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  1. [MSN6] Penguin MSN Skin

    i downloaded it like 2 daqys ago it was clean.....i download the infected too
  2. Host file could cause problems

    i use it no problems, never, so i aint gonna bother reading theories LOL
  3. [Desktops] 2003

    April Desktop
  4. [Desktops] 2003

    think it was deskmod or deviantart......if cant find them send me a pm w/email and i will send it to you.....remember to specify if u want the png's or ico
  5. [Desktops] 2003

    windows w/objectdock & bose clas visual style2 icons: firefly
  6. [Desktops] 2003

    mine: http://image1ex.villagephotos.com/1841533.jpg Admin edit-be nice to 56kers ****!!! sorry is this ok now?
  7. Net Under Attack Again?

    i'm having same problem but only between 6pm-1am since tuesday
  8. All Drugs Containing Phenylpropanolamine

    yes its true that its 2 years old but is up again they are being recalled again
  9. Looks Like We Go To War...

    i dont hate America, in fact its a great nation.............but sometimes it makes me wonder why the need to use force.......i dont see irak as an enormous threat like North Korea.........i knmow sadamm has to go and i'm positive about it but so does sharon and arafat; and i can assure that arafat will be gone long before sharon and when that happens all hell break loose, palestians and jews need knew faces that can put everything behind them and start from zero...........and what about bin laden? dont you think we most be lookin for him?
  10. Looks Like We Go To War...

    by the way i'm not a religious freak or something, just that idea pop-ups in my mind few days ago........then my wife who is a medical technologist got a meeting askin them to volunteer to be vaccinated (hope that is the correct word)......the conditions are: need to be away from family for 20 days, u become property of the defense department and few other things i cant remember now........this is only the firs phase, the next phase they told is gonna be massive vaccination
  11. Looks Like We Go To War...

    sharon & arafat war criminals.......sadam must go, true.........bush is the devil, yeah true...remember in the bible the thing about the the beast, the 666.....that everybody has to have a mark....well we all almost there.........the smallpox vaccine, seriously think about it.........in a near future everybody has to have it......
  12. What p2p program do you use most?

    dont use blubster the new version of blubster is call PIOLET, piolet is the improve version of blubster they use same protocol, connect to the same network and it made by the same guy that make blubster: Pablo........blubster is in a limbo right now so please dont download blubster go to www.piolet.com & download piolet anyone having problems connecting w/blubster , use piolet it correct those errors
  13. What p2p program do you use most?

    i use PIOLET is the evolution of blubster, no spyware, no adds, no servers just P2P u can add buddies by ip adress, etc best of all......is only for mp3
  14. NIC pop up's in XP

    you can do it as HashDump said, but if you have tweakUI just go to taskbar and uncheck enable balloon tips
  15. Whats the best firewall?

    after using za, zapro, sygate, norton and few others I must say: KERIO