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Found 8 results

  1. Tested on version Baldur's Gate 3 is a game that is oficially supported by it's developers only on Windows 10. There are both Steram and GOG versions available, but I would advise against buying it on Steam since the steam client may stop working on Windows 7 at any time, while GOG game releases are DRM-free and have offline installers available so you aren't going to lose the ability to play. This game comes is two variants bg3.exe (Vulkan based) and bg3_dx11.exe (DirextX 11 based). You probably want to be using the Vulkan version as dx11 one has a broken map (and minimap) To run the Vulkan version you need a pretty recent video driver: Nvidia: for example version 471 will be fine AMD: not tested On Windows 8.0 and Windows 8.1 the game works out of the box and you just have to launch bg3.exe in the bin directory (don't even bother with a crappy Larian launcher) On Windows 7 you have to follow these steps: 1. Download CFF Explorer (part of Explorer Suite) 2. Find bg3.exe and open it in CFF Explorer 3. On the left panel go to Import Directory then find kernel32 under module name 4. Replace a function called GetOverlappedResultEx with GetOverlappedResult (just rename) 5. Save the file as bg3_win7.exe or whatever 6. When launching the game's exe always hold the Shift key 7. Congratulations. The game should now work on Windows 7. Keep in mind tho that replacing functions is a dumb and dirty trick and GetOverlappedResultEx =/= GetOverlappedResult, which may lead to some occasional bugs. I haven't done any deeper testing
  2. Hello all , first off , I'm a vivid Vista user . But sometimes I use Windows 7 for trying out some programmes . Right now I have a fresh install of Win 7 SP1 on my spare machine with Core Quad , it is not activated and absolutely clean from everything , except Audio/Video drivers . Something weird's going on , I can't delete executables . Process explorer says that they are locked by the system itself . The only way to delete an executable - close it's folder , wait for some time and delete this closed folder , without opening it again , otherwise it locks again. Tried switching Off defender , keeping only basic services , nothing helps . All help is really appreciated , thank you.
  3. Does anyone have a list of all the updates after SP1, what they are, if they are good or bad, etc.? Both important and optional ones. Or if someone can point me you a recent website that has the list laid out that would be helpful too. Thank you very much
  4. Hello as the topic, i have this problem and no restore point. I think i have tried all for now that i've found around. See more there : My other post Can anyone help ? Thx in advance Chooo
  5. Hello everyone! I have few questions regarding doing a in-place upgrade from Windows Vista to Windows 7 and keeping all of the files. 1. I currently have the 64-bit version of Windows Vista Ultimate with Service Pack 2 installed and I'm getting close to planning on upgrading to the 64-bit version of Windows 7 RTM. Is possible doing a in-place upgrade to 64-bit Windows 7 Ultimate RTM using the full retail version of the Windows 7 Ultimate RTM DVD (SKU: GLC-00182)? The lowest that I can find on eBay is $85 for the in-place upgrade version, but this is the last one that cheap. The full version only cost $89. If I officially get it, I'm gonna have to find a way to spend the remaining $115 out of the $200 budget elsewhere if I can. 2. I heard that I will lose disk space and Windows upgrade have always been a bit iffy by nature. I have concerns that applying Windows updates during the Windows 7 installation may not work as intended, especially since I updated Windows Vista via Windows Update for the past couple of years. Would it be possible to turn Windows Updates off when upgrading to Windows 7? 3. The Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor has found at least four issues that I may need to address. Here's a screenshot of what it looks like: The Upgrade Advisor is unable to find any compatibility information with Adobe SVG Viewer, EVGA Precision 2.0.0 and PlayReady PC Runtime x64. Also, the Upgrade Advisor is telling me that action is recommended if I want to update the Linksys WMP54G v4.1 PCI adapter to make it compatible with Windows 7. What should I do? Let me know your thoughts, because if miss out in upgrading from Windows Vista to Windows 7, it's too late after this year and I will risk being on a unsupported operating system come April. Update 2016-11-27: Updated PlayReady PC Runtime x64 to version 1.3 and uninstalled Adobe SVG Viewer. Two remaining issues will be dealt with when I plan to upgrade to Windows 7.
  6. Hello all. Just wondering if anyone can shed any light on my current quandry....I'm doing a spot of customisation and I'd like to rename the Windows directory. I was able to accomplish this in Windows XP by using: [SetupData]DefaultPath=\WinXP...in TXTSETUP.SIF, but I can't find the equivalent functionality in Windows 7's install process. I have a similar problem with the "Program Files" directories. In XP's setup I was able to alter those using: [Unattended]ProgramFilesDir="\Local"CommonProgramFilesDir="\Local\Common Files"...in WINNT.SIF, but again, I can't find the equivalent functionality in Windows 7's install process. At least with the latter you can copy them, edit the registry and then delete the orignals. Not exactly an option with the system directory though. My other avenue of enquiry is to make the changes into the WIM directly - rename the folders there and update the registry hives with the updated paths rather than trying to script the changes. The main hiccup I foresee is the bootloader probably generating the initial listing with the default path rather than looking up anything in the registry...anyone tried this already? I know I could just hard link the names I want to the directories default names and then hide the default directories, but I do a lot of system-level work, so running with hidden files & directories isn't really an option for me.
  7. Hi folks, I never use Bing Desktop, however it's been installed on my PC by Microsoft Update I'm sure. Today I ran my old Spacemonger utility and noticed that Bing Desktop is taking up 162 GB's in each of two locations - Program files and Program files (X86). So I've got 325 GB's of my precious hard being disk being eaten up by rubbish I don't want. Bing Desktop does not show up in my Program lists in the Start Menu, Control Panel or elsewhere so I can't find a conventional way of uninstalling it. When I try to delete it in Spacemonger I'm told it's running and I can't delete it. I also can't find any reference to this isuse on the net that doesn't say "uninstal it from Control Panel". Does this sound familiar to anyone? I've read references to "hiding" Bing desktop in Windows Updates and that sounds fine going forward. But how do I get rid of what's sitting there on my system now? Many thanks in advance, Gordon
  8. I am attempting to run a light-touch to unattended imaging process from a USB, however i run into an error. I am running an error during the assignment of a drive letters several lines into my batch script. I have a 2 part imaging system that i call a batch file, and it runs through and is supposed to apply my wim as an image. During the part that it calls to for diskpart as part of my imaging i get an error. The initial batch is as follows: diskpart /s part2.txt copy u:\test.wim d: x:\imagex.exe /apply d:\test.wim 1 d: d:\windows\system32\bcdboot d:\windows exit During the diskpart it calls to a text file for the diskpart commands noting: select disk 0 clean create partition primary size=80 select partition 1 format fs=ntfs label="system" quick assign letter=C active create partition primary select partition 2 format fs=ntfs label="windows" quick assign letter=D select disk 1 select partition 1 assign letter=U exit It goes throught the script all the way until it tries to assign drive letter D, then it throws an error. Virtual Disk Service error: The specified drive letter is not free to be assigned. Thusly bunking my entire automation. Everything works flawlessly if i run the entire diskpart section by hand, however it will not work in a diskpart batch. HELP!?!?!
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