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  1. Maybe that's the reason - just not old enough to be classic and gather its own scene. And the Fact that Windowses (what a word ) are somehow continuous and backwards compatible doesn't help. Ppl can do awesome things with old machines, look at demoscene, look what Amigas have nowadays, look... anywhere. Retroscene can produce wonders, what is said by proud owner of Everdrive N8 Actually old PC scene is not as big and somehow hidden (comparing to what Nintendo or Sega fanboys established), but you can find a good advice. Sometimes. Somewhere :> I thought myself about making my old PC a DOS-games machine, by replacing XP with 95 or 98 and adding some old Soundblaster card or sth like that, but dropped the idea. Maybe not exactly the answer for what you said, but still... just a stream of thoughts somewhere around the topic :> PS a nice example of sth new for an old PC http://retrocityrampage.com/msdos_retail.php
  2. Oh and do not think your drone will remain yours forever: http://garage4hackers.com/entry.php?b=3105 which is not that shocking since we have malware that attack heart bypasses or have the way to remotely get someone's Jeep Cherokee :>
  3. Same in my case. EDIT: Is there a list of .net updates after IV 2014? Think I've seen it Thought I won't be needing this, and yet I do... and strolling thru all the posts might take a time...
  4. Actually MSFN IS a gathering of ppl with similar approach, I think... so it might be worth publishing Of course some sort of information what-why-and-how would be necessary, as well as a tutorial how to change things you have blocked and we might need, which would have taken your time, but I guess many people might appreciate the outcome. I'd be applying that If I ever install W10, but surely not unless my XPocaypse shelter collapses... and I don't think it will come soon :> And the worse thing is that W10 EULA makes me feel bad for not being a Linux guy, which was discussed in a few other topics Simply speaking, I appreciate your works :>
  5. It were 4 posready updates, malware removal tool and 10 office 2007 updates. Report they installed with no problems and work with no problems. Such a cheerful update :>.
  6. Ehm... Isn't it too simple answer, if I say it decreased by 3000% of the outcome, so at the end we have ~3.23% of the input, and the journalist is just incapable of expressing himself properly? Because we decrease input 3100% to output 100% (3100% - 3000%), and thus if we turn that and input is 100 we divide it by 31, and decrease by ~96.7 Just a case of point of view :> I know that something like this was said previously, but well hidden amongst other phrases
  7. As in topic. I've started some internet UML course and I'm looking for best possible program, that will do what i want. Tested few so far (VioletUML, ArgoUML, UMLet 13, UMLEditor) and none truly fulfill my needs, especially that none of which i found supports n-multiple associations. And no, answer "pen and paper" does not apply Sorry if topic posted in wrong board, wasn't truly sure about that one... EDIT: Okay, i did a bit more research and decided to stay with free version of Modelio. Topic might be closed. Sorry for inconvinience
  8. Same here, for me also looks like PUP element or other sort of malware.
  9. So far so good, updates seem not to spoil anything this time. Machine works pretty fine.
  10. If you guys guitarish instrumentals like the Samus pusted above, you might also like polish band Tides From Nebula, playing pure instrumental post rock. One of their songs keeps making me have creeps on my neck when I listen to it: Turning volume up strongly recommended! :>
  11. On 7'th of july Sir Christopher Lee has passed. He might have won some Nobel or Guiness prizes for movie related crap, but who of you knew that he was also the oldes heavy metaler, who recorded 3 albums, first one when he had 88 years? Also cooperated with Rhapsody of fire and Manowar with their albums. Here in non-metal (but ooo-som!) song:
  12. Yep, works fine. Seems they have fixed this malfunctional oh-my-god important security update for WMP on non-english OSes, just got it installed with no error.
  13. @Jaclaz Sometimes I run music DVDs via WMP, nothing apart from that I thought it doesn't look that scary, just wanted to know why it's not installing properly. Still it's good to know (not "think <<maybe>>") it's not very dangerous unless some very special circumstances appear. @Bersaligo Guess they'll fix it within next month, personally I'll wait.
  14. I have problem with one of "embedded" updates. KB3033890 installation fails after a second with only humble 0x800700C1 error. Technet's bulletin about patched vounerability: https://technet.microsoft.com/library/security/MS15-057 Maybe I can't install beacuse I tuned off literally everything I considered "unnecessary" in autoruns. Once I did this reg tweak: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/278960 and I thougt I have found troublemaker, but after re-enabling updates the problem remains. Do only I can't install this one?
  15. And now something totally different... http://glovis.usgs.gov/ This is the slovest running site i ever opened on regular basis, you may check this one as well :>
  16. Well I had a problem with Hearts of Iron II game coming from one of Cenega's* editions, maybe they screwed something up? Maybe try to get some other game's version (eg. demo, as mentioned at beginnig) to check that. Sorry, nothing else comes to my mind, seems to me like a situation where the game just doesn't like this specified configuration and for unknown reason and refuses to work. *(Kolekcja Klasyki publisher, for rest of world information)
  17. Ok, first I'm sorry if I ask too stupid questions or give too obvious advices, but start from the simplest things? Did you patch the game with the latest ones? What are your desktop serrings (resolution, colors)? Some older games required me to turn down to 16 bit color palette to run properly. Do you have some kind of IS software taht can possibly cause problems? Added AOE to whitelist? Tried to run the game without the intro (which means moving away intro file from it's folder for a while)? Does the game have any config.ini file where modify games settings? Maybe some default setting causes problems. And last but not least, you have Win7 stated as your main OS in your profile, Uncle Google says it should work fine under new machines, maybe there's no need to use Win 98? @ jumper Wikipedia says: Pentium 166 Mhz CPU, 32 MB RAM, 200 MB HDD
  18. @jaclaz: So much trololo Yes, I do use XP hme witth POSReady updates nd encounter no problems. So If you use it and you're worried about safety... just don't. Properly set up Is will keep you safe. I tried to follow the "apocalypse" topic and haven't read about any unpached critical vounerability in XP so far. No, I never used IE8. I quit after IE6, then I went Firefox and never back. @up Opera?
  19. Ugh, gets creepy... Can't tell you why, but for some reason keeping 7 as "main" and upgrading system on VM to 10 seems more "legal" to me
  20. Maybe this VMWare audit clause was made for the case of virtual machines running not licensed versions of Windows, since one should have a licennce for each of 'em. Just guessing, can't think of any other explanation making a smallest bit of sence. Not that this makes this much of it...
  21. Simply sticking with XP until I buy myself a new PC. Everything works fine so far, suprisingly well as for a dead system :>
  22. Yep Comodo can be reccomended. While versions 6 and 7 caused my XP to crash, I still use Firewall and Defense+ from version 5. I used AV as well, until I encountered update prblems, as described here: https://forums.comodo.com/antivirus-help-cis/comodo-av-version-5122562492599-wont-update-t88447.0.html You must be aware that some people disreccomend Comodo due to their EULA. Additionally to Comodo FW/D+ I have Avira AV Free (best accuracy according to latest AV Comparatives test), Malwarebytes nti-Malware as on-demand scanner (from time to time), and Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit as additional paranoid protection (easy to use, almost install-and-forget) Hope I helped a bit :>
  23. Or other words, hi :> Humble geographer from Poland here, Brought here thansks to Windows XP home half-official updates, trying to get smarter in any kind of IT-related things. Video games addict (mainly PC, but also 8/16 bit consoles and computers, including my most beloved Pegasus famiclone and Famicom AV), history and military thing freak, most recently wandering about security-related forums (malware, privacy etc.). Trying to learn Power Shell - don't know why actually chosen this one from all things that might have been learnt, but keeps me interested so far. I hope to learn here few trick and maybe help someone if I can.

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