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  1. win2k was installed 1st but then decided to stop working after i installed xp
  2. i installed xp onto a seperate partion from what win2k was on then win2k stopped working giving me a error message saying ntdetect.exe was corupt or missing so i repleaced that file in the win2k folder and i still got the message so i formatted the win2k partion and installed windows 98se and i get some stupid error message after my monitor has flickered about 20times like its trying to change resolution saying a .vxd file is missing (which i found in the windows folder) so i hunt on my 98se cd for that vxd eventually find it and replace it and i still got that error message.. now is it just me or does XP not like to dual boot? this is really p*ssing me off coz my crap 810e onboard graphics wont let me run opengl games in xp (and yes i got the latest xp drivers for my GFX) and open gl worked fine in 98se could never get opengl games to work in win2k either
  3. haha thats pretty cool man and yvonne finds the terminator robot scary:D gonna install xp in a wee while followed by that log on screen ...see lol i do come here arron
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