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  1. I believe you, but until now, that has never been my own experience. Task scheduler with restore points has always worked for me until now....for over 12 years. My thoughts are, since it has always worked so well, it must be just some little thing that is causing a problem. I was hoping to find out that little thing.
  2. Oh, okay. Thanks. If anyone can see how to make the original task scheduler work with restore points, I would still like to know that, too.
  3. omg, you wrote one? I feel that is an effort beyond expectation. Thank-you, so much.
  4. You're right. Something like that would work to, in effect, re-invent your own task scheduler.
  5. Thanks, for your response. As I stated previously, I am occasionally making a manual one while this is not working right. Making one every day will push them off the list too fast as the oldest one would be the one I would use, rather than one a few days old or less that would have the same problem as why I would need it.
  6. "Or maybe someone knows but he/she isn't going to tell." --MSFN Where People Go to Know (?) "There is no law stating that a restore point needs to be made by task scheduler." --My question is specifically for task scheduler. "run at startup" --Already discussed. See above. As to HarryTri: I disabled restore point creation under system protection, disabled task scheduler creation, disabled antivirus, rebooted, re-enabled both, and waited some days, but no change. This is a new install of Windows.
  7. I take it, no one knows how to set this up?
  8. "I agree it should be possible to automate that to do as you want." --I believe it is possible, but something is wrong. It is possible in Vista and works fine. The task history in Windows 7 says, every 3 days, the restore point creation is started and completed successfully.
  9. @walksinsilence "If I'd been creating restore points every three days I'd have nothing but month old restore points and how I would have fixed the problem I've no idea as I'd tried every other method I could think of to no effect." --I have never had a problem with 3 days. "What I really wish was that there was a restore point save option either provided or as a third party tool." --I have thought about that, also. I agree. Although, there is the option of an image backup, which I also have ready, if I ever need it, but restoring this is very time consuming. @harrytri Okay, thanks. I'll give those a try.
  10. "to use a three day old restore point could be a disaster" --Not at all. For the last year, I have been using only a single one month old restore point, if needed, which, luckily, I have only had to make use of once or twice. Restore points every day would end up being full of too many of almost the same. I usually need one further back if something happened that I did not notice right away, which is what often happens...to me, anyway. Too many the same will push the older ones I would need off the end. I had 3 day restore points with Vista for over 10 years and it worked out perfectly. I am not sure what you consider "busy".
  11. Thanks, for your response. I am aware there is a setting to make a restore point with every start up, but that is not what I am trying to do. I need to set task scheduler to create a restore point every 3 days.
  12. Thanks, for your response. What you found does not apply, as my setting is for every 3 days, not 24 hours. If I do not install any software, etc., a restore point does not get made for several weeks... even though I have this setting for every 3 days. Again, the history in task scheduler says that restore points are being started and completed every 3 days, with no indication of any error, but yet those restore points it says that are being made every 3 days are not on the list of restore points. I have already tried disabling my task scheduler setting and configuring the registry to make restore points. I used instructions posted somewhere for it, but it had no effect.
  13. Thanks for your response. I selected to be notified of any responses here, but no notice came. I just happened to check here.... "My advice is do not rely on Windows to make restore points." --I know they cannot be completely relied on, but they are nice to have when they are there. "My guess is that this is the 'problem' - if the PC is not idle at those times a restore point won't be create then either." --I stated in my previous post that I do not have the idle requirement set. I do not have any conditions set, except AC power, and I rarely, if ever do not use AC power. "There is also the possibility you have not assigned enough space for the restore points..." --The space I currently have allotted contains a list, at this time, of 9 restore points (from installs, updates, etc., but none as a result of my schedule setup.) 9 or 10 are plenty for me. "you're only going to have 3 or 4 restore points available at any time before they're deleted. " --Before being deleted, thye must be created. None of the 9 show that they were created by my schedule setup. I had task scheduler setup to do this in Vista and it worked fine...every 3 days. As far as I can tell, it is set up the same way, but it is not working, although the history says it is working. (??)
  14. I have my Windows 7 machine task scheduler set to make automatic restore points every 3 days, but it never does. It will make one unexpectedly about 1-2 times a month. The history in task scheduler says that restore points are being started and completed every 3 days, with no indication of any error. The history entries are exactly the same for when the 1-2 automatic restore points result,and when the expected restore point is missing. For the 9 or so that are missing every month, it is either as if it is "pretending" to make restore points every 3 days, or every 3 days it makes one and somehow it is immediately deleted. (?) I have searched this problem and have found only incidences of when there are never restore points created, or when the idle requirement option is set. I do not have idle requirement set. I need assistance in getting it to make restore points every 3 days. I can offer attached screen shots of the task scheduler settings tabs for system restore, the contents of its configuration file, or anything else. Thanks.
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