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  1. Both of those links failed to load. Is that site down?
  2. I'm pretty sure this is not possible with normal ISO files (someone please correct me if I'm wrong). Though, you could probably grab a flash drive and make it bootable with Norton 2003 if that's an option.
  3. In my experience, Office 2003 has been more stable than Office XP (Word included) - the only other difference from what I can remember is that Office 2003 has a "prettier" GUI. I wouldn't have bothered with the updates had it been me installing it... Or I would have just installed SP3 and left it as is. I don't use Office as much as I used to anymore...
  4. I think these drives are identical to the Caviar Black drives, except for the fact that they are "RAID-enabled," meaning you can use them in any type of RAID. The regular Caviar Blacks, from what I've heard, are missing some kind of error-checking nonsense on them that prevent them from being used in RAIDs, though I may be wrong.
  5. Works fine here using the same browser and NoScript enabled.
  6. If your web host supports shell access (SSH), you can create a dynamic tunnel using PuTTY and then use Firefox to use that tunnel as a SOCKS proxy and route all DNS requests through the same tunnel.
  7. I think I got a similar one a few weeks back. They go straight to my spam box, so I don't really read them anymore.
  8. ^^ What he said. Also... Link = 404.
  9. I got two of these 1TB drives last week for my home media server - only actively using one at the moment. No complaints so far, but be aware that these new drives have a sector size of 4096 bytes instead of the 512-byte standard that legacy drives use. In other words, these drives will work fine out-of-the-box in newer operating systems (e.g., Windows 7, Mac OS X, most modern Linux flavours, etc.), but you will have to put a jumper on pins 7 and 8 of the drive OR run the WD Align utility from Western Digital if you want to use them properly in legacy operating systems (e.g., Windows XP). I ran the software as I didn't have any jumpers lying around and haven't run into any issues.
  10. I'm not too sure if you're aware, but you can easily search all of MSFN's posts using Google. Just add site:msfn.org to your search query along with some keywords and you should be able to find whatever you like. As for the integrated search, I'm not too sure what the reason is for it being disabled for guests - probably something to do with bots/spammers.
  11. Hey guys, Over the past few months while on an internship, one of my co-workers and I have been developing an instant SSL certificate provisioning site for the company I've been working for. The site is called SSLTree. The certificates are being targeted towards owners of online e-commerce sites and network admins looking to secure external and internal websites. One of my side-projects while working for the same company included developing a free, automated Magento Installer for cPanel. For those of you who aren't familiar with Magento, it's a very customizable e-commerce platform, similar to osCommerce, for putting together online stores/shops. Please check both out. I'd like to hear your comments now that my internship is over.
  12. I think I started it for myself a while back (LOL) and then cluberti took over from there. Happy birthday Zxian!!
  13. You bought 10 of them!?!?!? WTF!?!?
  14. Yeah, the wind is key here... I guess that's something else I forgot to mention in the original situation. Oops... Let me ask you this... How fast can you swim? Definitely not as fast as a shark, I would think...
  15. Believe it or not, your answer is pretty close to the actual answer I was told. But think a bit harder... What would happen if you were to set two fires, both spreading in the same direction and burning at the same rate (ignore geometry for now)? It crossed my mind (square within a circle; or other polygons). But no matter how many fires I start, I will always have to retreat to an area with trees - and I can't imagine a situation where it won't spread towards me. If I start a fire in the middle, the two fires will cancel each other out on the other side, but 'my' fire will go towards me. It's all about geometry GL submix8c explained it the best.
  16. Believe it or not, your answer is pretty close to the actual answer I was told. But think a bit harder... What would happen if you were to set two fires, both spreading in the same direction and burning at the same rate (ignore geometry for now)? In this solution let us assume that I'm human in the real world. Further, it is known that trees cannot grow in concrete and that the trees are short as stated above. Therefore, all trees on our concrete island are potted and low enough in mass to be tipped. The trees are dense enough to prevent a person from walking between them without coming into contact with them. However, since they're densely clustered, I will tip a nearby tree into any burning tree and cause a cascade of falling trees that will clear a path for me to an area of the island that is no longer on fire. Or, to save some trees, I simply tip trees in a line to block the spread of the fire. I have survived the fire without tempting the sharks until my inevitable rescue by flying eagles. Good work at the assumptions - if I were the interviewer, I'd accept this as a valid answer.
  17. The treetops are low enough to the ground that if you were to approach a tree that was on fire, it is likely that you would catch fire. The lightning bolt strikes a tree while its raining. If you're going on the assumption that the rain would extinguish the fire, then you're thinking of a heck of a lot of rain. If these two sentences are correct then I am not human. I am an Ent and I'm not alone. We'll extinguish the flames in the water, since the sharks do not pose a threat to me and my kind. You jump in the water and one of the sharks grabs your branch. What protection do you have from the sharks now? Let's not think of about long-term survival, just this one situation for now. Here we have a cognitive problem. :ph34r:An answer can be either valid or not, but NOT necessarily the one you know.The teacher in second grade asks to one pupil: The pupil: The teacher: Then the pupil asks the (female) teacher .....jaclaz Then I guess I didn't phrase the original question as clearly as I should have. Everything I've mentioned above and in my previous posts should clarify the situation now. If something's still unclear, feel free to ask for a clarification.
  18. You risk getting eaten by one of the sharks. (Yes, I know the shore is shallow, but this isn't the answer. Good thinking, though).
  19. I got asked this in an interview once so that the interviewer could understand my thought process. The answer is actually extremely simple, but unfortunately, I wasn't able to get the right answer at the time. Here goes... You're stranded on an island made entirely of solid concrete (comment: unlikely, but OK) in the middle of the ocean. The island has nothing but trees on it. There is a school of sharks swimming around the island. While you're on one side of the island, a lightning bolt strikes a tree on the opposite side of the island and the tree catches fire. Slowly, but surely, the fire spreads from one tree to the next and makes its way towards you. How do you survive?
  20. I use FF on all of my computers and I've never had an issue with it on this site. Suggestions: Clear your cookies Clear your cache What submix8c said above Then restart FF and try again
  21. The same thing happened to me at home when I installed and launched Google Chrome for the first time. I'm the only one that ever visits MSFN at my place...
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