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  1. I have a new Dell XPS 1530 laptop with Vista installed. I am not sure if it has the upgraded operating system Service Pack 2. Not sure where in Vista to check for that. Anyway, Ive had allot of luck figuring out and solving any problems since I received it, till now!!! Every time I open Outlook, the second I click on an e-mail, the Outlook program freezes. The screen goes opaic and then it just sits there. I get the wait for program or close program box and sometimes if I wait, many minutes, it will come back to life. But thats only happened once. Most the time I open Task Manager and shut down the process to close it. Looked in the Event Viewer and only got a "Hung program" with no solution from Microsoft. The only major change is I bought and am using PC Doctor because it was highly recommended. A driver, a ad program, I just don't know where to look to solve this problem. Thanks, Brad Seattle I got a error log file finally. This is driving me crazy!!! Any help would be appriciated! Level Date and Time Source Event ID Task Category Error 7/26/2008 5:14:25 PM Application Error 1000 (100) Faulting application OUTLOOK.EXE, version 12.0.6316.5000, time stamp 0x4833a470, faulting module ntdll.dll, version 6.0.6001.18000, time stamp 0x4791a7a6, exception code 0xc0000374, fault offset 0x000b015d, process id 0xf00, application start time 0x01c8ef7db810fa50.
  2. We'll obviously!!!!!!! Dont I feel silly! I should have read the directions! Thanks a bunch, I will buy a tuner and go for it. Thanks
  3. I am not sure if this is where to ask this question but I could use some help. I have a new Dell laptop, an XPS M1530. I read that using Windows Media I would be able to view and record TV directly from my TV. I noticed my laptop had a S-Video port that had a few extra pins compared to the S-Video cable Im used to using in the back of my TV that I use for of my DVD player. I assumed it was video plus audio. I bought an S-Video cable that fits the S-Video port out of the laptop and on the other end it has three ports, 1)standard S-Video 2)composite video (RCA style) 3)Digital Audio (RCA Style). I plugged my tv into my laptop using the new patch cable with the S-Video jack and got nothing. Then I surfed for a solution and read that I would need a TV Tuner. I was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction to watch TV. Why does my laptop have a S-Video port if it cant take a signal from the tv? If I need a tuner should I get analog or digital? Thanks for the help, Brad
  4. Arie, ya nailed it, thats exactly it!!!!! Thanks
  5. Hey, I did have great success but I did also have one hitch. I have 2 large files one 7gig one 15 gig that R-Studio gives me a warning that there is not enough room. Theres plenty of room on the traget disk (over 300gigs) but R-Studio will not recover these two files. Their Acronis files with a .tib extension. Any idea why R-Studio cant recover those?
  6. Thanks everybody. Great advice and a total sucess!!!! I bought R-Studio NTFS and was able to get back all my pictures and music. It was a well spent 50 bucks!!! Theres also a ton of interesting things to learn from this process. Thanks again. brad
  7. I went through most of the freeware programs digeratiprime listed. The problem I found was some of them were a bit complicated, or let’s say, they weren’t GUI based. I’m kind of an advanced novice (and after this experience, Im finding just how much of a novice at computers I really am!!) and I think I prefer a more Windows like environment. One or two programs that were GUI based, didn’t even see the drive at all;PCInspector. So I downloaded the demo version of R-Studio. OMG, it took me two days to get it scanned then the files re-associated. I work all day and only have an hour or two at night to deal with this. It just took forever. The frustrating thing was, it did see and scan the drive and after re-associating the files it looked like everything was there, nothing was lost. So I couldn’t easily figure out how to make a back-up to a new 500gig drive I just bought so I clicked the Help Menu option. Then R-Studio quite responding, I had to shut it down totally. I did save an image file after the first scan but I could figure out how to use that. Sooooo, rather than sitting through hours of a re-scan, I need to print up the complete R-Studio help manual and learn how to do this thing. I do like the fact that the program seem to work and seem to be very accurate. I’m getting' there. I was so glad that I was at least able to see that I still owned all my music and photos, it’s just getting to them now. Brad
  8. I downloaded the Demo version of R-Studio, and its going block by block through the 500 gig drive. Its taking awhile but its obvious the information is still there. It seems kind of cryptic though. Why are the sectors half colored, why is there FAT files since it was an NTFS disk, why are the MFT files scattered all over the disk? Im not a novice, but it seems allot of programs assume an advanced user is buying them. I am sure Ill be buying the full version since the freeware version of PC Inspector got me no where, it might have been the user rather then the program though. Anyway, I dont see why a program like R-Studio cant just rebuild the MFT or maybe even the partition table rather then having to go through a 1:1 copy. Just replace the lost table, it could simply re-read whats there and rebuild the location of all the files. Just an opinion. Like my wife says, its "B.O.", Brad's opinion. DonDamm, Thanks for the reply.
  9. This is all great information and actually Ive learned allot in a short time. Interesting how important something can get, but how someone,ie:me, takes it for granted and risks everything without thinking first. This is an area where a program like Acronis could warn someone on a couple levels before the button is pushed. Not trying to deflect blame but sometimes the explaniations for this program are somewhat hard to understand yet they sell them to average users. Live and learn. Im finally able to give something a try tonight, Ill let you know. Brad
  10. I have a dvd Id like to backup. Its a documentary, I want to give to some friendsn it is not copy protected. I want to use the Video.TS, dvd folder option so it can play on any dvd player. I just got a new laptop and have not been able to figure out how to use Vista as a dvd burning program. I used Nero 7 on my old laptop. But I cant seem to install it on my new Vista laptop. Am I doing something wrong with the Vista DVd Maker program or do I need a newer 3rd party dvd burning program that has been written for Vista? Thanks
  11. brucevangeorge, Seriously, I didnt modify it!! I didnt touch it after I initially screwed it up. I do know enough not to make things worse.
  12. I hope this dosent sound too silly, but "you guys just made my day!". Thanks for your advice and I will do what you suggest. My only question is..... How can you clone a drive when the Explorer dosent see the drive other then being healthy? Im assuming the program I buy will force a clone. Oh, and some added information on my damaged drive. It was an NTFS based drive. I only mention that again, because the programs listed by DigeratiPrime, all seem to say the program is looking for a NTFS based drive, or whatever file system the drive originally used. The problem is it dosent show a file system for the drive in the Explorer mode. Kind of like I deleted the part of the disk that records what file system the drive is using. Thanks again!!! Brad
  13. I don’t know when I’ve ever been so upset and so hoping someone can help me. I have a My Book HD and another Maxtor HD, both external. My laptop doesn’t have enough room for all my pictures and music so I used both drives to backup and store copies of my music and pictures folder. I also bought Acronis 8 a few years ago and have made an incremental backup of my laptop HD as an operating system backup. Wellllll, I had my car stolen with my laptop and my Maxtor HD in it, it’s long gone. I wasn’t as upset as I would have been as I was very happy that I had my My Book HD with all my data on it and I could then make another backup copy without losing all my hard work and family photos. Well, I tried to open the Acronis backup folder of my laptop to another desktop and in the process, through a fault of my own stupidity, I somehow deleted the boot sector?, or whatever records’ the disks NTFS file system and the disk info on the My Book drive. I obviously didn’t read the instructions well enough and I think I tried to reinstall the image back to the disk the image was residing on. I am able to see a healthy My Book drive using my XP Home on the desktop computer using administrative settings, so it sees the disk. And I’m sure the files data is still on there. But when go to Windows Explorer of XP and try to open the My Book drive it always wants me to reformat. That’s when I start sweating and tears come to my eyes. I’ve spent over 5 years collecting music and maybe 10 collecting family photos. My question is........ is there any way to re-enable this drive and get my data back off? Believe me, I’m more than willing to spend whatever it takes to solve this problem. I looked at partition Magic and dozens of other programs and I’m totally lost with what to buy or how to proceed. This has been a real bad experience and probably one of the best learning experiences as related to computers and backups I’ve ever had. Amazing how one think will lead to another and a person can mess things up. You’ve heard this many times, but "PLEASE, any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!!".
  14. Yes,SFC /scannow. Thank you. I have loaded so many freeware and shareware program and unloaded so many that I think I need to do the scan. It might help. Sorry about this thread getting so long over such a minimal problem. I hope maintenance will solve it and a reintall of SP2.
  15. I dont use Zone Alarm. I believe I need to reinstall the whole SP2 patch to get the new Windows Firewall. I was also wondering if I should run my Windows CD . I forgot the command in "Run" to check for corrupted files. Can you tell me the command? Sorry about getting off the subject a bit. Do you think reinstalling SP2 would make me lose some files?
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