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  1. yes, i guess im getting weddings font in here ...any ideas wut component is causing this?
  2. Hi, I have this problem with powerpoint that i cant figure out. There seems to be a commponet that i am removing with nlite that is causing PowerPoint to display symbols for +, - or = signs.(Thumb down should be = sign). Can anybody help. Plz Here is a picture: the eqn. should be: Vb = Ve + 0.7
  3. Same problem,Please help..i tried creating the whole project 3 times and still get the same problem. The Winsows XP ISO file works on VMware, the windows starts and everything but when i burn it on cd and install on computer, it keeps on restarting after installation has finnished.
  4. i just finished mine. now its 177MB including 19.7MB drivers + RyanVM pack + modified shell components. it installs extreamly fast 18 min counting from after drive format to welcome screen.
  5. whatever anybody says sony will NOT be able to keep up with microsoft. whether its software or gaming hardware. The company is frickin rich and it will do anything to eliminate competiton. I still think xbox 360 will be better...But i dont think anybody can be convinced until the consoles come out.
  6. my vote goes for xbox 360 because it beats ps3 in benchmarking and it has a software giant supporting it. Microsoft will beat sony in console gaming. a console is nothing without good software and i think nobody beats microsoft in that. Also xbox produces better games that ps2. manny exclusive games too. http://www.megagames.com/news/html/console...softstory.shtml

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