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Found 5 results

  1. It looks as if mojang has change there plan for.7/8.1 and will keep the launcher compatible with it https://educommunity.minecraft.net/hc/en-us/articles/360047556591-System-Requirements#:~:text=Starting%20in%20December%202022%2C%20you,perform%20any%20testing%20on%20it. according to this page (**Upcoming Change: Windows 8 or Above Required for Minecraft Education As Minecraft Education grows so must the requirements for the systems that we support. Starting in December 2022, you will need to be using Windows 8 or newer to ensure Minecraft Education works correctly on your Windows device. While We Won't Make Any Changes To Prevent Minecraft From Installing Or Running On Windows 7 Devices we will no longer address bugs or perform any testing on it. As a result, Minecraft Education may stop working on Windows 7 after that date. We recommend you keep your operating system and software up to date for the best experience while using Minecraft Education.)
  2. Is it possible to get JRE 8 working with KernelEx? I'm trying to get the latest version of Free Col to work,and I'm curious of any work arounds? If Not I could probably get an old version,but I thought I'd at least ask here first.
  3. Is anyone using the Arduino IDE in XP? Or willing to download about 100MB for a quick test? Just get the portable 1.8.9 version. Make a folder named "portable" in the same place as the .exe to avoid getting junk in your "Documents and Settings". Run arduino.exe and see if the CPU usage drops after it loads fully. It comes with its own Java and can't use the system JRE without recompiling. My issue is that whenever i start arduino.exe, which in turn starts the bundled javaw.exe, all my CPU gets hogged by the system services.exe process. This happens even when just sitting idle doing nothing. If i suspend javaw.exe, the CPU usage drops to normal. I tried to replace the bundled Java, but it doesn't start. Also tried to disable a few devices in Device manager (card reader, COM/LPT ports, etc.), but it doesn't make any difference. As a last resort i tried running it in a VM, but that was a fail as well. Recent Debian can't compile the Virtualbox 4.x drivers. Win7 in a VM is just as slow due to virtualisation overhead. My only working option currently is to every time reboot to Win7, do my arduino things, then reboot back to XP... The files used in Win7 are the same used in XP, yet the execution differs somehow.
  4. Hey there! I currently operate my oekaki board for over a decade now. When I updated to Java 8 Update 20 (and higher) on my Windows Vista Ultimate x64 PC, any attempts to access the Java applet on my oekaki throws this error message: Oracle had been informing people for sometime that Java would hard block unsigned applets. I had failed to realise that the oekaki that I've been running has unsigned applets and Oracle has been calling it a policy issue. Is there any way to fix the issue involving Java and unsigned applets without having to break legacy compatibility with older browsers? (I'm currently running Windows 95 under VMware Player with 64 MB of memory, Firefox 1.5 and Java installed and I don't have a problem with it at all. If you feel that I placed this thread in the wrong part of the forum, I apologise.)
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