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  1. it will still be intresting to see what the third party manufactures do with the cooling ,i expect gainward and hercules models to have nice ram sinks and a better quality fan.
  2. i agree fresher image is a decent site i also discovred a link to http://www.adamteck.com/ another useful site for noobs while trying to make the plastic looking photoshop button which didnt turn out right lol i think i need to brush up on my Photoshop skills some more
  3. it turns out the exe files are just higher quality BINK videos. so i assume the demos arent complete yet and they just bashed them upto show what it is capable of and as no one has a radeon 9700 yet i guess it dont matter. i wonder how the final radeon 9700 demos will look.
  4. ATI has also updated there site with the radeon dx9 demos obviously these wont work on non radeon9700 cards but as always there is also an mpg format of them for those that would like to watch the videos of the demos and see just what king of graphics this beast can do http://www.ati.com/developer/demos/r9000.html
  5. project jelly bean http://www.viaarena.com/?PageID=130
  6. i'd rather have this converted laptop and im sure it would work ouit alot cheaper aswell.
  7. they should be branded with a large "FREAK" on there butock
  8. i bet they could theres bound to be scars :S
  9. this thread is becoming quite disturbing
  10. OMG! tris is teh ghey!
  11. Snoop

    XP Pro Retail

    i guess thats one good thing about the activation crap then lol
  12. by getting rid of the "make $$ with your website" advert : or atleast move it out of the way a little.
  13. but you can tell its a woman i can see an adams apple from here
  14. lol @ aaron happy brthday again llama
  15. i hear bestbuy are always looking for staff
  16. lol tris you get teh bigmac recipe from http://www.topsecretrecipes.com ?
  17. /me agrees with sedative. i doubt a waitress could say yes u can buy the recipe with out consulting her boss who would have to consult who ever actually owns the store/chain. its sounds as fake as walking in to mc donalds and saying can i buy the big mac recipe.
  18. avid merrion hes the big brother superfan from the E4 adverts. he has kidnapped "the Craig" as he calls him a previous winner of bigbrother. in most the adverts he is taking the p*ss out of the bigbrother contestants lol. he was also on big brothers little brother a few weeks ago when spencer was on it. i guess if u dont have E4 as most people seem not to you won't have a clue who he is
  19. my version of never winter nights doesnt crash often. it used to crash at random intervals often while i was saving the game. using some ATI drivers. i dont know what video card you have but if its an ATI card you should install the latest leaked beta catalyst drivers or go back to the 6071 drivers. regardless of what graphics card you own you should never update the game to 1.19 as many people who had no problems with the 1.18 update are finding the game locking up quite a lot with the latest game patch.
  20. as you are talking about big BRO has anyone came across any Avid Merrion pic? im desperate to have a pic of him as my avatar
  21. i just tried it and i think it sounds alot better than it actually is.
  22. you could and probably still can order a free CD. you have to live in america to recive a free cd ofcourse they may also deliver to canada aswell but im not sure on that one and am to lazy to check there site
  23. precious bandwidth WTF? you on adsl would only take you 30mins if that :S
  24. yea ive got it. i have only played it for 10mins. you have to compelete the single player training levels b4 you can play online. i think there are only a few online levels at the moment but they will be releasing more over the next few months ive been told.
  25. the game is 100% free its a way of trying to get americans to join the army lol.

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