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  1. whos making the show? i hope its not the BBC if they arent even gonna be the ones to show it 1st! when its the stupid fools in the UK that foot the bill!
  2. a low multiplier and really high fsb like 160+ mhz would be better than a high multiplier if all your other components can handle it but u really need a mother board which can lock the speeds of your pci slots.
  3. money clothes and a few novelty gifts i opened them all last week
  4. i cant stand football but was strangely addicted to EA sports Total Club Manager 2003 maybe you should check that game out if u havent already http://www.totalclubmanager.com/
  5. merry christmas all! btw why dont we have a chicken dinner vs turkey dinnner flame thread for fun chicken owns :santa i want a chicken smilie dammit! if u casnt tell ive started on the christmas booze allready
  6. no chance of u getting a radeon 8500/9100 ? because i dont think you will see as much difference as you would like if u bought the 7200
  7. that article rules! i love reading about stuff like that in news papers
  8. they arent making music, bands or lyrics like they used to either hmmm anyway havent they ever thought that people might not listen to as much music these days they might spend there money on console and pc games instead which is obviously a hell of alot more entertaining than half the tripe they release especially at this time of year when cover versions are at an all time high *sigh*
  9. i never tried to do the jumps. i couldnt collect there weapons either i hope its not like that in the actual game i did find some bullets on a desk upstairs though. btw, did u like how u shoot with the pistol even when u have been aiming for 3 seconds if u fire a few shots in a row almost everyone will miss the guy?
  10. i thought the whole idea of a demo was to show off the game and leaving u wanting more not to give u a 15minute demo with only 7 or 8 people to kill even some kind of weapons training tutorial would have been better btw heres all the movements taken from the official splinter cell forum 1. Changing Movement Speed: -Go into "Settings" and look for "ZoomIn/Accelerate" and "ZoomOut/Decelerate" under the crouch configuration. Mine is set to the middle mouse scroll button, so when I want to run faster I move the scroll button forward, and when I want to slow down, I move the scroll button backward. This changes your upright as well as stealth movement speed. 2. Rolling: -First, increase your movement speed (refer to previous instruction if you don't know how). If you want to roll while in an upright position, run forward and hold your crouch key for a short period of time, until you begin rolling. The same is true for rolling from a "Stealth Position". While crouched over move forward and hold the crouch key for a short period of time until you begin your roll. 3. Wall Jump: -Stand next to a wall and face forward. Make sure your body is perpendicular to the wall. Then, jump upward with the jump key and wait until you are at the maximum height of your jump, and tap your jump key again. 4. Split Jump: -First you have to repeat the steps of the Wall Jump, but with one slight adjustment. Instead of tapping your jump key as you gain maximum height on your first vertical jump, hold your jump key until your Split Jump is completed. 5. Drop Attack: -Get into the split jump position and wait until an enemy walks under you. Then tap your jump key again to drop onto them, which knocks them unconscious. 6. Quiet Landing: -Drop from your Split Jump by tapping your jump key but hold down your Crouch Key until you hit the ground. 7. Door Peek: -Move to a door and hold down your Interact Key instead of just releasing it. The game will pause somewhat as long as you are holding down the Interact key. Then, with the key being held down tap your backwards movement key until you see "Open Door Stealth" highlighted. Then release the interact key and you crack the door to peek in. 8. Split Jump Shooting: -Get into Split Jump position and tap your draw weapon key. 9. Hanging Shooting: -Same as above but hang from a pipe instead of the split jump. 10. Back to Wall Shooting: -Press your back to the wall key and move towards a corner. Hold the movement key that moves you in the direction of the open hallway/room. Then draw your weapon (while holding your movement key). 11. Hostage Taking: -Sneak up behind an unsuspecting baddie until you see the "Grab Character" option. Then simply hit your interact button. 12. Body Shield: -First take a character hostage like above, and while you are holding the character hit your draw weapon key. This uses the person you have as a hostage like a shield while you can shoot at any other enemies in sight. 13. Moving Bodies: -Move up to an unconscious body until you see the interact option, then tap the interact key to pick the body up. Tap the interact key again to drop the body.
  11. they could have picked a better level for the demo theres hardly anyone to kill and barely anything to do anyone else think the demo is crap aswell and they could have given us a level with more things to do and more weapons i think that is the shortest demo i have ever played
  12. when installing in the bottom of the screen it should say press f3 if u need to install any third party drivers or something along those lines if u have onboard raid or are using a hardrive controller card give win2k the drivers just b4 the install process starts (u should have a floppy disk that came with the motherboard or hardrive controller /raid card if thats the case)
  13. these pics + how he came to find the snake was posted on a forum awhile back but i cant remember where
  14. emule & blubster rule if u use file sharing apps
  15. buy a pallete of chieftec cases and flog them on ebay
  16. direct connect sux! to many lamers on there who arent sharing anything new. the only thing good about direct connect is the [bbb] isp guys
  17. what a waste of money its almost as bad as the guy from some university working out to the split second how long u need to dunk each type of biscuit in your cup of tea
  18. he lives in the UK they dont call him scrap man jack for nothing
  19. 500ghz sounds good to me i once read an article about how silicon can only go so far due to resistance i think it was and some weirdo at a uni was saying how bird feathers can be moulded together to make a base with far less resistance do to the air inside them /me looks confused you could probably find the article if u did a search on google for "bird feather cpu" or something like that
  20. http://www.nextgame.it/html/articolo.php?id=3086 u might wanna read that interview with the devlopers aswell sounds like its gonna be sweet! a demo should be available around feburary which is likely to be a beta demo with the devlopers wanting feedback about how the game can be improved and new features fans would like implemented then the game should be availabled around Q3/Q4 2003 cant wait to play this on my what will be 1337 pc when it comes out btw, the game is gonna be kind of a morrowind type game set in modern times with you going exploring the ZONE looking for artifacts and stuff to sell to traders and scientists there are also vehicles in the game you can drive one of which is seen in one of the movies im also pretty sure you can fly the russian hind helicopter once you have enough money or atleast it looks that way from some screenshots i have saw.
  21. WTForz! that is my nissan skyline GTR pic taken parked out the back of my house
  22. 2k pro XP is bloated with noob like features u dont need and would probably turn off anyway only thing good about it is the nice looking GUI but overall 2k seems faster and more stable dont let any fool try and tell u games and stuff run faster in xp they run about the same give or take 3 or so frames per second. btw hello dazza
  23. it depends on what the goverment calls competition if competition is ADSL vs CABLE and not telewest (cable) VS NTL (cable) then we have competition i dont see how in cable enabled areas you cant choose which cable isp u want instead each areas is designated to one of the companys so they dont have to COMPETE. BTW BT should go bankrupt there the worst company i have ever dealed with in my life! + we would all be on 1337 connection threw a fibre optic network stretching across the whole of britiain if it wasnt for margret thatcher!

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