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  1. M()zart

    Something of perverse activity ...

    Agreed 100%, I also experienced very long SQL Server installation in 2010-2012 or somewhen then.
  2. I used some iso plugins for Total Commander.
  3. As far as I know, it is possible (my friend did it), but it requires original Windows 95 only - no OSR! However the result was very slow and unstable...
  4. There is a project to "save" old addons: https://github.com/JustOff/ca-archive/ Currently they are only catalog of addons with links to AMO and webarchive, but they promise to run their own repositiry in future.
  5. I recall that there was an archive with all the Opera add-ons somewhere in the Internet. I have downloaded it JIC. But now I have to find it :)
  6. No, I liked interface of Vista/7. In fact, when I saw Vista, I understood that this is BEAUTIFUL!! And they had the best Start Menu ever. How could MS drop Aero and Start menu in 8 and 10?! That's when I was angry. Still using 7 at home. "2. RAM Patches still won't be free." :))) "5. Microsoft is going to care even less." Doubt it. Competition from Linux is growing, I think.
  7. M()zart

    Really weird problem on windows 95

    As far, as I remember, only original Windows 95 without any OSR could run on 4 Mb RAM. I actually saw Windows 95 and some old version of MS Office on 486 with 4 Mb RAM, and it was sooooo slooooowww. My friend tried to install Windows 95 on 386 with 4 Mb RAM, and failed, but I don't remember reason. It seems to be absolutely impossible to run 95 on 2 Mb RAM. BTW, the record for XP was 18 Mb RAM (on some german website). With 16 Mb they were not able to load it.
  8. That's right, a year or so ago GOG started to "wrap" old games in order to run them on new systems. However, in some cases, I was able to install GOG game to new OS and "unwrap" the game and copy it for the old OS. There was simply a folder with the original old game inside. However, GOG games cannot be installed on Windows 98 directly already.
  9. Not sure about bundles, but you can find many old games on www.gog.com, mostly at decent price.
  10. MiKl, probably it's because this plugins folder contains a plugin that does not work on 9x and prevents Notepad++ from loading.
  11. jumper "OffByOne and Dillo are very fast because they don't/can't process most of the complex CSS-based layout. I recently downloaded the source for Dillo and am considering modding it to make a custom MSFN portal." There seems to be a more "recent" fork of Dillo for Windows called D+ Browser. I tried it. Actually, didn't notice the differences, but may be there was something useful updated.
  12. M()zart

    Help Spec me a system.

    "CPU doesn't matter, any x86-64 CPU works with 98SE, go for the best. " BTW, I wonder about Intel Atom...
  13. You are not telling your processor, please tell us more about your hardware configuration. "NV8269" If you have an older NVidia card, maybe you'll have better performance with older driver. With My GeForce2 I had much better performance with some 45~.xx driver version (don't remamber exact one). As for video playing performance, on one of the forums I saw the following advice about best players for weak PCs on Win98, and this advice is based on significant amount of testing of many players and their versions on 400 MHz CPU. AVI - Gom player DVD - WinDVD 4.0.B11.457C01 with DVD codecs from WinDVD 7 (non free, not sure if obtainable legally) FLV, MP4 - MPlayer (some custom build from 16-07-2009)
  14. M()zart

    Help Spec me a system.

    For USB, http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/43605-maximus-decim-native-usb-drivers/ is probably the best solution.
  15. M()zart

    Best operating system choice for a 32mb laptop?

    Recently I have run my very first computer - Pentium 133 with 16 Mb RAM. In its times it has Windows 95 installed, and it was OK at that time. Now it has Windows 98 installed. It works, but things are slow, and multitasking is bad. However it's usable.