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  1. - Will be nice an option to make text on titlebar aligh on center etc. if possible like in old builds - Is there a way to hidden the white vertical line on the right bottom corner of systray ? It's pretty ugly with glass themes. - An option to disable the existence of debug.log in c:\ - the options of old explorer + the colouring\trasparence of the systray like do classic shell etc. Chooo
  2. Can anyone redo this atlas Post with layout for anniversary 14393? I've tried to make one but I went crazy over maximize\close buttons... and they are big and not a little small like should be The rest of the active explorer window look nice, except the top left part white.. See : Chooo CrystalNG.zip
  3. I know that.. i always read ms bullettin etc. but just this time it's happened this mess. Now i have few alternative, or try to refresh win7 with a dvd... but im sure will be a war of time to refix all installation (i have around 400 sw etc.) , go to win 10upgrade (but i will lose many compatibilities ecc.), try to put all windows update again, or wait here a solution..
  4. Lol, thx for hard work, maybe different languages, x64 or others software like silverlight,.net,vb,sql ecc. btw i will try to remove all the kb marked as u as bad as see what happen. I will continue this evening, thx really again, if it works, I hope this will help others too coz microsoft is silent and not all like win 8,8.1 or 10 -_-, KB976932 is the fisrt SP1 d*** i didn't check before and now uninstalling taking so much time; why u mark it as bad? Anyway i didn't installed so many telemetry\diagnostic stealing info KB.. so maybe is it the difference in ours numbers of kb.
  5. Thx mate for support ! Btw i uninstalled even the unistallable " KB3177467 " from editing .mum files.. but nothing happen. Maybe running again sfc /scannow.. but i will wait u to check my hotfix file for differences. hotfix.txt
  6. d*** i don't have that one too , followed even this guide : link and even like this : wusa.exe /uninstall /kb:958559 not listed in my system. Im really frustated, checking autorefresh explorer in registry too again but nothing works
  7. I don't have that one installed and i can't install : Windows Virtual PC plus XP Mode - Windows6.1-KB958559-x86-RefreshPkg.msu. I have uninstalled all the kb manually after August, just some won't go One is for fix windows updates.... other is for silverlight. Is there a way to reforce the install of october rollup and see if fix all ? Or better.. a list of all the KB that comulative thing putted in win 7 ? :| Ok found a list of all KB here : List And now the funniest part, lately windows update was not working (always searching) and now : But i
  8. Ok rechecked with a clean profile and safe mode do not work. removed also teracopy but not culprit, adobe not too. Just to..... i've done sfc /scannow, but just to try, if explorer.exe someway corrupted, can anyone attach a explorer.exe from a win7 64 bit? Latest one , after december 2016 updates for example ? I am trying with DirectoryOpus and i can create folder and rename them .. so only in explorer that problem occours... hope in any new idea, thx
  9. Thx at least someone answered me And nice ideas for testing. I've tried those things too, just to be sure, killed and relaunched explorer.exe now , trying on a network nas.. create the folder..waited 10 sec.. tryed to rename and same error on 1st time. On command prompt there isn't that issue, i can rename just after create a folder. I've already tried with another clean profile user, and if i recall even in safe mode.
  10. Hello as the topic, i have this problem and no restore point. I think i have tried all for now that i've found around. See more there : My other post Can anyone help ? Thx in advance Chooo
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