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  1. Hello Jumper, you added some links of recommended updates in the first post. The exe installer of the msxml4 SP2 fix KB973688 doesn't run on my system. I opened it with 7Zip and extracted "msxml.msi" and "sfx manifest". The msi has worked. Thanks.
  2. I don't know if VLC 2.0.6 works on a P2 machine. I can't check this. Maybe it also requires SSE. First try to install the last but one version 2.0.5 (requires KernelEX / no need to rename MSVCR70 or MSVCR71). Otherwise install version 0.8.6i (14.August.2008 / KernelEX not required / disable KernelEX if installed for vlc.exe). Links: Wiki ; FTP archive of VLC ; VideoLan Forum
  3. Now I've successfully installed Foxit Reader 6.0.2 0413 and with an additional entry. [WINSPOOL.DRV] XcvDataW=z8e Also Required: [KERNEL32.dll] ActivateActCtx=o2e0 CreateActCtxW=p1e0 DeactivateActCtx=o2e0 ReleaseActCtx=z1 winhttp.dll msxml4 SP2
  4. Hello Inspiron7000, here in the 9x/ME subforums are a lot of topics about to install the Flash Player 10 and higher (Google search / MSFN Forums search). Your CPU (Pentium2) doesn't support the instructions sets SSE (P3) and SSE2 (P4)! Some links: FineSSE ; Why do some versions of Flash Player 9 work on YouTube while other ver FP versus FP link ; KernelEX Wiki
  5. Sumatra PDF 2.3.1 released: Reverted back to SSE support for old computers. SSE2 support was required and introduced with previous version 2.3 to make Sumatra faster.
  6. Does Java next generation work for you, too? Sumatra PDF 2.3 released: [DBGHELP.dll] SymFromAddr=z4 is required to run it. BTW: I can't access the page "compatible applications" on the Wiki these days, if I'm not logged in. Also the page Popular Pages offers an overview.
  7. I found out, that these problems are related to the ME GDI Q289635 GER (GDI.exe & GDI32.dll update and ME user Q280800 GER (USER.exe & USER32.dll update. Obviously there is a incompatibility. Test system now: ME, KernelEX build Leyok 04.April.13, without RevolutionsPack.
  8. I few month ago I successfully installed 98SE on a 2GB SD Card in a card reader according to these instructions . If I remember correctly the SD Card worked in DOS comp. mode, anyway windows was very slow. Then I tried to install 98SE on a 8GB Stick. The setup slowed down and seemed to hang. Maybe after two or three hours I cancelled it.
  9. I had this error with this board, too. But the graphics card NV 7900 worked. There was a problem with the PCI-E 1x ports. Is there a setting "PCI-E/PCI/Internal" to initialise the PCI-E first.
  10. Maybe your BIOS looks like this: "On-Chip ATA Devices: Press <Enter> to enter the sub-menu and the following screen appears: On-Chip IDE Controller: The chipset contains a PCI IDE interface with support for one IDE channel. This item allows you to enable or disable the IDE controller. On-Chip SATA Controller: Set this option to define the SATA device mode." In this case you have to disable one controller. But not that with your HDD.
  11. First of all you should install manual xrayer's chipset driver (windows98.xf.cz). Then you can install the graphics driver NV 82.69. The Bearwindows VBEMP is a very simple driver without any kind of 3d support and slow scrolling... You will be much more happy with the NV82.69. Which msi bord is it? Check some BIOS settings: The IDE configuration should be set to compatible mode (four devices ; 98/ME supports only four devices ), if possible. On some boards you have to disable Hyperthreading. And check out your possible ACPI settings. Disable the onboard graphics. RAM: This is a ideal value. It never works for me. My highest possible values differ about between 60000 and 72000 (1,4 up to 1,8 GB) dependent on the board and the graphics card. If you try the NV82.69 driver again, make sure, that you deleted the VBEMP driver in your system folder.
  12. There is no problem with Kstub here. It's just telling you should update/replace your msvcrt by msvcr70 or msvcr71. This substitution has been discussed quite a bit in this thread if I am not mistaken. If you don't want to do this systemwide, you can do it on a per application basis but this requires deleting the msvcrt entry in the registry's knowndlls key. VLC 2.06 will run fine after that and so will quite a few other recent apps which rely or have dlls relying on functions non-existing in vanilla 9x msvcrt such as the latest KMPlayer. Thanks. Particularly it was discussed in the topic "ImportPatcher". I confirm that version 2.0.6 works, if I paste "msvcr71.dll" renamed to "msvcrt.dll" in the systemfolder (replacing). So that I have the msvcr71.dll with different names twice. Also flv and mp4 works.
  13. Kstub822 is incompatible with VLC Player 2.0.6 released yesterday. Obviously new API's are called. The Kext prompt appears during installation: Msvctr.dll:___lc_codepage_func=; Update DLL! The setup finished successfully if I cancel the prompt . The prompt appears again on start, but no possibility of the prompt works. The Player starts, if Kext isn't installed. Problem: flv doesn't work anymore and mp4 => only audio.
  14. schwups

    Missing dll

    Java Fixer Do you have [Kernel32.dll] GetSystemWow64DirectoryA=z2e120 in your Kstub822.ini?
  15. @Drugwash: I tried your latest release build of the 07.April on Win ME without SP, but with RevolutionsPack. The first error message says "Mprexe error in kernel32.dll" after the restart. Your Kexbases.dll is in error state for me, too (checked with Ktree). @ Leyok and @coolman: I'm not clear with your builds on my systems. I think, I get plenty of problems. Good: KernelEX verifies successfully. But I can't get access to the the systray, the QuickLaunch and the Startmenu. If I hover over them I see the hourglass. If I click on a Desktop shortcut I get the message, that the explorer caused an error in unicows.dll. Many apps don't start or have odd glitches. For example I'm not able to start a browser, if KernelEX is enabled for it: Firefox => Kernel32.dll; Opera => SHLWAPI.dll. If I've more time I'll report more and details. BTW: The compression of the 7z build of Leyok isn't supported by 7Zip 4.65. The newer version 9.20 unpacks it.
  16. Latest Flash Player 11.7.700.169 works for me, if I add [Gdi32.dll] GdiAlphaBlend=z11 to the Kstub822.ini. Probably it isn't the best stub. Thanks loblo!
  17. Well, it seems Google isn't as good as it used to be... It's not on Foxit's own website as of now anyway so it probably means they are still adjusting things for that version. I saved myself lots of time and headaches unpacking the installer with Inno Unpacker btw. It's running fine in Win2k compat mode here without a need for KexStub but I don't think I'll be using this version if they keep the atrocious interface they've adopted here, at first I thought the UI was buggy but then I realized it was just a Windows 8 style interface... You can change the interface back to the classic appearance. Version 6 is slower than version 4 and 5 for me.
  18. I can't install new Foxit Reader Message: "Runtime Error (at -1:0) Cannot Import dll: C:\Windows\Temp\...\FXCUSTOM.dll" But there is a possibility to start and run it. I installed it on XP SP2 (SP1 isn't enough), copied the Foxit program folder onto the Win ME desktop. The Foxit Reader.exe needs Kstub822 with following definitions [KERNEL32.dll] ReleaseActCtx=z1 CreateActCtxW=p1e0 ActivateActCtx=o2e0 DeactivateActCtx=o2e0 to start. Better run it with comp.mode XP. The ImportPatcher complains about jrsysMSCryptoDll.dll and imgseg.dll, too. The jrsysMSCryptoDll.dll is located in the plugin folder. Printing isn't possible anymore. => The DBGHELP.dll of ME is too old. Upgrade required. As a reminder: I'd installed already MSXML 4.0 SP2 for version 5 and I've the winhttp.dll of XP in my system folder.
  19. The latest Flash Player works with FF 3.6.28 for me. Try this: Don't change the name "NPSWF32_11_6_602_180.dll" in the macromedia folder. Paste a copy of the file renamed to NPSWF32.dll in the plugin folder of Firefox or set the Firefox.exe from default mode to Win2000. If this doesn't work look in the registry and delete the keys FlashPlayerPlugin, FlashPlayerUpdate (with path and version) HKLM\SOFTWARE\Macromedia\FlashPlayerPlugin, HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Software\Macromedia\FlashPlayerUpdate and HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Macromedia\FlashPlayerUpdate. The message "A required .DLL file, WINHTTP.DLL, was not found." goes away if you paste the Winhttp.dll (XP version) in your system folder. You can download it on DllDump.com.
  20. Hello coolman, did you compile Xeno's from the SourceForge Repo?
  21. Hallo Drugwash, I've installed the KernelEX Build Environment on ME and Vista, but I think my environment is still faulty. All "Batch Builds" gives errors and hence to compile with NSIS 2.44. I have yet to read, learn and test a lot. I hope the next days I get some positive results. I'll report! I don't have the 98DDK. The downlads on MDGX are dead - "You're sunk in windows ...error 404"?? - . I have 2K / ME DDK's. Xeno says: "Microsoft Windows 98 Driver Development Kit or Microsoft Windows 2000 Driver Development Kit". On Vista I get on install and start Visual Studio 6.0 messages stating "known compatibility issues". But obviously it seems to run.?.
  22. Hello Joe, I don't possess a P3 machine anymore. Currently I still have one with a 478 socket (P4) and all others have a 775 socket.
  23. My first result: Some more: = Advapi32.dll:OpenSCManagerW=r0xCAFEs3 = = User32.dll:SetLayeredWindowAttributes=z4 ;? = = Kernel32.dll:IsValidLanguageGroup=z2 ;? =

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