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  1. is there also this kind of settings for XP explorer's search result? for example: when i use advanced search, and looking for '*.jpg' or '*.png', view result automatically change to Thumbnails, thats annoying as i need the results presented in Details views and not the Thumbnails one. i forced to click that view icon every time.
  2. change to less misleading title, like: ideas for UNOfficial SP4
  3. you might want to use Process Monitor very powerful utility that monitor registry/file/etc access, its report rather overwhelming though. run the Process Monitor, try to stop/start windows services that required for TCP/IP connection process, try to connect online, etc... then look in Process Monitor' reports for attempt to access non-existing files.
  4. most unwanted network "apps" (worms, virus, browser-plugins, spyware, malware, etc..) have nasty habit adding another uneeded layer in networking process, which its obvious reason to monitor/profiling/mining/re-directing the users' browsing habit. Those extra layers route might still exist in registry and used by system, and since the files need for the layer were now gone, the networking function got crippled. Adding network layer have it legitimate uses however, such as used by Internet Download Manger' Advanced Browser Integration. That feature will take over any downloading process that utilize TCP/IP and using HTTP' GET command. It works for any program (not just 'browser') by monitoring outgoing TCP/IP packets. Therefore, i would suggest to check registry for such entries.
  5. is there any un-usual file/folder/registry permission settings? i use AccessEnum to lists any weirds permissions.
  6. Alt+Space example: http://i53.tinypic.com/15zqvco.png Alt+Space is the same stuff as clicking Window' Icon, but it works even for most iconless window, unless the apps specifically denies it. a good legacy from 16-bit windows. There should be only one windows service that interfere with GUI which is "Themes", that i disabled anyway as i no fan of non-classic interface Is there any weird services that interfere with your system? also: try fiddling with Hardware accelleration Slider in Display Property | Advanced | Troubleshoot.
  7. I found problem when W.M.I service was failing, both Firewall & Internet Connection Sharing service also gone. i also looking a way to remove windows' firewall (yeah removing, not just disable stuff) while preserving ICS. currently not posible by removing services using autoruns, as firewall & ICS are the same services. rant: why are hell XP ICS need WMI anyway? win9x ICS doesn't need that stuff.
  8. on those of no-title-bar / borderless window, do Alt+Space still works?
  9. thanks for accessenum references, especialy useful to kill tons deny policies on registries.
  10. sorry late reply, i tried that internet option already but still the same result as before. however on other forum, someone suggest me to move the whole "StoredJS" folder into "html" folder in proxomitron installation directory, and change the filtering rule into something like this: Name = "ajax-jquery fix" Active = TRUE Limit = 128 Match = ""http://ajax.googleapis.com/*/jquery.js*"" Replace = ""http://Local.ptron/StoredJS/jquery.js"" now the pre-downloaded javascript works for all kind of browsers.
  11. first step would be making unofficial IO.SYS that could handle >4GB files
  12. yeah from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fat32#Directory_table , there not much reserved bytes remain in Directory table to accomdate size > 4 GB i'm looking at you, useless 6 bytes - last access date/time fields (and 1 byte create time fine resolution).
  13. as in FAT32 i'm still curious about this one: in directory entries, entry that has DIR attribute set, its filesize entry was 0, (that was i see using program such as norton diskedit) so its theoreticaly possible to have a directory entry larger than 4GB provided its 'actual size' were multipe of cluster size. but do win9x can actualy handle a very large directory entry which its actual cluster usages (x cluster' size) > 4GB ? just think as a directory contains tons of files with extra long filenames, each.
  14. Hi, i'm proxomitron user and i like how it works. i observes many site using off-sites script/libraries such as '>libraries from google apis. so, i got an idea to download each of those lib (the .js) files and store them into a directory, say in D:\StoredJS then i made proxomitron web filter rules like below, for each files: Name = "ajax-jquery fix" Active = TRUE Limit = 128 Match = ""http://ajax.googleapis.com/*/jquery.js*"" Replace = ""D:\\StoredJS\\jquery.js"" this filter works for IE6 and other browser, it really improves the browsing performace. however when i decided to upgrade to IE8 (along with various MS security patch/updates, now its WinXP Profesional SP3) those downloaded javascript seems no longer working. it still works with other browser though. if these 'new' behaviour were caused by one/some of MS patches, i want to roll back to previous restore point and skips those patches. i want those downloaded scripts also works with IE8.
  15. the only reason i could think is: evirontment variables that set with other than msdos.sys method, will have UpperCase as its names, but windows will check for the existance of non-uppercase name as requirement to start itself. being a dos person myself, also using BootGUI=0 in msdos.sys, and type "win" at command prompt just to start windows.
  16. In my case, if i can't simply change the icon in Explorer' File Types. The change icon button was disabled, and the casue was: REGEDIT4 [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\htmlfile\ShellEx\IconHandler] @="{42042206-2D85-11D3-8CFF-005004838597}" Above reg-key, overides the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\htmlfile\DefaultIcon key. So i delete that IconHandler key, and explorer finally allow me to change the icon for HTML files. now, icon for htm files no longer changes according to its content anymore.
  17. i'm also using uTorrent 2.0.4 (build 22150) on my win98SE system, and so far i find no problem with it, download & seeding works just fine, however i already installed KernelEx beforehand.
  18. thanks, i also hate xp for deliberately ignoring version info for that format.
  19. well, since MS-DOS interrupt itself usualy only offer 32bit logical sectors addressing ... is it sufficient to have partitions that have less than 2^32 -1 sectors, where total sectors for that hard-drive actually exceeded that value?
  20. well, thats true. i choose to clear way from paragon partition program, as i experienced this disaster when i tried to resize the cluster size. my knowledge using diskedit and delphi allow me to learn how the errors occured/formed and able to salvages about 7/8 of the content. the paragon partion manager wrote the wrong first cluster mark on every file/folder entry in every directory clusters, what would happend if i allow scandisk to repairs that error?? its offer rom-dos defragd, but it also states it doesn't support fat32. there also offfer defragw.exe which support fat32 when i download it, it turn out to be defragw.exe from winME. however i already using winme defrag, and its refuse to work with my partition. that one partition was about 80 GB with 4KBytes/cluster, and also contain a few .nrg files that larger than 3GB in size. i'm curious about this statemnet: is this one won't be plaqued by "too-many-clusters-to-defrag" problem?but, i will try the free-dos one, since my cd burner and floppy drive is currently not functioning well, and its provide source code to examine. Thanks for the information.
  21. quick defrag using defraggler, a NT based defragmenter software don't even touch fragmented directory clusters, nor you expect it to do optimization on removed entries (aka deleted files/folder entries) in directories entries. using old norton DiskEdit will reveals this fact. is there any FAT32 defragmenter apps that runs under true win98se dos? i wont mind the good ol' method if it would work under true dos.
  22. i definetely hates js .write() function especialy if the parameter contains "<script " be it encoded/(un)escaped or not. i usualy use proxomitron to filter out most offensive script out there.
  23. Joseph_sw


    I'm aslo using 98SE2ME + RP9.6 + Kex 4.5 RC4 and using NetBEUI Protocol instead of NetBios over TCP/IP for file sharing purposes, i have no problem with that. however in the past i do encountering problem with ADSL modem which also provided a hub capacity (for shared connections). the hub part of that device rejects anything that is not TCP/UDP, so no IPS/IPX or NetBEUI for you, *rant* most likely the manufacture swallowed the whole 'tcp/ip is enough for all purpose' slogan campaign. */rant* i hope this was not you case though. NetBEUI usualy almost doesn't require any configuration, except probabaly you need to have same WORKGROUP in Network' Identification tab. and set access control to Share-level one. in some weird case, also check the NetBEUI properties just to make sure that 'File and Printer sharing' were already binded.

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