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  1. /me confesses he only 21 i would have thought one of the forum llamas (tris ,aaron or sedative) would have blown my cover straight away
  2. i guess it depends on the judge i dont see why you cant be an arse to the prosecuting side though seeing as they try to make you look stupid and confuse you.
  3. wow im the only 61+ so far makes me feel really old and out of place here
  4. and he didnt do that just for the publicity and possible sponsors that have read this. btw, there is one LAN clan that are paid a proper wage by there sponsor so they can concentrate on gaming
  5. lol never read anything as bizzare as that in my life.
  6. what a GiMP i doubt even Aaron would do that and hes a right geek i find it pointless and stupid whats the point in having~ win98 win98se (2 installations full and lite)
  7. omg macs rule what medication has sedative prescribed u guys! /me goes to macdonalds and orders some more big macs rofl
  8. level of detail i really dont know much about tweaking nvidia cards but u can alter the lod bias far more than the nvida graphics drivers let u by downloading a tweaker im not sure what the tweakers are for nvidia cards but u can alter the lod so in the game tests the texures are really really blurred and look like s*** to gain extra points but i see no point in benchmarking with settings u wouldnt dream of using for games. i wasnt acusing your of making you graphics look like crap to get a good score either i know geforce4 cards can get 9000-11000 with tiny tweaks that dont alter the graphics much. i was just saying most people with geforce cards do it.
  9. i fail to belive that as ive seen screenshots of 3dmark when people have used tweakers to set the LOD bias and the graphics look really awful even worse than playstation one graphics
  10. i think you should wait for the nv30(geforce 5???) or R350 (Radeon 10000?????):S both should be out around/soon after xmas even if you dont want one of those prices for the gf4 and radeon 9700 will be cheaper
  11. u need to tweak your drivers tris like all the other nvidia owners that get 10k plus by altering the lod bias the textures will look like something that came out your arse but you will get a good score
  12. lol tris u llama i almost got away with that wait till the clawhammer and nv 30 comes out and ill post a new score muahahahahahha
  13. okay seeing as some of u beat me i decided to go for broke and overclock my other rig to the max http://service.madonion.com/compare?2k1=4771097 STATUS OWNED!
  14. yea your vid card is really holding your back
  15. http://service.madonion.com/compare?2k1=3705774 Score 9369 Date 2002-06-15 CPU AMD Athlon™ XP/MP/4 1585 MHz GPU ATI Radeon 8500 OS Microsoft Windows XP Res 1024x768 32bit w00t
  16. should come round my place around xmas then some of those friggin nuts are almost impossible to crack open
  17. yea i forgot about the record industry getting a small percentage of every blank cd sold even though many people who buy blank cds will not be buying them for MP3s the last time i burned a music album was over a year ago. i bet the film makers dont get a percentage of every blank dvd or blank vhs tape sold though do they?
  18. then you should take a pay cut and pay them more money GET THE FOCK OUT THE MUSIC INDUSTRY AND GET A REAL JOB THEN U RETARD! ITS OBVIOUS U SUX! some of this bulls*** is pure class! they act like they dont get paid alot of money for singing other peoples lyrics and advertising things they wouldnt use themselfs.
  19. pfft u talking about me lamer oOoOoOoO is this a new smillie i see w00t ?
  20. amd 1800 owns a pf 1.8ghz in practicly every benchmark there is if not all of them
  21. u should get the new XP chip with 300mhz fsb bus. btw intel are lamers
  22. yea its working properly again now :S they must have been having domain troubles or something wierd
  23. there site goes straight to http://www.worlddomain.ws/ but theres still info about freedial on there in the news section seems dodgy to me :S
  24. both the fthrjack ones are real u best not let him get to friendly with you i think hes a bit wierd

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