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  1. the door on landing craft should open when you are drving forwards on its own there is no button to open it. btw, thanks for console command to show fps just looked at mine im getting a constant 100 im gonna try and find a way to increase the view distance past 100%
  2. pfft bf1942 is a sweet game its nothing like mohaa! its designed to be a full scale WAR aimed at being played over the internet! that screen shot doesnt do the game justice either and the icons arent all blurred like that in game btw the game runs fine on my raddy at 1600x1200
  3. If your CPU is in Retail packaging with a heatsink/fan you should realy buy a better heatsink anyway the ones thats come with proccesors generally arent very good so you would likely get a hotter CPU than you feel comfortable with IMHO.
  4. btw wasnt it saddam that was killing his own people because they wouldnt fight? thats why so many of them surendered because they didnt want to fight in the 1st place. he has no respect for his people and couldnt care less if they died remember when he let aload of them stay in his palace so it wouldnt get bombed?
  5. i think its a bad idea the UK getting involved in another iraq war seeing as america decided to call of a british SAS raid on one of saddams palaces when they was within minutes of going in and head shotting the fooker! no doubt america will want to be the heros again and call off he chances of the UK getting any glory *sigh* [insert flames towards me here] not a sniff? i think u will find your mistaken
  6. but the UK goverment is full of s*** and would rather pay for there stay in prison where there probably treated better than people at some hotels! i agree they should be castrated and then let the familys who have suffered at the hands of those sick bastads kick the living day lights or whatever else they would like to do to them! i bet its more than likely theyre pedophiles living in your area who the goverment know about and are a serious risk to children! it makes me wonder when u see someone glance at your kid whats going on in there mind. the goverment shouldnt be protected these people by letting them live out in the free world knowing there a danger to society they should be protecting our kids
  7. dunno tris amb mentioned something about it earlyer to me but sometimes its hard to know wether hes telling the truth
  8. 1024/256 no bandwidth limit 24/7 dloading 30mb free webspace a few emails very reliable same ISP as fthrjack
  9. lol one would be me can you not see whos voted for what like with vbulletin?
  10. you know i use win2k now, but if i was still using XP i dont think i would install it i'd just go back to win 2k like i did i couldnt be doing with all the hassle of changing cd keys and crap and no doubt ms will probably try to stop people using blocked keys from installing future direct x updates.
  11. lol i thought i recognised that! the film is pretty funny.
  12. aaron is in there clan i belive so that is why :S
  13. just a bunch of lamers who play warcfraft 3 and other crap games such as red alert 2 nothing to worry about
  14. my favorite film is "The Rock" but i voted for "The Matrix" as its my favorite out of the ones on the poll cant wait for the sequel shouldnt be to long now for the matrix 2?
  15. looks like yer saying that to yourself lol u been smoking something?
  16. i could delete the links in the folder fine its the actual folder called "LINKS" i want removing maybe i will use netscape or mozzila
  17. the folder still comes back someone must know what registry key i delete to stop it spawning a new folder 5mins after i delete it!
  18. and some of you americans say england is a third world country lol
  19. wait till the expansion pack is out and i will give u one major a** kicking
  20. orignal was is okay but i would hardly class it as a top game
  21. ahh lol so easy why didnt i think of doing that
  22. how the hell do i permanently remove the "links" folder from my favorites its really annoying as many of you will know u cant just delete it because it re apears someone must know how to get it gone for good i assume its something in the registry i am on windows 2000 if thats any help.
  23. i havent seen any but i hardly ever leave the house lol im off to town tommorow though so ill keep an eye open
  24. i doubt its anything onboard as when i used my abit raid mobo it was a [censored] to install the drivers for the onboard raid and that just said "unknown device" so that has to be some pci card.

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