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  1. I doubt this is one of xper's priorities right now. He's currently up to optimizing the site for regular use, so it may or may not happen in the very near future (though, you'd have to ask him yourself, or, at the very least, he'd have to answer for himself. )
  2. If it isn't a configurable option but you have the option to define a game server to connect to, you could always just setup a static tunnel over SSH, pointing that to the actual game server and the port the game uses to connect.
  3. I'm stumped again. Not quite sure what it could be. I'd say wait until HP releases an update and see if that helps, but it might not...
  4. OK, this sounds more like a driver issue than what I described above. When SL first came out, HP was pretty slow at releasing updated Mac drivers for its line of printers (I think it took about a month before they finally released a driver for my own HP printer - I could use it to scan documents, but couldn't print to it until they came out with the new drivers ). Does your customer have any outstanding software updates to apply?
  5. Sweet, a Mac issue I can troubleshoot! I haven't had any issues printing images of that size with my MacBook Pro (also with Snow Leopard) over my wired and wireless networks (both with Windows computers), so this kind of stumps me. My guess is that it's probably an issue with either CUPS or SAMBA on the Mac. I'm no expert with configuring CUPS manually (since everything's done for you through the Printer GUI in System Preferences), so let's try playing with SAMBA first. Most of the printer problems I've had with Macs on Windows networks usually has to do with either the computer the printer is being shared through (though, this doesn't like it applies to you since it sounds like the printer is hardwired to the network - please correct me if I'm wrong) or the workgroup the Mac is on (in my experience, Macs have never played well with workgroups). In your customer's Mac's System Preferences, check out the Network prefs, select the network interface you want to print over, then hit Advanced. Select the WINS tab from the window and make sure the workgroup is set to a common name across all of the Windows computers (and the printer, if it has an option for it). Give that a try and post back if there's no improvement. Cheers,
  6. If I'm not mistaken, parts of Windows Explorer in Windows XP are dependent on IE, so if you don't patch it, you're pretty much leaving your computer vulnerable to some kind of attack/infection.
  7. That's odd - it's still working fine here... FF 3.5.7 on Mac OS X and Windows XP.
  8. My bad. Didn't see the sticky for a second.
  9. Sounds new to me! It seems like it's a session/cookie problem, but who knows... Maybe xper or cluberti can look into it. [ Moved. ]
  10. All SMods show up as Moderators from what I can tell...
  11. It's an online, real-time collaboration tool... And yeah, it's neat, but it's still buggy as hell and I haven't really found a real use for it yet.
  12. affidavit, please be sure to review the forum rules before posting since a lot has changed in the last five years. You might also want to start off by changing your avatar to something that does violate rule 5:
  13. I've done this for you. Try posting with your old account now. If you were banned, you wouldn't be able to use the PM system, so I highly doubt that it had anything to do with privileges (I'll be very surprised if banning and then unbanning you did anything at all).
  14. It is a new board issue, something to do with older accounts, and you have already been told that we are looking into it. We'll contact you via PM on both of your accounts and reply back to this thread once the problem has been resolved.
  15. Last I checked, today is November 1st. You're a little over a week too late! Welcome!
  16. Not likely. Next time please search the forum as this question has been answered dozens of times. [ Closed. ]
  17. gamehead200


    OK... Here you go: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lH-0s0pRleg
  18. Same in Canada. It makes you wonder why we even have 911 fees on our bills... I have two spare phones that I keep around just in case... An old Nokia 8390 and a Motorola RAZR v3i. I sometimes use the RAZR with a prepaid SIM when I visit a place where I'll know I'll be making a lot of calls, but now that I've got 1000 Canadian long distance minutes on my iPhone 3GS' plan, there isn't much of a need for it (unless I visit the US!).
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