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  1. Will try that. Also got a Roland TR-8 MIDI drum device. Any chances to get it to work with Win98?
  2. Installed a SB0100, installed the Driver from the Main Driver Set. What should I try with it?
  3. MIXER /LISTMIDI gives me 0 "Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth" no matter if I set midiconfig to 0, 1 or 2. Munt is running. Started it manually
  4. Did that. Now I need to open MUNT and DOSBox at the same time?
  5. Yeah, I tried this but it won't work. I tried DOSBox 0.74-3 and it works fine! Settlers II is running with sound without problems. I also installed MUNT from the mt32emu_qt-1.7.1-win9x.zip. I was able to find different MT-32 Roms that work with MUNT. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post them here. I also found a huge database full of different roms but wasn't able to test them out yet. MUNT works if I try .mid files with MT32_CONTROL.1987-10-07.v1.07.ROM and MT32_PCM.ROM. But I'm stuck, at getting MUNT to work with DOSBox. There is just mt32emu.drv, oemsetup.inf and a readme in mt32emu_win32drv-git_ac4f1f0dee-win9x.zip. Where should I place mt32emu.drv? oemsetup.inf just says [disks] 1 =. ,"MT-32 Synth Emulator",disk1 [Installable.Drivers] mt32emu = 1:mt32emu.drv, "MIDI", "MT-32 Synth Emulator",,, The readme tells me Found Windows 2000 DDK on waybackmachine but I'm not sure what to do with it.
  6. Found it! Yeah, it's already on my to-buy list. It's a AMD Sempron 2800+. Not really periodic correct. I'll give DOSBox a try and will report. That's a lot to read for the weekend! Looking forward! It's also showing Roland MPU-401 as input. 3.54 driver? Weren't you talking about 3.99? And it's a new system. I rebuilt it completely after all the driver troubles in the beginning. Mine too. There is ASD.exe in C:\WINDOWS. I also have Roland MPU-401 in the list.
  7. Yeah, it is already configured like you say. It says Roland like you said earlier. Did that before and tried it again. No MIDI-Sound in Settlers II. When I go to the In-Game Options Menu I can try to play different MIDI-tracks but this also doesn't work. Tried CHAMP Ms. Pac-Em which the guys at Vogons say is the best game to test DOS-Sound compatibility. CHAMP Ms. Pac-em ver. 1.5 Registered version (C) Copyright 1996, 1997 CHAMProgramming All rights reserved. *** Unauthorized duplication or distribution is prohibited! *** Initializing sound card... Sound card successfully initialized._ and freezes Windows. Using VDMSound gives me the same command prompt with an extra Error:
  8. DirectSound worked. DirectMusic also (except the Roland MPU-401 because it says it needs an external synthesizer) The A3.99 doesn't work. In the readme.txt it says that its compatible with Win98 Gold??? yeah it says cmuda.sys Where should I chose this? And which About tab? Can reproduce all those steps. It creates those files but no MIDI-sound, yet. Maybe because I didn't found out where to choose Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth?
  9. At least I'm not the only person wondering about this So I think I'll wait for my soundblasters to arrive... My friend offered me a PCI SB128 and a PCI SB0060 Live 5.1. We'll see which one works better or even at all. While typing this I remembered a sound card that I do have in storage. Terratec Aureon 5.1 FUN. But the rear output has a loose connection I fixed with some scotch tape back in the days. It says MIDI on the PCB but no plug socket, just a connector. I'll have to dig around a bit to check drivers etc. My board doesn't support ISA But someday I'll install a REAL Win98 motherboard! I better not try this. The purpose of building my Win98 machine was NOT to use a VM because they never work as expected!
  10. DXDiag gives me the attachment: What should I check there? In Midi-Settings on Multimedia-Properties I can chose between Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth or Roland MPU-401. What is CMI? Why should I change driver? What do you mean by all***.sys? I managed to get SFX AND Music running at Settlers II but now I just get SFX with kinda music. Not sure what is wrong there. At least VDMSound IS running and I'm able to switch between different soundcards to emulate.
  11. Got Settlers II running, but just FX... No Midi Music. Used the SETSOUND.EXE from the Settlers II files and it found a "Creative Labs Sound Blaster(TM) 16 for MIDI and Creative Labs Sound Blaster Pro or 100% compatible" for digital audio. Tried to get VDMSound working the whole night but no real progress. At least I just have quite a good overview over all this sound black magic 98 is playing with. I don't have them yet. The VDMSound needs a sound card and I thought it might work with the internal Soundcard. But that was an easy thought. Some other users mention problems with c-Media drivers. Why should I use Realtek A3.99 AC97? EDIT: Okay. Somehow patched the dosdrv.bat with a newer one by a user in the vogons forum and now VDMSound starts! (with the tip of the day error/bug, but yeah!) Need to figure out later if it works. Need to go to work now. Would be great!
  12. So... seems that the Soundblasters need to wait for a week or two. But I want to play The Settlers II. Game runs fine but - NO SOUND. Googled a bit and found out that DOS-Games won't support the 98 Sound drivers. Tried this VDMSound solution but had no luck. Installed vcredist.exe properly and rebooted. Unzipped the VDMSound.win9x.bin.alpha3 to C:\VDMSound. Ran install.bat, VDMConfig.dll registration succeeds. Edited autoexec.bat by adding SET VDMSPATH=C:\VDMSound and finally rebooted. Running dosdrv.bat in cmd just displays C:\VDMSound>vxdsload with a blinking cursor. Nothing else happening. In dosdrv.bat it just says I tested dosdrv.bat with the SET BLASTER command and without it. No difference. Seems it won't even load vxdsload. Whatever vcsload is. Starting it manually from command also doesn't help. Not even getting to the point where there could be a tip of the day.
  13. It will arrive on Tuesday, we'll see, what it says? Or is it possible to make a partition on the NAS (that is smaller than 2.2TB) that is accessible for all machines to put data on. And which protocol am I able to use? ATM I'm using FTP to get files from my 2015 MBP to the Win98 machine but it's not the perfect solution, because FTP needs to run on both machines all the time and ip-adresses are not static.
  14. Bios was okay. Some files were older so I ran _install.bat and it seemed to work. Now I see the full capacity of the HDD! I recently ordered a Synology DS216j as a NAS and would love to connect the Win98 machine for easily accessing isos from archive. What are the recommendations to set this up? BIOS doesn't have a option to NOT enable it, so yeah. Obviously. All in all - all of you helped me A LOT with understanding Win98 works and the system is working perfectly. I can enjoy the game that was the reason for this project. No errors in device manager or somewhere else. Time to make a permanent image to just flash it when the system explodes the next 500 times. My buddy offered me 2 Soundblasters... so that will continue
  15. How do I check BIOS? and what means USP3 and Kex? Is it needed to make them compatible?

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