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  1. I tried another software called Video Card Stability Test, and within minutes after opening the program, the computer crashed to a Blue Screen of Death and said Windows shut down your computer to prevent damage and the problem is either a specific ATI driver or the physical video card. Do you know if you uninstall OEM video card drivers if Windows will use its vga.sys driver with the video card and not by itself so I can test if the ATI drivers are the issue?
  2. Well... Seems to me just a tad too much incompetence... I'd say it may be a convenient response policy, which can, if necessary, be attributed to incompetence, if and when challenged, but which may, otherwise, mislead some into letting go of XP... I think the same thing. And get this...when I started taking like a lawyer and told a third and final WPA agent about the Microsoft EULA, he acts very helpful, asks for the installation ID, and Plus! activated. So if WPA give you a hard time, let them know you know your rights and they should comply. But I totally agree with you that they probably know they legally have to reactivate XP, but they just give customers a hard time to pressure them to buy Windows 7 or beyond.
  3. LOL No, when Plus! didn't activate, I called WPA and heard the automated recording, which made me think maybe Microsoft stopped all XP OS and Microsoft XP software reactivations. And then when I asked the 2 WPA agents, they said sorry we no longer can reactivate your Plus!. Then I asked them if Microsoft just stopped reactivation of certain Microsoft XP software, or the XP OS, too. And both WPA agents said no more reactivation for XP OS or Microsoft XP software. Sorry for their incompetence.
  4. I want to test the X1650 using Windows' vga.sys, which will run the system at 640 x 480 resolution in 8-bit color. But if I enable VGA mode, Windows will still use the ATI video card drivers at 640 x 480 resolution. My question is if I uninstall Catalyst Control Center and the catalyst driver, will Windows use its vga.sys driver with the X1650 so I can run the system for 45 days and see if the ATI drivers are causing the crashes, or something else like the GPU or power supply is?
  5. I have a very flaky HIS ATI Radeon X1650 AGP video card with the latest drivers that crashes and freezes intermittently lots when browsing the web and doing different tasks, such as scrolling a page or copying and pasting text. I need to run some tests. I'd like to try disabling the video card in Windows' Device Manager. If I do that, will the video card still be used and the fan on the card still run? Does disabling a video card this way just stop the video card drivers and use Windows' VGA graphics mode, or does Windows stop using the video card entirely?
  6. Honestly, I don't know or really care. Microsoft makes things so confusing for the end user. Once I figure out my setup, I stop caring. No, Microsoft never said they'd continue to activate Plus! and their other software. This is why I hate software that requires activation, because the company can stop supporting the product and kill the activation servers. Software that requires a serial number are fine, because as long as you have a valid serial number, the software will always reactivate. WPA stinks.
  7. You see, how different perspective can be? I would be happy about that as it could be a sign that the reply came from an actual human being (though not informed or misinformed or however providing a non-answer or an answer to a question that was not asked) as opposed to an automatic copy-paste-reply program. jaclaz Yes, that's why I love this place. I know things you don't, and you know things I don't, but when we work together and use our different minds, there's no computer problem we can't solve. ;^)
  8. How surprising. How surprising. How surprising. (would that make a "How surprising3"? About the misspelling, IF your name is Eric and Jitin wrote Erik instead it's not IMHO that much an issue, on the other hand, if your name is Jean-Philippe it would sound preoccupying... jaclaz It is a big deal. You have to act professional. And when a customer tells you their name, you better spell it right. You don't see me misspelling his name, do you? And I don't know too many Jitins. LOL
  9. I heard back from Microsoft. Instead of Julie or Terry replying directly to me with a clear explanation, they forwarded my e-mail to Jitin, who is a tier 3 Technical Support Agent in India who seems confused himself. LOL Here's his official response, which contradicts the WPA automated recording: Hello Erik, (He misspelled my name when it was the first thing in my original letter. LOL) I am Jitin Singh from Microsoft Answer Desk Tier 3 team and I will be helping you with the case #private. Microsoft will continue to allow activation of existing, legitimate Windows XP/Office 2003 licenses. The allowance of activation does not apply to future versions of Windows, and has no impact on Windows XP/ Office 2003 end of support. Please let me know if you have any further questions. But remember, the automated recording says Microsoft will only allow reactivation of existing legitimate XP licenses when customers transfer their full-package-product license to a new system, or install on a currently licensed system. Two people have reported being able to reactivate OEM Windows XP, but I have that, and they don't usually require reactivation, as they're tied to the motherboard. Somebody with a retail Windows XP needs to back up their current system, reinstall XP, see if WPA works as expected, and restore your backup image after testing. The reason why I feel Microsoft really is blocking XP reactivations is because last week I attempted to reactivate Microsoft software called Plus! Digital Media Edition with a genuine product key, but the WPA wizard said it couldn't connect to the Microsoft server. Then I called WPA, and when both Microsoft WPA agents told me they no longer can activate XP licenses, I was sure. I know Plus! Digital Media Edition isn't Windows XP, but it's Microsoft software for XP and also uses WPA, so unless this is opposite week, I'm still not convinced Microsoft representatives will reactivate XP, especially deep into the future. If I am wrong, blame Microsoft for making me throw a false flag.
  10. Can you name the people you contacted? jaclaz Julie Larson-Green and Terry Myerson
  11. People, hold on to either XP or 7 for dear life!! Do NOT purchase another Microsoft product as long as you live. This is not a class-act company.
  12. Then millions of readers will finally learn that Microsoft is not to be trusted. They've got 29 days left.
  13. Well, I contacted the two top dogs at Microsoft and told them that if they don't do one of these 4 things within a month, I'm taking this story straight to the Lead Editor of PC Magazine: 1. Deactivate the Windows XP activation servers for all versions of the OS and all Microsoft-brand XP software. 2. Roll out a patch via Windows Update to automatically delete WPA in the registry. 3. Write an article explaining how to manually delete WPA and post it somewhere easy to find. 4. Generate one bypass-activation key that can be used for all versions of the OS and all Microsoft-brand XP software. All clever and doable options that let Microsoft save face.
  14. 181 views but not a single reply? Does the integrity of Microsoft -- you know, the makers of Windows, Office, and countless other software -- not mean anything to you?
  15. In 2012, a Microsoft representative said once XP support ends on April 8, 2014, XP users will still be able to reactivate their OS or software like before. But if you call WPA, the automated recording tells you Microsoft will only allow reactivation of existing legitimate XP licenses when customers transfer their full-package-product license to a new system, or install on a currently licensed system. It sounds simple enough, but talk to a WPA agent and they'll play semantics with you and say sorry we can't reactivate Windows XP because we no longer provide technical support for it, even though there's nothing wrong with your Windows XP or product key. Are they wrong? It sure sounds like it according to the automated recording. Or are they right and that's why when I attempted to reactivate Microsoft software called Plus! Digital Media Edition, the WPA wizard said it couldn't connect to the Microsoft server? I don't know, but I felt it was necessary to share this issue with the public so they can look into it as well. The problem is Microsoft may have set the activation servers to block all XP reactivations. If you try to reactivate your Windows XP or Microsoft software, the WPA installation wizard may automatically generate an error saying it can't connect to the Microsoft server. What could be happening is once the server calls home to Microsoft, it checks and detects the OS or Microsoft software is for XP and invokes the block. Microsoft can't just suddenly change the Windows XP EULA. The deal was the license allows an end user to install Windows XP or most Microsoft software on one computer as many times as they want and they'll be able to reactivate it forever. This is grounds for a lawsuit if true. And the last thing Microsoft needs is more bad press. If it is true, they're only doing this because they're so desperate for money, can't surpass XP, and badly want to kill XP as fast as they can. I've already shared this with the two heads of Microsoft Windows: President Julie Larson-Green and Terry Myerson. They can pull this same scam on any future Windows OS or Microsoft software, too, so we need to watch them very carefully as time goes on.