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  1. andregcasal

    [How To] Multi-boot DVD Guide

    Definitely. Althougth it doesn't change anything when using other bootloaders. Just make them point to the same xxxx.dat file. By the way, what good boot loaders are you guys using nowadays? Cheers
  2. andregcasal

    [How To] Multi-boot DVD Guide

    That's entirely up to how long it will take me to find some key files inside Window 7 installation. I can't provide any ETA at this moment Just expect the worst and hope for the best
  3. andregcasal

    [How To] Multi-boot DVD Guide

    Working on it at the moment.
  4. andregcasal

    [How To] Multi-boot DVD Guide

    Thanks alot
  5. andregcasal

    [How To] Multi-boot DVD Guide

    Looks like they dismissed the file as inactive. Try searching the forums or pming geitonaki.
  6. andregcasal

    [How To] Multi-boot DVD Guide

    Simple: - Make an image of the original DVD - Copy that image to another DVD You find tones of programs to do that on the internet. Althougth this is not the place to ask questions like that...
  7. andregcasal

    [How To] Multi-boot DVD Guide

    Well, I'm trying to add Windows Vista and Windows 7 into this guide, but that would completely change the way the DVD is booted and would take alot of steps to do it. So I'm trying to figure out a way to make things simple. And I'm trying to cut ALOT of steps down without taking adaptability out. It's to be expected a easy-to-follow version of a Multi-boot Guide with 98, XP, Vista, 7, Linux and Mac OS (not sure yet) compatibility with unnattended, streamlined software, driver packs and USB pen drive support. And some minor things I forgot to mention
  8. andregcasal

    [How To] Multi-boot DVD Guide

    Hei grabben it's normal that you feel its confusing at first, specially if you are new at this. I sugest you read it all once or twice (complete timeline explanation at the end) and once you understand it, start working on it. This guide has many small steps and if you make a mistake in one, everything's screwed up. The text is small due to a forum update and I kinda liked it. Keeps things in perspective and reduces the changes of you skipping a step. I'm trying to get the next guide update as small as possible, but I think I'm gonna need to program some stuff myself to cut some steps down. Windows Vista is tricky as hell
  9. andregcasal

    [How To] Multi-boot DVD Guide

    I'm currently gathering information to update the guide. One feature I recently decided to include is USB drive support. Like it?
  10. andregcasal

    Multi Boot From USB

    This is an interesting question that I'm considering to add into my multi-boot guide, as CDs and DVDs become more and more obsolete. Come to think of it, I don't use a CD or DVD in months as my pen is with me at all times That's it, count with USB support for the next update on the multi-boot guide Anyway, take a look at this little something something: Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool. Hope you like it Amoguai
  11. andregcasal

    [How To] Multi-boot DVD Guide

    So hang on
  12. Fair enough, it's allready on my TODO list I'm going into it after I finish my online matrix calculator. When it's done I'll make a post here on MSFN so people can use it
  13. what is this status thing?

  14. Actually, only 27 people voted. I'm not updating it for 27 people.