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  1. arent you the bloke that works for MS crispy? if thats the case you will be spending eternity with your boss fixing all future bugs in ms products enjoy hell
  2. sedative really wants his avatar! btw didnt someone already do a what do u want for xmas thread not so long back [EDIT] http://www.msfn.org/index.php?act=ST&f=2&t...2c826736f5199b8
  3. u could do that in other versions of msn. i just see a blue space since going back to zonealarm that has decided it should block adverts
  4. ouch no way i would pay 60$ for that prog! would rather back up my hardrive
  5. but you know the price is worth it for the peace of mind of having an "intel inside" sticker on your PC to impress your friends who will think your cool and one of the few 1337 pc owners
  6. bet the 333mhz fsb amd chips have them scared
  7. i bet less than half your posts have been useful TBH so i wouldnt consider beeing in the top 10 posters such a great deal. P.S would u be really annoyed if i asked one of my friends to alter my post count so it was more than yours?
  8. i agree with sedative i doubt anyone looks at your post count and thinks wow hes a 1337 geek they probably just think your sad TBH
  9. <=- willing to sell .mht snaps of the new site bidding starts at $50 hahahah just joking btw it looks great so far w00t
  10. Antec True power PSU's are regarded as the best by alot of overclockers these days try one of theres and check your motherboard is mounted properly on its risers it could be touching the plate and causing problems.
  11. i saw the 1st few episodes didnt see what all the fuss was about tbh
  12. happy thanks taking lol tris u scrooge! btw is it chick0n or turkey for thanks giving? all joor chiken dinners are belong to me
  13. well i think this kind of thing is stupid just because a minority group is seen killing someone in a game doesnt mean the game is racist surely! maybe we should have a world where only white people are seen in a negative light! i doubt anyone actually plays threw a game then thinks anything of say an arab wielding an ak47 and killing people it wouldnt be seen as racist if people didnt go on about it being racist IMHO
  14. i hear the demo should be out mid decemeber
  15. erm money nothing i can think of what i really want this year i'll just save what ever amount of cash i get until my pc needs upgrading again.
  16. to true tris always good for a laugh to go in a PC store and watch them trying to take advantage out of people or not know what there talking about. next time you go in a pc shop ask about hardrives usually they dont have a clue what ata modes are, how the speed of the hardrive in RPM effects the perfromance of the drive and i doubt they even know what the cache of a hardrive is they would propably tell u something about the swapfile in windows you noticed how most shops sell small hardrives for stupid prices aswell. bet they would have sold your a pentium with the standard heatsink/fan aswell not knowing that when p4's get to a certain temprature they start to throttle the cpus perfromance to stop overheating.
  17. the mice are version 3.0
  18. dont think its ati who actually bought it over on another forum some guy did a whois and discovered its registred to someone in spain he also bought geforcefx.net aparently but the website isnt loading for me
  19. i think sandra is far more detailed hardinfo seems a little plain to me
  20. it didnt start buffering though! i tried again 30misn later and it started playing the movie fine but kept buffering every 5 mins
  21. how long does it take for a movie to open i watched the stuipd windows media player logo for 2minutes then gave up
  22. 1) winrar 2) mirc 3) adobe photoshop 4) Emule (this island has net access?) 5) flashfxp
  23. i would hack this guy i know called tris for a laugh
  24. yea but do the others get a proper wage each month so they dont need to find a job ? im not just talking about prize money and crap for winning

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