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  1. I installed anew Vista Ultimate RTM and after that Service Pack 1 installed smoothly with no errors.I can confirm that Vista SP 1 is really faster now though *edited for content* (please no talk of crack and hacks)
  2. Well,i like that vLited ,Unattended,Activated version of Vista i use and this is why i ask if there is any way to install SP 1 on it.
  3. I get error trying to install SP 1. Here is full text: Update for Windows Vista (KB935509) - v1.008 Installation date: 12/16/2007 13:30 Installation status: Failed Error details: Code 80004005 Can it be because i use patched UXTHEME.DLL? I use Vlited Vista Ultimate(eXPerience eddition - 700 mb) Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  4. i connected directly to USB modem with USB cable.I use Windows XP Pro.I have also Vista installed on 2nd drive and i have no such problem in Vista.So it is not bad cable.Something wrong with my Windows XP i guess.Another weird thing i just noticed i don't have service WORKSTATION in my services list can it be because i installed yesturday service pack 3?And important to mention that this problem with "acquiring network address" started a week before i installed service pack 3.And i am not sure since when my XP started to miss service WORKSTATION .Seems to me it is very important service how come it disapeared???
  5. Sorry if it is wrong topic. Maybe someone knows what the problem is.It started some days ago - every time i boot up computer i find LAN icon in tray in state "Acquiring Network Address" continously.I cannot connect to internet using my VPN connection cause of it.If i disable and after this enable LAN it acquire network address instantly and i can connect.But it is annoying to do it every time.Any ideas how to fix it please. Thanks in advance.
  6. Since i installed Internet Explorer 7 any files and even folders in CD directory looks like IE 7 file. I attached screenshot of it. I can repair icons' appearence with TweakUI but after each computer restart this problem is back. Anyone has same issue or just me?And any ideas how to fix it?
  7. Interesting thing:i made 2 nLite WinXP :1st with integrated Nvidia drivers;2nd without Nvidia drivers. if i install windowsxp using 1st nLite CD(which is with integrated NVidia drivers)i get classic theme, and if i install windowsxp using 2nd CD (which is without integrated NVidia drivers) i get modern theme Panther. (that was chosen by me in unuttended setup)
  8. Ast

    A question about theme

    Thnx for the info damian666 Can u tell more?How shall i Cab them?All in one or one by one(theme by theme).Do i need to rename Cab file after that and when i shall do it before i add themes to nLite or after it but before making ISO?
  9. Ast

    WMP 11 final

    Jcarle,can i use your WMP 11 integrator after i integrate service pack 2 into windows xp in nLite?
  10. I cannot find info about how to integrate Net.Framework 2.0 + updates to it on forum.Plz,drop a link here if u know anything about it.
  11. I integrated WMP 11 Final version AddOn. Don't know if it matters i also integrated drivers NVidia 91.47_forceware and Marvell Yukon network drivers. Maybe problem is in NVidia drivers and nLite 1.2.1.WMware doesn't use Nvidia drivers so maybe this is why everything is ok on WMware and on real computer is not.Just a guess.

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