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  1. I don't think Firefox 128 ESR would support OS prior to Windows 10 (8.1 still works unofficially). Rather they'll extend Firefox 115 ESR, maybe up to 115.20.0 or something like.
  2. 3.0.x would be a great start rather than getting 3.5 or 3.6. 3.6.x for example lacked support for legacy Java applets.
  3. Discord Canary stopped working on Windows 7, 8 and 8.1, showing DiscardVirtualMemory error. The stable branch won't be updated on 7/8/8.1 after March 15, 2024. https://support.discord.com/hc/en-us/articles/20470973046295--Known-Issue-Support-for-Windows-7-8-and-8-1
  4. The browser is based on QTwebkit, not Blink. I think even Chromium 121/122 should work on 10 1507 and 1511.
  5. That means there might be no more access to Discord web on NT 5.x systems or native Vista (no browser has full support of ES2021 and higher)
  6. He installed Windows Vista Extended Kernel. This is unrelated with vanilla Vista.
  7. That's surprising, in fact the site for Catsxp still claims it's supported for Win7+. Is Opera Developer and Opera GX working on Windows 8.x with the same method as main Opera?
  8. I doubt Mozilla Firefox 116 or higher would work on Vista Extended Kernel... or it's supported? I heard some rumors that even Firefox 115 is not working there.
  9. Is it Windows 10+ API? Does it work on Windows 8.x with the CFF Explorer hack?
  10. As long as Mozilla team don't introduce Win10/11 only APIs into their web browser, Firefox could still in theory run on Win 8/8.1. That's like when Chrome introduced Win8+ APIs before breaking completely support for Win 8/8.1.
  11. Does new Nightly based on Firefox 116 work on Windows 7/8? In past, Firefox 53 with some modifications was doable on Vista, so that's why i ask. Edit: mistook the developer branches...
  12. I think there is no need to backport Firefox ESR versions newer than 78 for XP/Server 2003, as feodor2 said (more problems like inability to use single processes [multi-process are just for 2010s PCs and no one with them uses XP], no Flash Player support past v85). Even Firefox 102ESR-based web browsers (FX102 released in 2022!) doesn't have much better JS compatibility than 78 (tested on Waterfox G5, open.fm does not render correctly with it, unlike Opera GX or other chromium based browsers). I hope in future, MyPal 68 will have gradually better compatibility with 2021+ Javascript codes. So if you expected Proton UI on XP, it's unlikely to happen.
  13. Even Opera GX can't play this forest video and it's official browser. However, other videos does work.
  14. Facebook and Twitter are crashing for me on Mypal 68, tested few days ago.
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