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  1. yes it works fine and also gets disconnect when using safely remove hardware icon.
  2. Does anyone has these issues after installing vista sp2 beta on a clean install vista sp1: the network devices - marvell ethernet controller and the intel pro/wireless network device shows up as removable devices and also gets listed in safely removal hardware icons. this happens irrespective of whether drivers installed or not, its gets listed in removal devices.
  3. In the unattended tab, choose skip OOBE, that's it...
  4. i think it will workout
  5. just select vista ultimate and then choose the create iso from the tasks panel and click on create iso as soon as the iso creation start just abort it, then the apply button gets enabled, now you can choose apply->rebuild one and then again you can create the iso which will have only vista ultimate
  6. here is some interesting news, may be helpful, you all know when SP3 is integrated into windows xp mediacenter 2005 edition it will downgrade its version from 3.0 to 2.8 and when you install it, it will prompt "cannot copy a file so and so" in the middle of the installation and if you skip that file you will end up with xp professional with sp3. well i have come across with a solution for this file copy error, - Combine XP MCE 2005 CD1 and CD2 into one - Slipstream SP3 - Manually copy the files from the ROOT\CMPNENTS\MEDIACTR of the SP3 installation file using a winrar program to the root of the slipstreamed windows xp MCE 2005 SP3 - Make the necessary changes in the txtsetup.sif as sp3 will remove the changes we made while combining CD1 and CD2 - Burn the iso and install everything installs correctly, you will endup with windows xp MCE with sp3 but you will have windows media player 9 instead of windows media player 10. have to figure out a way to correct this. meantime if anyone has a better solution can reply.
  7. Slipstreaming Windows XP SP3 into Windows XP Media Center 2005 OEM using nLite will downgrade the MCE version from 3.0 to 2.8 Hope nuhi, is going to come with a new version of nlite that provides a solution to the above problem
  8. i think it is possible that part of your windows installation (the windows installer) is broken. try uninstalling the windows installer and then install with the newer version. or u would have given a invalid pathname, try giving the correct pathname. or the photoshop installation file would have got corrupted, replace with the correct copy of the installation file. either one of this above might have happend, now try with the above tutorial.
  9. Sorry for the late reply... Inside the Photoshop setup folder there is a folder named "commonfilesinstaller" copy this folder to the C:\PS9Lite folder specified in the above tutorial as this folder is required for the adobe updater work properly. soon will be releasing a batch file to automate the above tutorial.
  10. Manju

    Wireless USB Adapter

    Yes i have checked the issue the above link but still the problem exists, the driver gets installed properly but when windows desktop get loaded the startup d-link wireless utility gives the above error and so the card doesn't get recognise. when i try with a normal xp installation it works perfectly.. well, i forgot to save the preset, will post it soon
  11. Hi, Nuhi, I would like to know what are the necessary components to be retained for D-Link AirPlus G Wireless USB Adapter to function properly, as i do get these errors The procedure entry point apsGetInterfaceCount could not be located in the dynamic link library wlanapi.dll The procedure entry point apsInitialize could not be located in the dynamic link library wlanapi.dll
  12. One cannot install vista on a system with a 256MB of RAM by booting from the DVD even after applying the so called 512MB Limit patch and the reason is: - the file which is patched also resides in the the boot.wim. so when the dvd is booted the setup uses the file from the boot.wim and not the patched one. - even if that is patched it will not be usefull as the boot.wim which is a winpe image, when booted gets expanded to a ramdrive and it needs around 350MB of ram to fit in. So, the solution is either to reduce the size of boot.wim, or better to upgrade the ram.
  13. Only if the size of boot.wim is reduced then one can install vista by booting off the dvd. The boot.wim is a winpe image which gets expand to a ram drive and its expanded size is around 300-350mb and so one needs a minimum of 375mb of ram to install from the dvd. hope, nuhi can do this...
  14. Thanks Nuhi, but is it possible to fix this error without the terminal services.. Because i don't need terminal services.

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