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  1. Best Band of all time?

  2. Ati 9600 Tv Out Mystery

    This is my housemate, he will reply what happened, he's a lazy git thats all
  3. What Would Make A Good Site?

    To make a site successful, it needs to have a thing that you can't see on the Internet, such as AaronXP creating MS Beta NG back in '01? It proved immediately popular due to the demand, so maybe you could go for something that's in demand at this moment of the year? Just my 2p's worth!
  4. Halo

    No matter how low the resolution you play it at. Halo goes poorly inside indoor levels, it gets worst as the further you go. Bloody Microsoft, trust them to f*** this up!
  5. Need a smallish PC Case

    Tried going around computer fairs, there might sell old AT cases. You might find one you like! www.computerfairs.co.uk
  6. Dus anyone know this

    Ever thought about using Google on this? Otherwise, check out C&C Generals website, it should be there. http://www.westwood.com/ just to start you off J
  7. What Your Looking Forward To Playing This Year

    No Quake IV! Voted for Doom 3, it'll push the graphics further so I'm excited by that!
  8. Yo, anyone here play Warcraft III? And has access to the beta? I would like to hear your input on the beta, being the unfortunate one of being at university without Internet access in the halls. I'm intruiged about the neutral heroes, apparently the Dark Ranger is hauling major a**! The Pandaren Brewmaster also sounds tasty. J
  9. Open GL/Quake3/XP prob

    Do a Google Search for it. Alternatively, click here Have fun.
  10. Windows XP SP2 Being Prepped

    Judging by NT4's service packs... I'd say 5-6. Windows 2000 is basically NT5 with XP being 5.1 with some eye candy
  11. Show Yourself!

    haha, no me messing around with digital camera waiting for the train to come to jet me off to london!
  12. Show Yourself!

    hrm, guess its my turn... here it goes
  13. What Laptop?

  14. P4 or Intel Celeron

    Yes it is, but WHY do you want Win98? It eats memory for breakfast, is unreliable and f*ck*ng crashes too many times imo Win2K or WinXP is the way to go for anything else!
  15. Websites

    No offence, but the flash doesnt work, and the html one is woefully missing a lot of images. This is constructive criticism mind you!