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  1. Never had occasion to download split rar files before now. I actually looked in the winrar help files - and nothing about combining split files was to be found. Thanks for the step by step.
  2. so what do you do? Open the rar file and it will pull in the r00xx files? not sure what command to use here....
  3. what application is used to combine a download that gives me files of the type .R00 .R01 .R02 ... .R20 I think these are pieces of a RAR file that must be put back together - but cannot figure out how to do it. Any help?
  4. So I could achieve my goal with a server OS -- I have access to Windows Server 2003. Would that work? Any suggestions for resources on how to get the set up I need working with that OS? Thanks
  5. VPN has nothing to do with browsers. I need to restrict the VPN client to connecting with only 1 of the 2 NIC's and restrict all 'normal' internet traffic to the 2nd NIC.
  6. Here is the situation that Ineed to solve. I have a computer with 2 Network Card on a Windows XP SP1a system. In order to test a potential software solution, I need to be able to connect to the internet and establish a VPN connection at the same time. With 1 NIC, my internet traffic is blocked as soon as I establish the VPN connection. So with 2 NIC's - I want to be able to direct the VPN through NIC #1 and the internet traffic through NIC #2. I have gone through the various wizards and settings, and cannot seem to hit the right setup. Anyone here have any ideas about getting this to work? ls_dragons
  7. http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/2449014/ http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/2337259/ http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/2337248/ ls_dragons
  8. What's the "Windows" key for? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The 'Windows' key is on most modern keyboards but most people don't make proper use of it - here's how: Beyond just clicking on it to open the Start menu, it has plenty of other uses: Minimise all Windows 'Windows' + D A quick way to get rid of the screen clutter and find the desktop icons. To show all the windows again: 'Windows'+Shift+M Jump to Explorer 'Windows'+ E To see the Windows Explorer quickly Cycle across the Taskbar 'Windows'+ Tab Though Alt + Tab will do the same thing Search 'Windows' + F Is it Search or is it Find? It's called Search on the menu but the shortcut harks back to the days when it was called Find. Run 'Windows'+ R Some people never use the Run command but others do it all the time. Most commonly to access the registry (rededt32) or a 'DOS' command box (cmd). System Properties 'Windows'+ Break This is the equivalent of clicking the System icon in Control Panel or the Properties option under the My Computer desktop icon. From "Woody's Windows Watch" newsletter. Join at: Woody's web site
  9. There are TONS of links in this formu: Designtechnika LS_Dragons
  10. Now, I suppose FthrJACK was the one taking the picture.... Geeks being Auctioned on Ebay LS_Dragons
  11. You might try Zipping and then sending. Might be the file extsion that is triggering it not to send. LS
  12. There is a great program called File Recovery for Windows from a company called LC Technologies. They have a free download that you can try. It will show you what files can be recovered. You might have to buy to get the files back - but you don't have to buy until you know what is there. It is very good - I have used with great success. The files will stay on the drive until it dies - or you install something over them - so do not install any new software - except the recovery software of course. There is even a way to run it from CD - but I am not sure of the details. LS_Dragons
  13. you are going to have a bugger of a time finding a WinME driver for that modem. Might be better off getting a new modem. As FthrJack has said - WinME is a buggy piece-o-crap and MS did a really bad job of getting good driver support. If you can find a windows 2000 driver - that might actually do the trick. Try Driver Guide - you have to join - but it is free - and I have been able to find quite a few drivers there. ls_dragons
  14. Funny stuff. Reminds me of the BOFH in The Resgister. LS_Dragons

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