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  1. Thank you jaclaz, the actual scope of my question is written in the previous posts. My GOAL is exactly it: To pass to an opened cmd shell some commands written from the "Run" prompt. Alternatively, instead to use the "Run" prompt, i also can use a cmd batch script that send commands to the opened cmd shell. If i run a common batch, it will open a new cmd shell window.
  2. ok... i'll try to explain better: Imagine to have a CMD shell window already opened. Is it possible to pass it some commands, not writing them into that shell but from WIN+R?
  3. Yes, that works launching a single instance of cmd.exe. But does exists a way to do exactly what i wrote?
  4. Hi guys, if i do this: WIN+R -> cmd /k echo Hello -> ENTER WIN+R -> cmd /k echo World -> ENTER I'll have 2 different CMD shell windows: the first displays "Hello", while the second "World". Do you know if is it possible to launch the second command in the same CMD shell window of the first one, to have: Hello World _ Thank you in advance
  5. Yzöwl i've an idea! Could it to be possible to obfuscate the content of a batch file? I can create a compiled exe file from an authoring software, a GUI with a button. Clicking on that button, i can launch the CMD batch file with a specified parameter, for example: mybatch.cmd -param You wrote for me something like this some months ago: @ECHO OFF ECHO=_%~1|FINDSTR/X "_-param">NUL 2>&1||GOTO Error ECHO Logged succesfully >NUL PAUSE EXIT :Error ECHO Error >NUL PAUSE EXIT My idea is that the batch should recognize the correct parameter given (%~1) and apply it as "algorithm key
  6. Only the VBScript files can be decompiled without to be extracted. The batch (bat or cmd) files must be extracted in the %TEMP% folder (default) or in a user specified folder. It will be an honor for me to learn from you and i hope you won't refuse my questions. Thank you.
  7. Hi bphpt, if you want we can do a game... you ask a question to me and i ask a question to you. Is this a specialist forum or a facebook branch?? Hi Yzöwl, that program decompiles the batch into the HD. Anyway, since you know more things than me in this area and i wish to learn, can i send you some PM if i have need? Please let me know. To learn, to learn, to learn, always!
  8. CMD batch or converted to a different language? I'm enthusiast about security, and i want to learn, to learn, to learn, this is the way for me! I'm curious if exists a way to don't decompile in the the HD. I know that is possible to do what you wrote with VBScript, not with a CMD batch.
  9. Because everyone can access to that folder and get the batch. I wish to hide the batch file. The world is big, not all people are skillful as you or other members of this community. Anyway, for a UNskillful person, the %TEMP% folder is easy to get.
  10. i use the program from some years, but i don't know how it could be possible to convert a batch into a MMB script. EDIT: You've a PM
  11. I've already bought (paid version) a well-known batch compiler program, but it extracts the batch into the %TEMP% folder, so it's useless. Do you know Multimedia Builder? I use that program. Anyway, my batch is very long, and with MMB i must create several Run("CMD","parameter$") commands (very bad), so i've choice to do it with a single Run command unifying the whole batch into a single line. But for CMD.exe that line is too long.
  12. Thank you for your support. Mainly the batch must be read (its content) by a authoring software. Once read, it is saved as variable by the authoring program, than executed as parameter of "CMD.exe". This method works if batch are not too long, because the batch become the parameter of CMD. Is there an alternative way to protect the batch, hiding its content? I also can host the batch on my website, in case of a valid "online protection". I've already bought a specific professional compiler, but during the execution of the compiled EXE, the batch is extracted into the %TEMP% folder, so it is us
  13. My batch is based on a old cmd script written by Yzöwl: @ECHO OFF ECHO=_%~1|FINDSTR/X "_-123456 _/123456">NUL 2>&1||GOTO Error SETLOCAL ENABLEEXTENSIONS SET "_=" PUSHD %~dp0 FOR /R %%A IN (Windows*-KB*.EXE) DO ( SET _=T ECHO= Installation of %%~nA... >NUL PING -n 4 "%%A" /quiet /norestart) IF NOT DEFINED _ GOTO Error ECHO= ECHO= == Press any key to restart. == >NUL PAUSE SHUTDOWN.EXE /r /t 0 GOTO :EOF :Error ECHO= Error. ECHO= ECHO= Press any key to exit... >NUL PAUSE My batch repeats the central part several times to install other
  14. Hi! My batch file must run on a single line, so i've added the '&' char after every command. Now my batch has not carriage returns. The only problem is that cmd.exe give me the error as from title. Have you suggestions? Thanks
  15. i try to understand it, it's not easy for now Thank you!!
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