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  1. It was a combination of DDoS attacks (earlier in the day) and DNS issues (later in the day).
  2. I'll agree on one thing and one thing only: Moderating that forum has been pretty time consuming for all of us mods. Why have we had to moderate it? Because of id*** spammers such as this one who constantly bombard the forum with links to their own so-called "service pack." I'm sure I speak for all of the Win 98 forum members when I say that they (i.e., the spammers) have become a PITA (no, not the kind you eat). He most likely meant keeping the threads and forum in read-only mode (it would make the most sense). This is a possibility, but it's also possible that with all of member projects that exist in that forum, most of the members who frequent that specific forum will find alternate means of communicating and sharing ideas.
  3. *sigh* I was hoping I could avoid posting this, but there was a copy of Windows made (modified by a third-party), back in the day, that would run on Macs. I had it running on my Mac clone (pre-iMac, 1997), and to be quite honest, it didn't run that well, but was somewhat usable. SoftWindows 98: http://www.amazon.com/FWB-Software-LLC-SW9...s/dp/B00004DTSR I think I've still got a copy laying around somewhere... I should see if it runs on newer hardware (PowerPC-based, of course).
  4. O...M...G... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WybeLYArlXQ
  5. Read More: CBC.caA discussion/rage session regarding one of the ISPs (Teksavvy) affected by this (I'm actually one of their customers and am pretty annoyed at the CRTC's decision right now): http://www.dslreports.com/forum/r22854579-...-CRTC-Descision Just take a look at the comments below the CBC.ca article to see how raged Canadians are at this decision right now.
  6. According to the forum rules, yes, which is why I brought it up:
  7. It definitely has a PowerPC processor. Emulating Windows 98 on there will be incredibly slow (i.e., it won't be able to run anything properly), so your best bet would be to either use it as it is or sell it/give it to someone else. If you decide to sell or trade it, please be sure to do so without involving MSFN or its members so as to not violate our forum rules.
  8. Please stop double-posting. You've posted the exact same thing in that topic; the only thing that differs is the wording. [ Closed. ]
  9. Please refrain from crossposting. I have removed your other posts.
  10. gamehead200

    Petition to Nuhi

    Please refer to this thread for more info, as Ponch first mentioned: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=136596 Done.[ Closed. ]
  11. Nope - my bad. I guess I was referring to the awesome auto-focus.
  12. Odd. My MBP doesn't do that at all. I usually have anywhere between 5 and 10 applications open before I notice any kind of slowdown (though, I do have 4GB of memory). Definitely worth it (at least for me). There is a noticeable speed improvement on my iPhone 3GS compared to my iPhone 2G (also running OS 3.0). I haven't had a single problem with it since I got it. The camera is absolutely great - I was able to hold it up to my MBP's LCD (around 2 inches away) and take a picture of a website without any distortion or blurriness; so yes, it has image stabilization as far as I can tell.Airplane mode's pretty standard nowadays... It was in the first version of the iPhone OS and has been on phones since... forever (my ten-year-old Nokia has it!).
  13. Nope, you're definitely not the only one. My iPhone 2G slowed down quite a bit after loading 20+ apps onto it, and a tiny bit more as soon as I loaded 3.0 onto it (not sure why), which is why I opted to go for the new iPhone 3GS - SO much faster and definitely worth it. My MacBook Pro, on the other hand, is just as quick as the day I got it. Maybe your Mac mini was a dud?
  14. Give this a try: http://cleanersoft.com/hidefolder/free_hide_folder.htm (Short review here: http://lifehacker.com/249289/download-of-t...olders-windows)
  15. Definitely an issue with your iPod touch. Works fine on my iPhone 2G, iPhone 3GS, and my friend's iPod touch.What version OS / firmware are you running?
  16. Please continue your discussion in the thread mentioned above. [ Closed. ]
  17. LOL, a beer cake - love it! Have a happy, happy birthday!
  18. You basically just built my dream computer with a bunch of upgraded/better/newer parts and a few extras. Congrats!
  19. OEM's never give out a volume license key with their hardware AFAIK. Dell uses their standard OEM key on all pre-installed copies of XP from what I can remember (same thing happened with a batch of Dells my Dad ordered for his company) and attaches a unique COA sticker on each box. Also, that key is plastered all over the Internet since, as I mentioned, it's Dell standard OEM key, so it's nothing to be too freaked out about. [ Moved. ]
  20. Please do. I've been waiting for this to happen all year.
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