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  1. Looks real to me... And a screencap just in case... What do you guys think?
  2. Weird NTLDR Error

    Yes, that is the problem that i was having. And that is the solution! Thanks to everyone who helped me! Everything is working now!
  3. Weird NTLDR Error

    How do i do that? Yes, i have all of those files in my root.
  4. Weird NTLDR Error

    Nope, i renamed winload.exe as NTLDR and i still get NTDETECT failed.
  5. Weird NTLDR Error

    I used MagicISO to make the multiboot menu, and to make the ISO itself. How can i fix this problem? Should i use mkisofs instead?
  6. Weird NTLDR Error

    No, i didnt burn at all! I just used virtual pc!
  7. Weird NTLDR Error

    Ok, so I am trying to make a multiboot dvd. I have Vista x86,x64 and Server 2008 x86,x64 integrated into one install.wim. Then, I have one i386 folder that launches the original windows xp sp3 setup. Then, I have 9 different versions of xp (with/without driverpacks, superlight, light, server 2003, etc.). The problem is that everything works fine if the dvd size is below 3.96 gb. But, even if its just 3.97 gb, i get NTDETECT failed errors. I checked and rechecked EVERYTHING. If anyone has a solution, i would be eternally grateful
  8. Just a a little tip: your install.wim cant be bigger than 4.2 gb (about the size of a dvd). I tried to intergrate all setups onto one dvd (server 2008,x32,x64 and vista x32,x64), and everything worked fine, but when i tried to install, the installation failed. So, you must use vlite if you want to have it all... Just a small tip
  9. Vista startup video

    Does anyone know how to change the video that plays right before the login screen (the windows flag has a light around it, the light dims, then the logon screen shows)? This video doesnt play in server 2008, so im thinking that it could be changed.