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  1. its shame after so many years Linux hasn't become "average user OS" if they just did some easy predictions in late 2009, Linux would replace winblows for home OS by now...
  2. another reason in bag full of s***, why not to use that POS it became as as android is, pushing crap you can't avoid...
  3. uhhh I never could and never will be able to imagine usage of cloud apps same goes for personal storage its just ... "ugh" i'd rather carry portable apps on stick
  4. mmm, i use my "carriying mobile technology" (device) to play MAME games hahahahaha
  5. even 1 is enought no frown, let alone "few"
  6. yes it is you have Enterprise "E" and Borg cube attacking Earth fleet
  7. they can't kill "win32" so soon otherwise alot, alooooot apps will break and without win32 (or 64... whatever you wanna call it now...) what will power up .net, which is their ultimate next platformic garbage for long time... ?
  8. how they count statistic, I wouldn't be suprised MS counts in every install within VM as "new device" there you have your fill-gap for 1 billion
  9. is there anything that is working properly ?
  10. never understood why people even bother to read Paul's blog, he is such a dumb uninformed person and 90% if his rambling is just speculations he has no direct source within m$, only Jane Fooley (or whatever her name is), and maybe Long Zheng and only when real "diggers" comfirm how NTOS is shizzle, then he makes additional blogs of some his thesis of... whatever his "information" is like between someone farting and taking a dump
  11. as far as i'm asked, win7 is best version ever probably the last too
  12. then whats the purpose of metrocrap OS then ? tablets surely won't oversell phones or am I missing something
  13. i know you can increase it, but by default, ala for normal users who don't know this, just makes OS unusable and yes I've made it to that limit, its abnoxious, same with slow verclsid folder content loading
  14. theres nothing wrong with 7 if there is screw up, its from user side, and its far more stable than XP, especially with XP's verclsid bug and desktopheap low limit
  15. skype will die eventually, as there are free non ad alternatives out there, with even better support for XP its hilarious how MS buys companies for their product, rebrand it a bit, then few years later it dies out... anyone remember photosynth or seadragon ???? - not a PEEP of it, yet it was revolutionary
  16. Pale Moon still supports SSE1 processors but x64 not for XP, just vista and above
  17. made me wonder too before why xp's support was dropping for no reason especially with browsers... makes no sense its not like NT 5 is some special on its own... as long as api compatibility is there anything should run just fine AFAIK only ribbon based UI apps broke on XP but... people are a-holes, even webkit "team" ala google-apple-opera, are dropping support for no justified reason
  18. doubt they can and doubt they do this is not iOS or Android, its browser (edge) is not identifying as mobile, as it runs on desktop too no ? so NT is NT
  19. i doubt this charts since winblows 10 just like 8, is "1 for all" it probably doesn't identify itself as "desktop" and "mobile" thus every moron running winblows 10 on tablet and phone is added to this list of "usage"
  20. maybe if you rename it to billgates.exe it will work
  21. its all tied to shell explorer user32 and whatnot
  22. wim is just archive, you don't need to mount it 7zip is best for manual edit of it, saves you tons of time
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