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  1. Nic9x

    Really weird problem on windows 95

    The maxium memory i can give this windows 95 machine are mostly x2 512 memory ram, that should be planty for most program updates, i was considering from when windows 95 had its best support tim period for the memory usage as in soundfont for example i would assume need quiet a good amount of memory.
  2. Its happening on a pentium mmx 233 with just about 2 megs of memory and a 20 gig hard drive i have a feelling its when installing internet explore 5 and its needed package's for that the memory problem drops onto your computer, isnt it? or it could be directx?
  3. Heya, i hope this is a topic that is alright to post about, does anyone know a good site where i can get windows 9x games in a big bundle? had been looking for collections lately that would work with windows 98.
  4. that what im looking about for in my spare time, and i did look on groove further, my fault! But if i find the right site then somebody will patch media quide.
  5. But groove is a monthly pay to service windodws media quide where free you know
  6. Nic9x

    Hello there!

    so there happens events where you'd need a windows 9x machine for to be part of it?
  7. well, thanks for makeig it a more interesting titile atleast. hopefully somebody would come with a idea since it baiscly kinda are useing internet explore in a way maybe or its own browser. i was honestly also a bit sad on finding out that way because it was actually my first exspose to internet radio and media streaming in general.
  8. Since evreyone here proberly know that the closeing of windows media quide made windows media player lose a big feature on its own, i do wonder if that could be patched to another website that had radio streaming with wma support.
  9. Nic9x

    Hello there!

    Hi there! im posting this from denmark. i happend to find this forum while looking at, you gues it, at windows 9x related stuff, since i have a dedicated computer to it now, with network on it. so hopefully i can find this forum pretty usefull for it, i have a few wondering question's possibly this forum could answer on.