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  1. Disorder | Rating Paranoid: Low Schizoid: Moderate Schizotypal: Low Antisocial: Low Borderline: Low Histrionic: Low Narcissistic: Low Avoidant: Moderate Dependent: Moderate Obsessive-Compulsive: Low
  2. er what suposed to have happened to blubster? it still seems to be working okay for me
  3. i dont really care about the monthly subscription i know its basically extortion and they make a stupid amount of money if as many people subscribe as they hope. im paying as much as eve's monthly subscription is to be part of a counter strike online clan (website costs and server costs are shared equally buy the clans members) CS isnt as entertaining for me as it once was ,if i decide to stop playing that im gonna need something else to do in my spare time or i will go insane . If i get to play EVE and think it could hold my attention for a few months until i find something better to do i will most likely purchase it. btw the 1st FPS massively multiplayer online game is already on its way called Planetside which looks like it will be a huge UNREAL2 type world if thats popular then expect a crap load of companys to follow
  4. cleared it with the wife and i will almost definitly be buying the game when its out. you still finding it a bit boring tris or has it got a little better the more you have played? if u are starting to like it you should also buy the game and start an MSFN Corp!
  5. dont have a clue what email i used way back then maybe one i dont even have now :S i put in one box other games i had beta tested and stuff. i doubt very much they have the time to hand pick people though imagine reading threw all the thousands of replys i expect its just random.
  6. go look on your motherboard manufactures website they should sell you a chip replacement for very cheap unlike some of the rip off companys that specialize in selling bios chips for other people motherboards.
  7. gah i want to try the game so much! u know what to do if you get bored of beta testing will be an open beta at some point may be a game i would pay to play seeing as the servers are in london. the game was planned for release march 2003 seems they have fallen quite far behind.
  8. wansnt blairs promises about not raising taxs bla bla bla and he never stood by nearly everything he said? sure britains unemployment figures are the best they have been in about 20 years guess why? go down the job centre and sign on they will try to force you in any old job no matter how crap the wages are they dont give a toss! my wife is a trained makeup artist yet they wanted her to get a job in sainsburys even though she has had experirence working on a few films. btw blair honest? go read up on his wifes dealings shes best mates with some woman who is married to a con artist
  9. bah! isonews isnt as good as http://www.nforce.nl/
  10. proove it? thats a myth they are in no way more reliable no one is likely to need to buy another cpu because it dies of natural causes i expect everyone will upgrade long before there cpu would be anywhere near dieing they arent light bulbs.
  11. my amd is reliable :S been running pc 24/7 almost for a year with no probs the only thing people used to hate about amd cpu's is that they used to have crappy cores that could be crushed easily if u didnt know what you was doing when fitting a heatsink.
  12. i have changed the fan on my heatsink while my pc has been on the temp only rised about 5c.if the fan dies the temprature would rise alot slower than if u pulled the heatsink off. it wouldnt go straight to a temp that could melt the cpu so if u have your motherboards bios set right u should get warning beeps around 50c that your cpu has gone above the limit u set then around 60c your motherboard should do its job and shutdown. check your bios settings then try it i think the bartons run cooler.
  13. how likely is it that a heatsink would fall off? and only an id*** would take the heatsink off while the pc is still on. i think amd are putting a form of cpu throttling in there next generation CPU aswell but im not 100% sure. btw the cpu diode failed to tell the motherboard its time to shutdown because they dont take readings often enough it may have shut off and survived if the option in the mobo was set to switch off at a certain temprature. but i wouldnt expect it to work every time and i definetly wouldnt expect toms hardware to have done that they enjoy there PR work for intel to much.
  14. NTFS perfromance doesnt start to degrade on large hardrives like FAT32 does i think?
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