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  1. Well, I'll try to import it into the project, but I'll leave the testing for this program on you. Is that alright to you?
  2. What's the program name? And by the way, who and when will unlock my topic?
  3. 1) It's exactly 129 MBs including some files that are not actually used from the system. 2) I install it using my one installer that will be included in project's download link. (actually it won't just be included, it will be the only thing that you download) 3) Everything seemed to be working fine with the project. Development will be continued from tomorrow.
  4. Well, the file seems to be fine. After recovering it, Windows said that the folder were few MB and after checking the scripts it all seemed to be fine. Now I'll put it in my VM for testing and we'll see what the results are going to be. But the first thing in my task list is to back it up in 2 CD / DVD, in 1 flash drive and in 1 external hard drive... lol
  5. Fortunately I have a great news. After letting the computer scan one more night, it found the KernelEx project, so only SP5 will be on hold, but the KernelEx project development will continue. However, the beta versions of this project will be delayed to 07.03.2016 (March 07, 2016). Anyways, there should always be something bad, as I wasn't able to recover Service Pack 5 or my Cousins Saves, Games and whatever god can think of, Service Pack 5 development will be canceled for now and will be continued in the near future. My Response: Wow!!!!!! No one can accidentally do this! Especia
  6. Well, I have found the Sims 2 Saves folder, however in it there was just five completely randomized files, all with the same names. (random names, file types and etc.) Does that mean that the save files are somewhere out of this folder or completely wiped out? (By the way, that folder was on the desktop) About the KernelEx and SP5, they were completely overwritten and there is not even a word left from it's scripts. As it's already obvious that the KernelEx & SP5 development will be on-hold for around a month, is there any way that at least the Sims 2 files are stored somewhere in the
  7. I cannot understand the "got", do you mean that you copied to the re-formatted volume 50 Gb worth of files and actually re-installed an XP on it? Each single byte that has been written to the volume after the formatting has overwritten (irrecoverably) the byte that was there before, would you think that this increases probability of recovery? jaclaz I mean that after formatting the hard drive, I've installed Windows on it, then the drivers and then some programs. Will this screw my deleted files up? EDIT: Forgot to mention that the PC was actually formatted two times yesterday, not
  8. Actually I got a lot of files on the hard drive after I formatted it. Like 50 GB or so including the Windows XP on it. Will this decrease the chance of restoring the file and also, when I got files on that hard drive again, what should I do in this case now when the hard drive is not empty anymore?
  9. Do you mean a image of the sectors status? As I already did one and around 90% of all sectors were fine. Sorry for this stupid questions, but I don't have a clue about "Data Recovering".
  10. There is NO WAY on earth that anyone (not just you) can restore the system to the way it was before the format Maybe it will be possible to recover some files, and there is NO WAY to know in advance how many or which of the files that were on the volume can be recovered. Try re-reading, this time slowly, what was posted earlier. As a numbered list: 1) make a dd-like, "forensic sound", or "sector-by-sector" image of your disk (please confirm that you have a suitable device to contain this image and that you know how, and which tools to use to make such an image). 2) better if you can afford
  11. Then, is there any way that I can restore my system to the way it was before the format? Or maybe, restore only one already existing folder in the new version of Windows to the folder versions of the old Windows before the format? Or maybe a free software that will again recover deleted files, that won't take long and will 90% surely find my files? I really need that folders out of the File's Cemetery. Please, anything. I accept all kinds of ways, it doesn't matter how hard it would be anymore, I just need it to work!
  12. I actually had backups, until they also broke...
  13. You mean that you are still using that hard disk accidentally formatted volume? The first thing to do in this cases is to STOP fiddling with the device immediately, make a forensic sound image of it, and only later think about attempting to recover files. Which OS? XP? Which filesystem, NTFS? How big is the formatted volume in size? How EXACTLY was the format initiated? As a rule of thumb if that is XP you were lucky that the format command is not entirely destructive on XP (on Vista and later, unless it was a "quick" format it would be completely destructive), an in-place format on XP instead
  14. Yesterday I have accidentally formatted my hard drive and I lost some files that I really wish to recover. (This also contains KernelEx + Unofficial SP5 for Windows XP, so be quick before the files get corrupted!) My cousin was playing Sims 2 on that PC and he really, really, REALLY want's them back. After browsing the net for a data recovery program I have found one, but after the searching ended the programs found 14,000,000 (12 TB) of deleted data and I found the folder there ("The Sims 2 save backup"), but the problem is that the when I opened the recovered folder there was just two file
  15. PowerISO - Daemon Tools Lite 10 (The trial versions just puts some ads, but you can use it forever.) - Supports Windows XP PhotoShop - Paint.NET - Supports Windows XP with KernelEx Nero - MagicISO - Supports Windows XP
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