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  1. Finding the "home" of Robin Hood is perhaps easier. An anonymous manuscript in the British Museum states that he was born in Lockesley in either Yorkshire or Nottinghamshire in 1160. Further references relate to events along the road from York to Nottingham. Source: http://www.nottinghamshiretourism.co.uk looks like no one can be certain of where he was born to me so wheres the documentation that proofs he was born in yorkshire and never went to nottinghamshire ?
  2. maybe because we have the forest ,castle ,caves ?
  3. that dont look nothing like me if i had a digi camera i would take a pic. that pic is like 3years old and i am totally different now! btw, anyone who doesnt know fthrjack decided to take a pic of me zoom in like 300% on my face and decide to add a stupid qoute to make me look like one of his kind a gypsie! orignal pic to the one tris edited. theres another pic of me someone might have aswell ?standing next to a robin hood statue in nottingham
  4. thank god no one has posted any pics of me yet
  5. rd ram is only for pentiums and arent intel stopping using it with there next CPU anyway?
  6. thats why files split into rars in 15mb/21mb are usually on FTPS i assume lezend is download something he should be buying
  7. is that just a water cooled case of the promethous (not exactly sure what its called) Fridge type thing
  8. your making it sound like its hard to build a pc! i was a total noob when i bought my 1st packard hell pc! 2 months later i had bough and installed a new motherboard ,sound card and graphics card because i wasnt happy with what was inside it (basically they will have a few good things that stand out like the words "pentium" which noobs will think are good because of the adverts) then they will fit the cheapest makes they can find to go along with it (why u think theres only a 300watt psu in that pc because its the least amount of power required to get the machine to boot up) usually creating a nice bottleneck on your performance. i doubt he would have any compatibility problems if he listened to people on the forums advice and bought the right components that are known to be trouble free and come with good and easy to follow instructions. if he isnt a very confident person and doesnt think hes quite ready to build a pc himself then fine im sure you will be happy with your dell but next time u need an upgrade or a whole new pc try to fit/build it yourself you will be suprised with how easy it is and wish u would have done it in the first place.
  9. sweet case bit small for me i have the non windowed version of it in black/charcoal but full size i wish mine was the same colour as yours though
  10. to weak a PSU 300 watt powering all that is gonna give u problems IMHO (ie lovely crashs and reboots) you should have atleast 512mb ddr these days. what sound card is it? i wouldnt get a creative if i was you go with a hercules 7.1 card avoid those compatiblity issues us creative uses have (crackling and popping noises) u should have atleast 5.1 speakers if u watch alot of dvd's or play alot of games. dont bother with a warranty its likely u wont even have that pc in 3 years and if any of the parts inside your pc did break i expect it would work out cheaper for that part than it is the warranty. BTW, build it your self! its not hard and it will work out at alot better value if you dont know how to build a pc yourself im sure you could find someone who is willing to build it for you! you never know someone from this forum might live in your city and be willing to give u a hand buying the parts and building it for you. if you want a hi spec pc its always a bad time to upgrade theres always something better just around the corner no matter when u buy your bits! if u wait it is likely you will be waiting for ever.
  11. i dont know if other media programs accept streams okay for you i wouldnt of thought it was the cache? could be to do with our isp though
  12. i think i have the same problem as you if i try to watch a stream with WMP it says connecting for 5minutes b4 it starts streaming its been like this for about 2months :S im on wmp8
  13. yea one would think BK have there food waiting on the side forever unlike mcdonalds that throw anything away that been left on the side for 10-20 minutes acording to a mcdonalds documentary i watched once.
  14. lol @ calling people who download illegal content which uses no skill what so ever hackers was the program about people who use filesharing programs or the people who have access to 10mbit + ftps which some of the release groups are affils with?
  15. i prefer mcdonalds the BK fries are to crispy and taste like crap! theres a large burger king just down the road and its always empty yet the mcdonalds is always packed! btw i live in the city centre so its really odd that bk rarely has more than 5 customers in there.
  16. some of you lot are evil i bet he really feels welcome on this forum now
  17. most cards that have a dvi and vga port will come with the dvi to vga adapter anyway i expect. i got one with mine
  18. i'll own you two on both games later
  19. erm? games are made to be played OS's arent made to install and never use.
  20. but why learn something u will never put into practice? its pointless and time wasting.
  21. why would i want to install linux? i have no need for the os ,i wouldnt use it at all im not one of those people like sedative that thinks hes 1337 because hes installed linux b4 wow big deal kind of stupid and a waste of time to install something just for the sake of it.
  22. the best adsl modem is the frog one BT used to sell
  23. 2k owns its an OS only inteligent people can use succesfuly XP is the NOOB versions of that OS with more simple features and a less intimidating look

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