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  1. Where do I change the recycle bin name sed?
  2. Oh yea> forgot to 'grats you all! Its been a "wonderful" stay here at MSFN so far. Hopefully v4 will win us the 2003-2004 Web Award.
  3. We didn't win an award. The Mircosoft Software Network did. Where is there site located?
  4. Hahaha> Bill and George are gunna have fun tonight
  5. One for school I made: Bye School
  6. lol> I am gunna make a quick one, in flash, and run it at my schools computers on Monday, and see what they say, if they think there computers are breaking
  7. No prob, be sure to tell me ur progress.
  8. Here: The Ultimate ZIP Cracker is designed for recovering the lost passwords for several file types: - MS-Word documents (*.DOC), Office 97/2000. - MS-Excel documents (*.XLS), Office 97/2000. - ZIP archives created by PKZIP, WinZip or by any compatible software. - ARJ archives created by ARJ, WinArj or by any compatible software. Download Here
  9. I saw something earlier, and I used it. Gimme a few and I will post the link to it. I'm pretty sure it said something about excel.
  10. a bunch of source was here, but now it's not. Omg, what llamas, they put meta tags on that crummy site, they have where they got the jscript blinker from
  11. A while back I used a Maxtor recovery utility thingy to try and fix my Western Digital drive I got to set its preferences up, etc.
  12. Lemme rub it in for ya.. Audigy 2 Platinum
  13. Off-topic: Rick> You use ClearType?
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