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  1. well its Audigy, there was time when Creative deliberately crippled the drivers for NT6 (it was work flawlessly under NT5). Probably done to 'encourages' the users to 'upgrade' (read: buy) the sound card for newer OS.
  2. well, such american corporations indeed addicted to 'Planned Obsolescene'. Whenever possible, they want the life cycles to be as short as possible.
  3. News from SemiAccurate My comments: Probably following/copying MS bussines models on 'Surface', Intel decided to cut the mobo makers, and sell the new CPU already soldered on Intel own motherboards.
  4. Esc would works until some javascript intercept'em .... at least that was the case of previous IE Also I wish for Non-editable (by javascript) status bar.
  5. And while at it, try looking in "Service" tabs using Sysinternals' Autoruns. Why do i ask that? I also experience a somewhat similar situation, a plugged usb composite-device doesn't show as a (CD-Rom) drive which contain the actual drivers for the devices. After some testing, I found out that on that machine there already similar device installed, and its installation creates a windows service that BLOCKS similar devices being recoginzed as storage devices. Disable said service allow the plugged devices to recognized as storage devices. Perhaps it similar in your case, try look for anything that doesn't published by (Verified) Microsoft.
  6. what "devices" listed under "Human Interface Devices" & "Mice and pointing devices", in device manager ?
  7. Silly Question: is there any such thing as USB-RAM-Drive? you know , the volatile type... I could use that as slower ram-drive for paging, temporary folder & browser cache, etc... without have to sacrifice the real memory for ram-drive.
  8. is by booting with your floopy, you can access the cd-rom? If can read the cd-rom, you might try to copy Win98SE cd-rom into the HDD, then run the setup. I remember doing that on my 2GB HDD. unlike xp installation, win9x installation is nicer as it doesn't requires to run/boot from the CD.
  9. try to abuse/'fully utilize' the $RDIR command from proxomitron. you could trim the contents of heavy-bloated .js files, and make 'em load local-ly. This MSFN sites for example, I configures the proxomitron in certain way to make its (edited) .js & .css files were loaded locally.
  10. Isn't that an oxymoron? can i read that as: "Defender perform well that it allow many virus(ii/es ,whatever float your boat) to slips into your system" ?
  11. Not quite sure about metro apps, but I do find some program, or to be precise, Windows API for Characters/String handling routines WILL behave differently depends on what the "ACP" value in registry (HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Nls\CodePage) during boot-up. I know this when I try figuring out, why some japanese flash games doesn't works on US/English windows as I don't see anything obvious about checks for non-japanese locale in its action scripts. Under winXP, I'm usually using the discouraged AppLocale, its usages is discouraged as MS wants you to CHANGE the Regional Settings instead, just like what the OP already doing. Theres hack-ish modified AppLocale that works on Win8 DP on the net somewhere, since AppLocale considered as "Desktop Apps", I kinda doubt that AppLocale would works on metro apps ...
  12. I see...., then its possible for me to create programs to mock that 'surface' keyboard usages...
  13. To increase a bit of privacy matters, its also advisable to encrypt any data before uploading to the cloud. but, its happened to me, when some hosting services that immediately delete any uploaded files, if those files were password-ed .rar or .zip files ...
  14. One example is: KB2724197 MS blabing mumbo-jumbo about 'security', but said nothing that it would impact EMS availabilty on NTVDM.
  15. M$ also did censoring, my recent found is about "Microsoft Advertising SDK for Window 8" They removes my questions/posts, whenever I tried to ask or comparing why the SDK usages would (not) be any different than AdWare.
  16. for how long Anti-Virus product would not report an App using "Microsoft Advertising SDK for windows 8" as an ADWare? By definition, window-8' app that using that 'SDK' must be labeled as ADWare, for it behave not much different than exisiting adware.
  17. so, what happened to anti-something product? did M$ bribe'em up to white-listing the OS sponsored ADWare?
  18. I wonder when will messages saying "Do NOT Share your Touch-Screen" will appears as health related warnings. I mean i've seen some man sneezing at his iPad, you know mucus and all ... Has there any scientifc study about touch-screen as contagious disease vectors?
  19. I see ... I always wonder why when MS talk about enforced secureboot they always said "ARM, ARM ARM" never "Tablet" or "SmartPhone" or even "PC", yet, on other occasion keep campaigning a Tablet is a PC, a PC is a Tablet. I got this vibe that closing the ARM (missuse of secureboot), is MS moves to secure the monoply on the future ARM-based PC, as ARM chips will began used in consumer PC somewhere in near future, MS will insist that the OS must be securebooted (read: locked) there as well. Profits for MS: - Walled Garden - Easier to enforce obselecene (or 'Migration' as MS said it). OEM might also welcome this, as it would enable them to sell more hardware/PC for newer OS, as existing PC is locked to previous OS.
  20. My personal opinion that hardware OWNER should be allowed to change the PK , but it seems MS want, that only the OEM should able to do that.
  21. if it just Tegra-3-SoC, the incoming "Ouya" would much cheaper and its promised to be open architecture too. Review from PC World: http://www.pcworld.com/article/259121/why_ouya_is_making_a_killing_on_kickstarter.html Interview with Engadget: http://www.engadget.com/2012/07/17/interview-ouya-ceo-julie-uhrman/ Though this one not technically a tablet or phone ... I found this better than that $600 RT deals.
  22. Actually MS already know, some member of this forum already try to post about Tihiy's excellent works on MS forums. And their reaction? They delete it on sight, almost to made it never there. And no, they not even bother to comment their feeling abot Tihy's works.. So, i'm trully suggest you ask them, again. Hard work can be misguided though, with many who find a way to circumvent the Metro or Start Screen (full-screen taskbar) floating in the net, why can't MS take hints about it? - How to disable Metro (now dubbed as Name-less Crap) Interface? - Wheres my aero/glasses? why can't folk at MS take hints that Ugly-Fication is more DisTractIng than beautificaion? (as folk at MS want us to believe the otherwise?) - Why are hell, I must use my computer like I use my tablet ? MS Hard work should be directed at something more useful, not for crap like windows8 user-interface.
  23. theres also letter-case randomizer you know.... excellent to annoy somebody, especially the grammar nazi.
  24. any clues from Win9x Bootlog.txt ?
  25. i do reall come pre-UEFI mainboard able to change (using its DOS-Based BIOS-flashing utils) what Images displayed during POST, was it similar stuff ?

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