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  1. Flash

    real hussein

    Lmao, thats funny, got a true meaing to it too
  2. Flash

    The Cheeky girls new song!

    They deserve to be shot!! lolol Their music is so crap!!
  3. Flash

    For Sale

    Nice server, if i had some money i would invest in that little beast
  4. Flash

    American Pie Films is it all ova?

    Im gonna go see American Pie the wedding soon... They possibly might make another, normally 3 is the max though...
  5. Flash

    When will Kira be born?

    December 21st
  6. Flash

    HTML and HTM Icons

    Yeah, assign them to IE, then you will see them
  7. Flash

    When's SP2 coming out?

    I do worry about you guys sometimes... 32nd?!
  8. Flash

    Ben and Jen

    Lolol... She's fit, but gets around alot :/
  9. Flash

    What Your Looking Forward To Playing This Year

    Rofl, i was gonna work for Special Reserve
  10. Flash


    Ha ha, clever joke that
  11. Flash

    WTF is THIS?

    And tidy up ya desktop!! Its a mess son Did it work btw?
  12. Flash


    LMFAO, that is fecking funny!!
  13. Flash

    Ben and Jen

    Why is it all the VERY rich people are always scruffy looking, lol...
  14. Flash

    To Em or Not to Em

    Yeah, i dont mind him and im from the UK I prefer 50 Cent though
  15. Flash

    list of spam domains

    Yeah, your right there Widnez... Especially the @lycos.com.