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  1. Frankstained OS already happened since DOS era though. Some replacing PC-DOS's IBMIO.COM & IBMDOS.COM with their own bios handling routine. For those less tech savvy as myself, replacing MS-DOS's command.com with one from Norton, and i really like what i get. And of course those numerous shell replacement for win 3.x But yeah, it seems MS dislike those practices, banning any shell replacement to be bundled with win95. Since win9x's shells were quite good (at that time), demands for shell replacement were changed into task-specific purposes, I've seen employment of specifics shells in kiosks or net-cafees, I never knew of general purpose shell replacement for windows 95 or later, its becomes so quiet unlike those in win3.x era, that is until this metro-for-desktop retardness comes in.
  2. and please don't forget, by using Microsoft Store (which might include music store, someday). Microsoft were given rights to delete any 'non-appropriate' apps & data (this just might include any music thats not using MS's DRM formats). And when MS finally deletes some, you must also agree that MS have absolutely no obligation to return any deleted data back to you.
  3. that reminds me, i remember playing some games that utilize scrolling the mouse-wheel while moving the mouse. what the touch-based metro equivalent for that kind of gestures?
  4. the best an individual can to is to vote against metro-for-desktop with his/her wallet. if there enough mass of individuals, that could also veto against OEM/Microsoft contracts, afterall OEM need the money from end-users. so, start a very loud campaigns against metro for desktop. begin now, as theres very little would actually wow-ing at metro for desktop.
  5. theres many way you can do for yourself if you dislike some web-sites, for example: to prevent yourself accessing many google stuff, try adding many google's https' certificates to "Untrusted Publisher List", after being requested many times since IE4 era, finally most recent brower implements this banned certificates features. i'm already done this with most facebook's related sites, (i hate them) this really improves browsing experience since you're no longer downloading & executing super-bloated javascripts that facebook-related sites forcing to your face. if the sites is normal http , you can also use powerful/highly-customized proxomitron. Due the nature of proxomitron apps, this method is not so user-friendly however. thats the alternatives of what you can do, if you doesn't have enough previllages to modify hosts file.
  6. when the first time MS announce that Win 8 will support not x86/64 & ARM cpus, I was hoping to see the new appearances of high-spec ARM based desktop computers for consumer markets.. but alas, the mandatory/obligatory/forced Metro interface is really unsuitable for desktop usages, not to mention MS demands ARM based Windows OS must use Secure-Boots without any option to disable them.
  7. but Microsoft began hating multiboots, if weren't for the protests, M$ will enforce secure-boot on Desktop with only Vendor could handle the key-signings, and never gives such key-handling rights to the hardware owner. Thats right, M$ actually want to change concept of 'Computer owner' into 'Computer-user Licensee'.
  8. since there already exist: [WMP.CopyAlways.Help.Tours.WindowsMediaPlayer.Video.Files] copycd.wmv, , ,0x20 mdlib.wmv, , ,0x20 nuskin.wmv, , ,0x20 rtuner.wmv, , ,0x20 changing the [[ into single [ , makes a duplicated sections headers with different content. should the content merged?
  9. I definetely vote against metro-for-desktop with my wallet! Though i can see some way for micro$oft to get arround that. MS will force new contract with OEM only to sells Metros not bundle it with any previous version of Windows, then when the end-user doesn't like it, MS will sell to end user the "DownGrade Rights" (lesson learned from Vista experiences). For single unit of desktop computer, MS will got the income from OEM and possibly the end-user as well. MS will have double income, they can eat the cake and have it too.
  10. adding more fuels: WinXP built-in search is sucks, you need to replace'em with other 3rd parties software, ASAP. Suck-y-ness #1: You can't search for content like "# 2012" (without quote), without being annoyed. I plug a fat32 formated flash drive, and try to find a text file that contain above text/strings. on winXP the find-file said: "The Indexing Service query cannot be completed successfuly because the volume you have specified are not indexed." but you can see the proper result with win98SE find file. Suck-y-ness #2: Alt+W doesn't always works. Sure, i can move my hand to the mouse, move the mouse pointer, and click at designated control, but using my left hand to press Alt+W is a lot faster way, to specifiy new search word. While that was the case on Win98SE find-file, its not necessry works on winxp's. If the control focus currently on search result or address bar, the Alt+W wont works. Suck-y-ness #3: WinXp search are smarter, or so it thought. New features that i haven't find a way to turn it off, yet. WinXp search will CHANGES the displayed search result's mode, as it see fit. Try searching *.png; or *.jpg search results will automatically put in thumbnail mode, yet this might not what i was looking for. I might want to look or make quick comparison on when the files was modifed, or which files that might have a somewhat similar size (in KBytes). Therefore i must put extra steps to adjust the result view mode. Heck, sometimes winxp find, automatically changes the result to Icon/Tiles mode, yuck. If anyone know how to turn off this 'feature', please let me know.
  11. You should block any image-request when try to open any emails, as thats how they find out if certain email addresses were active, thats right no-reply required. After all thats how ads-beacons such as quantserve, google-analytics, scorecardresearch and many others operates, if you disable javascript or using NoScript plugins. In most ads-driven sites, they will abuse the <noscript> - </noscript> tags, and between those tags you'll see it requesting useless 1x1 pixel (mostly transparent gif) images from dubious sources.
  12. whoa, that picture give me hope, that sombody would sue M$ for its metro, just like apple sue-ing various desktop manager vendor, because their product were somewhat similar to apple's.
  13. i always consider win 3.x as "Shell" and not an "OS" but.. , win9x also sits on top of MS-DOS 7.x i remember mucking with 9x settings (by accidents) that it would return to DOS instead of powering-down the computer, when you choose to shutdown. win9x will gives messages something like: "You may shutdown the computer", but with C:\> prompt ready. and, with BootGUI=0 in msdos.sys, i loves type "win" to (re-)run the win9x, just like i did on windows 3.x before.
  14. i happened to find a winXP pro sp2 (x86) in my works (build 2600.xpsp_sp2_qfe.061030-0020 : Service Pack 2) and i tried the loaddr on that machine. the result was:
  15. if you have other spare box with same hardware configuration, you might want to move the HDD into that box, and see if the problem also occured there.
  16. since i hate facebook, adding https://connect.facebook.net certificate into Untrusted Publisher is a good thing.

  17. the new flash installer indeed creates a new services named: "AdobeFlashPlayerUpdateSvc" which probably phoning home everytime i activates the computer / connect to internet, the services were made to run automatically, regarless the choice i made during installation on XP machine. So, i delete it immediately with Autoruns. currently, i can only update the activeX version as i unable download the firefox version for unknown reasons (the sites offer me the outdated flash10 instead). the .ocx use quite different file name this time, instead of flash11#.ocx or flash12#.ocx this time the .ocx named: Flash32_11_2_202_228.ocx so i need to add that to KeX compatibilty list. Dependency walker said the new ocx use the same imports as previous flash11 ocx (no new call introduced), therefore copying the files to win98se then using regsvr32.exe against that ocx works for me.
  18. if theres any spare xp machine, you might want to install it there, and examine with dependency walker if the calls needed by actual plugin. if the call only happened to the installer, you might want to copy the extracted files to appropriate folder on win9x system and use the regsvr32 manually.
  19. M$ definetely going overboard with their "Forced-Obselescene Plan"
  20. also use proxomitron, it work with any browser that support proxy settings. the more knowledge you have on how is regular expression works, proxomitrions capabilities, javascripts, css, html, the happier your browsing experience will be as you'll no longer at mercy of sites developers.
  21. but theres filters for win9x mspaint to allow it saving as .jpg thats probably included during office installation.
  22. what a mismatch. M$ should've ditch this metro-for-desktop alltogether, but it would ruin their new-metro-trainnings partners program, I mean M$ have done this for their extra-large-tabbed-toolbars ribbons before...
  23. some websites developer seems to hates IE6, if they detect you're using IE then it will gives you MORE-BLOATED JavaScripts, and deliberately use the incompatible/broken .css version. But, if i changes the User-Agent using proxomitron, the very same site will give light-weight javascripts and using their .css version that IE6 compatible, go figures.
  24. just look at this ancient but visionary stuff: VisiCorp Visi On (1982/1983) Point of interest: you could easly see paralels between what VisiOn capable of vs what Win8'Metro want to be.
  25. when win8 was annouced, it came with promise to run on both x86 processors & ARM processors. and somewhere along that promise it also said that apps writen specificaly for win8 would able to run both on x86-based win8 & ARM-based win8. http://www.withinwindows.com/2011/06/03/d9s-odd-windows-8-video-unofficial-transcript/ so, how can that be? considering the fact of vast differences between x86 vs ARM archictectures... some begin to speculates that MS will adopt the classic xBase/Clipper p-codes apporach, or JavaVM bytecodes apporach, or something like Flash ActionScript p-codes. Therefore new apps designed for win8 will not in binary form that natives to CPU instructions anymore, but rather in binary intermediate-codes, that will be interpreted (or JiT/AoT compiled) by win8. One could said what win8 is an OS scale javaVM-like or and OS Scale flash player. Then, developer preview arrives. Those who spout above theories immediately recognized the WinRT as the intermediate-codes, after all WinRT have no other purpose, benefit, nor any other justified reasons of being there. Somewhere in the development MS probably realized for winRT to works, it need unified/consistent environment (or ecology as MS term) that can exist both in x86 systems or ARM system. And thats where Metro comes in, to force the unified environment to any Windows 8 users, regarless wether the Metro actually mets windows users needs or not.

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