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  1. Flash

    real hussein

    Lmao, thats funny, got a true meaing to it too
  2. They deserve to be shot!! lolol Their music is so crap!!
  3. Flash

    For Sale

    Nice server, if i had some money i would invest in that little beast
  4. Im gonna go see American Pie the wedding soon... They possibly might make another, normally 3 is the max though...
  5. Yeah, assign them to IE, then you will see them
  6. I do worry about you guys sometimes... 32nd?!
  7. Lolol... She's fit, but gets around alot :/
  8. Flash


    Ha ha, clever joke that
  9. Flash

    WTF is THIS?

    And tidy up ya desktop!! Its a mess son Did it work btw?
  10. Flash


    LMFAO, that is fecking funny!!
  11. Why is it all the VERY rich people are always scruffy looking, lol...
  12. Yeah, i dont mind him and im from the UK I prefer 50 Cent though
  13. Yeah, your right there Widnez... Especially the @lycos.com.

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