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  1. i wasnt making fun of you. i wasnt treating u like your stupid , i was treating you like i would anyone else that comes heres its best to assume who ever your talking to doesnt know much about pc's so your sure they will understand you. i told your your mother board only suports 200mhz FSB chips i think thats upto a 1.4ghz athlon although it would be hard to find a 200mhz fsb athlon these days as they also made 266mhz fsb athlons. all the athlon XP chips are 266mhz FSB. you cant flash your mother boards bios with a newer one and magically get a motherboard that has a 266mhz front side bus. the technical suport people you emailed obviously didnt have a clue and assumed any amd cpu will go in any amd motherboard. most technical suport people are idiots who dont know what there talking about companys arent prepared to pay high wages for quality staff they would rather train someone for 2 weeks and pay them peanuts.
  2. i mean change the whole motherboard for another one
  3. /me pulls his name out of the hat ! keyring for me yay! lol
  4. your motherboard says it only suports upto a 200mhz front side bus but athlon xp chips have a 266mhz FSB. its not that hard to change a mother board there not that expensive to buy either considering they are kind of the main part of your pc.
  5. erm you mean stratergy games RPG are final fantasy series ,morrowind ,dungeon siege ,never winter nights and so on
  6. original war gets boring after a while i like empire earth it roxors ma soxors!
  7. make sure you stock Fing screws that actually fit the fan and into the heatsink! last time i ordered a pack of fan screws they sent me some stupidly fat things
  8. NOOOOOO! they are the devils work and usually the one thing that causes problems in PC'S! im going to replace mine with hercules new 7.1 soundcard when it comes out
  9. ms file wall does sux compared to free ones like kerio personal firewall we aint talking about just incoming stuff here or addware. trojans send out and so does other things people may have on there pc they would rather didnt access the net such as cough *ilegal* cough copys of things
  10. depends where the fan is if the fan holes are low down it should suck cool air in. if the fan holes are high up on the case is should blow hot air out of the case. but as tris says if the case has rear and front holes for fans the front holes should be lower down unless the case was designed by monkeys
  11. Snoop


    i blame isonews for not verifying releaes b4 they put them on there site. if they dont have 0sec1337 access then there site shouldnt exist.
  12. mine says ultra dma aswell but that doesnt mean your drive isnt in ata100 or ata133 mode so dont worry about it.
  13. leechored and installed came out at the right time for me as my xp instlation went FUXORED! so now im back on my FAV OS
  14. i hear saphire make the boards for crucial and then crucial just add there ram wonder what kind of NS the ram is on that sucka
  15. dont worry i think this section best suits what you needed help for aswell ,i consider general disscuision to be a section for general chit chat and gossip rather than help.
  16. <=- has broke 3 x ystech 80mm case fans while messing with hardware/wires in case kills if they hit the tip of your finger
  17. have you closed all your aplication ,turned off system restore (if you using XP not sure wether it would effect it or not though) you should also try a different defrag program the one that comes with windows is CACK there was a POLL on which defragmentor was best in this thread http://www.msfn.org/index.php?act=ST&f=19&...45214c7da0e5f40 maybe you should try one of those
  18. hurry and get the 1st round in them happy birthday black war!
  19. the link doesnt load maybe they all died from smoking cheap ciggy's
  20. but radeon 8500's are faster than them and u can pick them up for less than 100$ in america.
  21. makes me realise how little my other pc is worth kinda sux to say i paid 1 grand for it 3 years ago. good luck to you selling yer comp hope you get a decent price btw, i would buy it if i wasnt skint and on the dole
  22. i agree with ls dragons, most the water cooled pc's overclockers use have radiators with fans attached to keep the water as cool as possible. it sounds like hitachi have done away with fans altogether in an attempt to make it as quiet as possible. it would be intresting to see if the water goes mouldy lol. i cant imagine many of the notebook users changing the water and adding water wetter myself
  23. Hitachi Ltd. has announced the commercial launch of its water-cooled notebook PC, a 1.8GHz mobile Pentium 4-based machine which uses a patented Hitachi system to aid heat dissipation. Most notebooks are cooled by air fans, and as processors have grown more powerful and begun to generate more heat, these fans have become more numerous, larger, and have needed to spin faster. This has also meant that fans have become noisier and might not be suitable for use in places like libraries, Hitachi said. The new Flora 270W Silent Model uses a water-based solution tank, instead of a fan or fans for cooling down the processor. Hitachi announced a working prototype using this technology in February. "The efficiency of a water cooling system and the air cooling system are about the same but the biggest difference is the noise the latter creates," said Masayuki Akabane, a Hitachi spokesman. full story http://www.itworld.com/Comp/1345/020718hitachi/ maybe we will start to see water cooled desktop PC's from Packard Bell ,TINY etc sometime soon.
  24. heres a snippet and for the full story http://bbspot.com/News/2001/11/flight.html
  25. sounds about as useful as the "over a thousand pounds worth of free software" i got with my packard bell pc btw ignorance isnt bliss the **** fookers ripped me orf! if only i knew as much about pc's then as i do now

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