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  1. you can also use: dir /x on parent folder to determine the actual 8.3 folder names, and use such name in your batch.
  2. if things doesn't change much on Consumer Preview, I'll fully blame the feedback censorships while on dev-preview.
  3. somehow i doubt next "windows" after win8, will named win9. afterall such name will raise conflict with MS previous products win9x.
  4. MS probably get the idea for App Store, from Apple-Store or Sony's PSN. More updated version of search Web for non-registered extension, but instead letting user search in wild-web, Microsoft has done it for users (with a price). To milks more money from the users, visiting the Microsoft App-Stores might be the default action, instead of classic action to look for programs in user' harddrives. I bet my two cents, that MS will not make it easy to change suggested the app-store vendor (from MS app-stores to another), just incase some independent vendor decided to setup their own app-stores.
  5. Forcing end-user to adapt a single unifomed OS interface is purely economically driven, not for the merits to end-user. Nightcrawler from RHDN forum explain better.
  6. i'm looking forward for microsoft to patend-ing the metro, therefore no other software vendor will use that crap.

    1. FlierMate


      I hate Google and Facebook more than Microsoft.

  7. That would be awesome. It would be nice to find a way to provides the required NT5 services into win9x system. story: I experienced a wireless usb modem driver refuse to work on some xp box. Long story short, i copied the drivers .sys files into win98se box, and analyze it the using wdmcheck. From missing imports names reported by wdmcheck, i figured what nt5 services needed to be set automatic for the drivers to works on that xp box. and yeah, before i decided to use wdmcheck i already check xp event logs for clues, but i couldn't find any.
  8. what i don't like from Microsoft' is their "Systematic-Forced-Obsolescence " plans. it start to shows significant symptoms on winXP and Office2003 , then blatantly appears on Vista & Office2007 or newer.
  9. yeah some games actually blacklist some known CD/DVD-image mounter drivers
  10. recomends me good replacement for XP' Win+F, the ALT+W doesn't work when focus wasn't on Search pane

  11. this makes me curious, if MS got this idea from Sony' PS3' OtherOS removal fiascos ...
  12. i notice the youtube' player trying to download the movies from unusual port 1935, not from its usual port 80. tipping my firewall. from what i see, youtube begin to use other protocols than http: or rtmp: , to deliver their video probably some-kind of propetiary protocols, exclusive to youtube' own flash-video-player. most downloader will fail to notice internet traffics outside those protocols, thus unable to take-over the downloads. If you're registered user of Intenet Download Manager, you might post a request at their contact list.
  13. ah, extra tracks, commonly used for some-kind original floppy authentification technique. (anti-copying stuff)
  14. official dosbox build hasn't get any good support on printing. try unofficial builds, some has better print support. most clipper programs doesn't work well on current dosbox either.
  15. something like this: ? http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/windows/add-copy-to-move-to-to-the-windows-explorer-right-click-menu/
  16. So, trying to merges CE & NT ? I dub this windows NT 6.2.xx version as: Windows CENT. which is microsoft product to recover every possible cents that loss to its competitors.
  17. Registry search failure that i know of is: Regedit.exe can't search the 'Data' of Binary or DWORD values. these failure exist since win9x and MS never bothered to fix it for XP.
  18. agreed. most javascripts usages were designed to bloat your browsing experiences with disgusting numbers of un-needed/un-wanted stuff.
  19. another stupid thing in NT is permission-Access-List that dubbed as "Security" which is a joke. for example: its quite easy to mess/removing permission entries for HKCR registry on NT (yes, i have tries this both on XP & win7), which will render windows XP & 7 un-useable until a registry backup is restored. it also made worse due fact typical NT deployment will have Remote Registry services enabled, that make it possible for malicious program wreck havoc on connected computer. as herbalist said, comparing to 9x system, NT system indeed expanding that attack-able surface.
  20. perhaps this: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/134489 ?
  21. while theres plenty tools that offer removal of browser Toolbars, is there any guides to removes Taskbar Toolbars? (right-click the taskbar | Toolbars) i want to remove windows media player - taskbar toolbars, while keep remaining w.m.p functional.
  22. and speaking about hosts file, proxomitron is also good to help you build one, as properly installed proxomitron has: local.ptron/.pinfo/urls/ it will list the histories of any sites that proxomitron trying to access. whenever i saw something i don't like from that list, i'll add it immediately to hosts file. if the list is not large enough (default was: 100 last accessed sites), you can even make it larger my changing "MaxCapURL" value from proxomitron's default.cfg
  23. you might like to use Proxomitron, with it you can easily create a web-filter to remove the offending html tag.
  24. i have a program that dynamically creates an excel worksheet for its presentation. while that program works on winXP (both x86 & x64) with office 2K, XP, 2003 & 2007, that same program failed to do its job on Win7 with office 2007, windows 7 complaining that program using obsolete functions or stuff like that. and yes, i tried those so-called 'compatibility' tab, only resulting in same, non-working solution on win7.

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