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  1. Thanks for that link Jaclaz. As long as I can use this to produce 3d woodworking plans, like bird boxes and bird tables then that's OK with me. I'll check it out and give more feedback later. Regards - Jed.
  2. Does anyone know of a free 3D CAD program like AutoCad please to run on Vista Home Premium? TIA - Jed
  3. I'm trying to master how to make excellent Word documents and Excel spreadsheets. Can anyone please recommend some free PDF tutorials that I can work through with Word and Excel on screen? Even something suitable online would suffice, as I have dual monitors - 1 for the tutorial and 1 for learning Word and Excel on. I have a basic knowledge of using Word, and my Excel knowledge is at "Hello World" level TIA Jed.
  4. Thanks for that heads-up submix8c. I have downloaded the complete MS office zip package from bookboon. Will take a look at that ASAP. Jed
  5. Can anyone please recommend a good book on administering Outlook for user's at work. I'm mainly a Linux Sys Admin, but need to know how to setup outlook for others. Recently on Outlook 2007 I tried to add another email address to a users profile, that already has 3 email addresses, and when I added the new email address, all the inboxes for the other email addresses disappeared. So I deleted the latest email address I added, and the other email addresses and folders returned. Did I create a new email profile that took precedence over the existing profile? All I wanted to do was to add another email address to the existing profile, so the user can continue to receive emails for the existing addresses, and use their own new email address as well. TIA Jed
  6. Thanks for those replies. I've decided to build a dedicated Linux server, and use one of the PHP calendar booking systems. This needs to scale so we can have ten or more people using the booking calendar. So the excel thing was just a short-term fix that I don't really want to get involved with. Thanks again for all the input on this. Jed
  7. Hi everyone. Can anyone please recommend a free desktop publishing program that would allow me to open several images as layers, and to build up a single picture, and then save as a flattened jpg file? I can do this using the GIMP 2.2.17, but I need an interface that allows me to resize and move those image layers in an interactive way in real time. I also need a free image library viewer, that would allow me to browse the images I create with the above application. (Using Windows Photo Gallery for that now I've installed and taken a look at Scribus DTP and that seems to do the trick nicely - unless anyone out there knows of something better please? TIA - Jed
  8. Thanks for those links jaclaz. I'll take a look at them soon. I don't like the idea of using an excel spreadsheet like a database either. As a temporary measure, what if the current spreadsheet was split into two seperate sheets? That way one of the operators can have half of the contractors in their own spreadsheet, and the other call operator can have the other half of the contractors in their spreadsheet. They can both have read/write access then without getting locked out from making updates to their calendars.
  9. I agree totally with both replies. I'm not happy with using Excel to perform things that a spreadsheet program was not initially designed to do. Regarding the two user write issue I agree with this as well. What they really need is - as has been mentioned, some sort of database calendar/booking system that will scale well. So this was just a quick fix to keep them happy until a more suitable solution has been implemented. I'll tell them it's not designed to have two user's with write privileges active at the same time. Update: I have found this here: http://www.atoolspro.com/ http://www.softpedia.com/get/Office-tools/Other-Office-Tools/A-Tools-Free-Edition.shtml but it looks quite complicated to set up to me. This may be useful to somebody else.
  10. There is a situation at work where 2 users need simultaneous write access to the same excel spreadsheet on the LAN. At the moment the first user to connect has both read/write access. If another user accesses the spreadsheet they get read-only access. Is there some way to fix this so both users have get read/write access at the same time please? They are both taking telephone calls, and want to update a booking calendar spreadsheet in real time. TIA
  11. Is there such a thing as a free IDE with a built-in debugger for debugging ASP scripts, in the same way one would use the Eclipse Platform and PHPEclipse for debugging PHP please?
  12. This is on Vista Home Premium 32 bit. I found that XAMPP was the most easiest to install. With the others I could not get Apache to start. The only thing is XAMPP requires UAC to be turned off to install or run it. I'd rather not turn UAC off globally so I thought about creating a separate user - called xampp-devel - and then assigning the permissions to the installation directory (C:\xampp) and it's contents to this user. Would that work please? TIA Jed
  13. Thanks for your reply jaclaz. Those different portable versions of apache look interesting. I think I will be using XAMPP for now, as that seems to work very nicely. I tried EasyPHP but could not get the services to start. Jed
  14. I need to set up a WAMP package on Windows Vista. I'm looking at: http://www.apachefriends.org/en/xampp-windows.html and also found: http://www.easyphp.org/ What's the easiest way to install and setup a WAMP stack for Windows Vista please? What do you use or recommend? TIA Jed

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