as a whole seems more relieved. Maybe old PC's with little ram will not be able to apply this -although I would try just to test it out- but I guess machines with 2gb of ram or more will. I leave you the link on how to do it. I used a value of 300mb and everything works perfect so far. Hope it helps! Speed Up Firefox by Moving Your Cache to RAM
  3. Hello modnar. I don't use cable 'cause it's a long distance, I live in a cold area and the inclement weather would make it complicated, plus we are many neighbours taking the same signal, so the landlord would not allow it. Anyway, thanks for your recommendations and good vibes!
  4. Hi guys. I wanted to tell you all that I finally restored my system image and everything is back to normal. I was able to check that uBO and aBu were working perfectly combined so evidently the problems I was having were due to data corruption. My system was failing in general. Anyway, I decided to remove aBu and stay with uBO and nMatrix for now. I am sure with those two I'll have good results. On the other hand, I've been testing programs to download videos from youtube that work in XP and I'm sticking with 3D Youtube Downloader. It's awesome. It allows you to download or convert videos according to quality or size and also allows you to configure how you connect to the internet, which is necessary for me because I'm far away from the router and I use my mobile phone as an extender through a proxy (if you can recommend any mobile phone app that works as direct extender without a proxy or if that's even possible I would appreciate some info). I have an antenna that picks up the signal but it's not compatible with XP and the antenna I use in XP works fine but doesn't have as much range. Thanks again to all of you!!!
  5. I was talking about deterioration of the operating system in general. When files become corrupted it can affect the operation of programs or directly break vital parts such as the boot sector of your disk.
  6. I'm super used to that. Back in the day I also bought two SSDs but of different brands. A Kingston (works great) and a Samsung (just a bit faster). A friend of mine with a lot of knowledge in technical service always told me that no matter how much you take care of the system, after a certain period of time it deteriorates due to use and ends up corrupted or broken. That's why one day, when I had no choice but to install XP from scratch and reconfigure it to my liking, I made an image and I always have a way to go back. Never had any problems with damage to the disk itself. Once the image is restored, everything works fine... until after a certain time something starts to fail again. That's why I do incremental images. I've heard that Linux in general is robust and doesn't have this problem of deterioration as Windows. I've tried to research about it to experiment but unfortunately many drivers will never be released and, generalizing, it seems to work fine only on machines with the most common and generic hardware, which is not my case.
  7. I assume so. Whenever possible I've added filters to make sure I cover as much as possible but noticed sometimes new ads appear out of the blue or somehow some manage to get past my blocking rules. I always add personal filters -I should've clarified that before- that's what I was talking about when I said I used uBO combined with AbU. It happened to me many times that I personally blocked ads or items with uBO and they came back every time. So, the ads that uBO didn't manage to block I blocked them with AbU and they didn't appear again. As I said before, sometimes I blocked too many ads and elements that seemed unnecessary and in the end something ended up malfunctioning in the appearance of sites or some main function disappeared -as it happened with the problem that originated my request for help in this thread- then I'd unblock elements one by one until I could see what was only necessary. Also, it always seemed to me that uBO was the best of the adblocking options -that's why I use it as the main one- and that it could be very good but not perfect. That's why I decided to experiment and try to combine it with other extensions instead of going deeper into how I could try to solve these same problems using uBO's tweaking options. Every now and then I keep finding more uses for uBO, it keeps surprising me. Maybe it's my mistake to think I can't ask more from such a good extension and go deeper into it instead. I definitely thought of trying frontend programs. With your recommendations I now have alternatives to entertain myself testing how they work. Thank you very much for that. Sure you did and I understood. I didn't mean to make you repeat yourself. I try to answer as much as I can to everyone and some things escape me. I already resemble ad blocking extensions. A few days ago, for some unexpected reason, the system stopped responding and instead of waiting I pressed reset without thinking and after reboot some files got corrupted. It wasn't so serious that I had to resort to an image right away but I can see the deterioration and I'm already backing up files. With SSD disks everything is easier but I've noticed, from time to time -even after years without problems- the system becomes capricious, some important file becomes corrupted, something starts to fail, some experiment -or an error of impatience as in this case- make the system become unstable and unpredictable. Maybe that is the reason why AbU has started to malfunction after months of trouble-free operation. Once I get back to the image I will know for sure. I hear you. I got to know DOS and I know the basics around but since Windows appeared with its frontend programs I never got interested in commands again. I can be very lazy sometimes, besides this machine is from 2010 so between some over clocking plus 4gb of ram I have no problems regarding slowness or overload. I've told you all that even Windows 7 runs perfectly on this machine and I'm even thinking of extending the ram to 8gb, but I use XP because I like it too much. It's fast, reliable and I could always mould it to my liking in almost every way I could think of.
  8. Hiya there guys. Thanks again for sharing useful knowledge. I was aware of that. I used only uBO but some ads would slip through and that led me to experiment and combine it with AdBlocker Ultimate. That way I was able to block many ads and elements of many sites to my liking and never noticed a memory issue. I've been using both for many months now without any problems but yesterday I had to remove AbU because it was giving me problems with too many sites. I think my system is broken and I will have to go back to an image soon. As I said in season 04, I stopped using uMatrix 'cause I found it super heavy and sites took a long time to load. Recently I discovered nMatrix in the Basilisk extensions page and I'm using it. I think it's great, light, sites load fast and I can block stuff and unwanted behaviors individually. I searched last night for links to the programs to download YouTube videos and couldn't find 'em, so you've been very helpful Mina. I just ran yt-dlp and it's a commands program; laugh at me but obviously I'm not used to that and what I want is the idea of downloading videos using a download accelerator, that's why I was very comfortable using such sites until now. I still will try to see how this programs work, thou I tried to download youtube-dl and it seems that the link is broken. I will continue to investigate. I thank you all again for your help!
  9. Hola! :) You've been of ample help, mate. I didn't think it was necessary to provide the link to this particular video 'cause the sites didn't work with any, so I took for granted it wasn't relevant. I'll keep that in mind for future queries. I didn't start Serpent afresh -don't know how to do it, every time I start Serpent it takes my config directly from the system, don't know how to avoid that, plus I'm afraid of losing it- so I just restarted Serpent in Safe Mode and both sites worked perfectly, as usual. The info you gave made me think right away the problem was some extension, which seemed strange, 'cause I use few and I've been using 'em for a long time. But since disabling uBlock and nMatrix didn't give me any results I tried to disable AdBlocker Ultimate on both sites... and that did the trick! Both sites working perfectly again. I think the problem started because, as you say, some of these sites are so dirty that I was forced to block many different annoyances on them. I'll have to try to be more conservative about blocking. I've had similar problems in the past but I caught on quickly and managed to fix 'em on the fly. Seems so silly now! How could I distrust Serpent? Regarding video download sites, again I'm with you, they're super dirty, full of intrusive advertising. With these two in particular, time goes by and they don't go down. So far I've been able to block their annoyances with -almost!- no problems. I've tried video downloading software in the past but none of 'em convinced me and I never did much research 'cause the ones I tried didn't work or I had to try maneuvers that might put my system at risk. I've not been able to come up with one that works in portable format -best way to keep my system clean imo- but now that you give me these two names, I'll give 'em a try. Thank you VistaLover. You've been patient and this will surely help for future experiences. Also thanks to all who tried to help diagnose the problem.
  10. Hello guys. You know I haven't developed the knowledge to be able to diagnose the errors with the detail that you do but I wanted to tell you that there are two sites I regularly use that stopped working in Serpent. I'm not the kind of guy who watch videos on YouTube. I usually download the videos in the desired quality to play them on my PC. The two sites I use for that purpose have buttons to download the videos and they disappeared. The sites are: https://www.y2mate.com https://www.genyt.net They are quite popular sites, I guess you know them. I leave you screenshots with a red ellipse where the buttons used to be. In GenYouTube I could access by pressing Enter but the button to find the links to the videos just vanished. I upgraded Serpent to the latest version. I assume it's a Serpent problem because I tried to enter the sites using the old Mypal v.29 and the buttons are there. I hope you can help me because I use these sites a lot. Thanks in advance!
  11. Hello Miranda. I don't use mailnews. What I can tell you -if it's relevant- is that when uBlock fails to block any ads I block them with Adblocker Ultimate 2.26. Those are the only two extensions I use for ads and I use them simultaneously. They complement each other quite well. I used uMatrix in the past but I abandoned it because Serpent behaved in a very heavy way and the pages took a long time to load. I realized that I don't need such a powerful tool.
  12. Another thing is that I am aware that Facebook is banned in China. Maybe they have a similar platform locally. I speak only for myself but I feel I should not bother Roy with this minor issue.
  13. I wish I had the knowledge you guys have. Congratulations to all of you. You amaze me. I'm just a mere tester at best. What I can tell you is that I still couldn't find any FF 52.9 link that I find reliable (I always prefer portables) so Dan's suggestion led me to think about trying to browse facebook with my old Mypal 29.2.1 and the behavior is pretty normal. You notice how outdated it is but it never crashes or closes on its own. All basic functions work. After some time it also seems to "get tired" and it is necessary to close the tab and reopen it because it won't load any more content.
  14. I know. I'm willing to give it a try. Even in Windows7 using the latest FF release I feel like I'm having trouble getting off the ground when logging on to facebook. I think it's understandable and I find it a minor detail that Serpent sometimes can't handle it. It works perfectly on all the other sites I visit.
  15. Yes! That's exactly the part of Dan's message I quoted when I said to him "thanks for the tip mate!".
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