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  1. Small update! i did have a second award bios chip i did a swap around with and waited a few hours, then placing the flashed bios chip back in, that seems to have 'fixed' the issue itself.
  2. Mine was flashed recently with the award beta bios and i got a floppy emulator which we can use for this, is it a good sign if the hard drive lamp 'blinks' when doing a reset? it does turn on but stays blank.
  3. Where talking about this particular kind of motherboard. https://pcper.com/2013/07/hardware-flashback-asus-p2b/
  4. The positive thing are on this case were talking about a chip socket, so i can pull it out and flash the chip directly.
  5. Figured it was the bios revision i had flashed it with was wrong, but ive kind of screwed things up and possibly did a bios corrupt..
  6. the only thing i have are this modern 550 wat power supply, other wise am stuck with what i have, aint to lucky in getting older hardware in this part of the world am living. the most odd feature about it there was floppy drive plugs and some molex connector's. but ill try flash a different bios update to it.
  7. i did shrink down the memory and its a rather period correct windows 98 machine, updated its bios to the latest, so it can hold large drives fine, its having a riva tnt 2 ultra 32 mb, sound blaster awe 64, 3com internet card, unfortanly dont have any other windows 98 ready graphics card the confusing thing about this are that setup worked fine for years and used it, but now its not working at all, another update after trying again, it gives a garbled graphics screen after trying to do the 3 finger salut,
  8. Huh, tried some bios changes and it seemed to sort of help out, the setting up hardware stops at 11 mintues instead, has anyone here figured what that situation is? and it went black screen.
  9. causes the setup to go black and what exactly does the switches do?
  10. Nope, its in a well ventilated case with an in and out fan.
  11. Ive been thinking of many ways how to get it working again, tried to install with graphics card alone and it had before working fine with all my stuff inserted to it, its an old pentium slot 1 asus p2b, 1 stick of 512 sd-ram, any thoughts on what could be issue?
  12. The maxium memory i can give this windows 95 machine are mostly x2 512 memory ram, that should be planty for most program updates, i was considering from when windows 95 had its best support tim period for the memory usage as in soundfont for example i would assume need quiet a good amount of memory.
  13. Its happening on a pentium mmx 233 with just about 2 megs of memory and a 20 gig hard drive i have a feelling its when installing internet explore 5 and its needed package's for that the memory problem drops onto your computer, isnt it? or it could be directx?
  14. Heya, i hope this is a topic that is alright to post about, does anyone know a good site where i can get windows 9x games in a big bundle? had been looking for collections lately that would work with windows 98.
  15. that what im looking about for in my spare time, and i did look on groove further, my fault! But if i find the right site then somebody will patch media quide.
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