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  1. g-force and jaclaz are quite correct in bringing up a crossover cable... It's by far the easiest way (and probably the cheapest way too) to get two computers talking to each other over a single cable.
  2. Nothing here - using FF 3.5 on Snow Leopard.
  3. http://www.vlite.net is also down... At least there's no index page...
  4. gamehead200

    Help a girl out?

    No one here will take the time to customize or put together an entire nLite preset for you (unless they have already done so themselves) for one main reason...They simply don't have the time and/or resources to do so since it involves testing and so forth. A good place to start (after searching Google for "aspire one" nLite) would most likely be this site which already has a working preset laid out for you and ready for anyone to customize to their heart's content. I hope that helps.
  5. I doubt xper will want to implement this. If you ever have a problem with MSFN's search function, you can always do a Google search, example: This will find every thread with the string "MD5" present.
  6. This is also in our FAQ: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?s=&amp...st&p=670679
  7. Enough. This thread has turned into a flame-fest. [ Closed. ]
  8. Hi Kludge, First off... Welcome! Before you do any further posting, please take a moment to review our forum rules, specifically: Thanks.
  9. Hi teknokrat, First off... Welcome! Before you do any further posting, please take a moment to review our forum rules, specifically: Thanks.
  10. You mean this? It's the same method.
  11. Like CoffeeFiend said: Depending on your company's IT policies, they probably just don't want you bringing in anything that's not work related (but then again, music, in this case, is).
  12. I think Csimbi's actually looking for a way to have that volume label saved in the Last_Session.ini file. I don't think this is possible, but I may be wrong.
  13. Yes, as long as the drivers for XP exist.
  14. Hi dude. I saw the link what u posted. But it is for OEM discs. I am asking how it will be done for generic Win XP MCE 2005. i.e., the OS CDs which are buyed in open market? Read the second link he posted, about halfway down.
  15. They're just SEO URLs. The old ones with a .php extension still work just fine if you browse to them directly.
  16. Works fine here. Have you tried clearing your cache?
  17. IMHO, MAC address filtering is useless if someone has already managed to crack your encryption key. It's just another small roadblock they have to pass before getting on the network. Encryption alone (excluding WEP) is good enough to keep 99% of unwanted "guests" off of your network.Chosen1985, have you followed Tarun's guide here? http://www.msfn.org/board/introduction_ant...ing-t42699.html Can you post a HijackThis log?
  18. Correct. As far as I know, running SoftWindows 98 was the easiest and fastest way to get Windows running on pre-iMac-era Macs.
  19. Yes, well, there are tons of new members that already break those two rules. Members already get warned for breaking those - a more strict consequence would most likely be a ban, which would result in more banned members than active ones (something we don't exactly want). That's not exactly plausible or easy to do. Like jaclaz said, we'll eventually have people posting garbage text along with their one- or two-worded responses. We already have a bunch of spammers that do that, believe it or not. They post "Thanks" along with garbage text that matches the background color in order to hide it from us, which in turn gets search engines to index our pages and relate them back to keywords we don't want linked to MSFN.I'm neither against, nor am I am for closing the Windows 9X forum - it will really be the site owner's (xper) decision in the end, so we, as a community, must come to a justifiable, easily implementable, and unanimous solution/decision that xper will agree to. P.S.: I've pinned this topic.
  20. Why not putting a minimum post AND elapsed time since registration to the board limit to allow access to the Win9x Forums in "write mode"? Something "reasonable" like 3 posts and 7 days since subscription ? Old time members won't have problems, new members will have to wait one week, during which they will have time to post something in here: http://www.msfn.org/board/introduce_yourself-f76.html This should : a. mitigate the intensity of work of the Mods b. allow people REALLY interested in joining the discussions to do so, even if they are "new" c. let "aficionados" continue as if nothing changed d. disincentivate "kids" from gatecrashing the party (usually the time span before an idea simply pops out of the brain of children is a few minutes) jaclaz We've been talking about implementig something like this. The only problem I see with it is new members posting nonsense (e.g., one-word posts) in order to meet that minimum post requirement (which isn't as uncommon as one might think).
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