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  1. Ahh thanks. Would have been awesome if there was some facility to see the download address/activity or view/verify the MD5 on the files or something like that. But with the age of Winfdows 7 it's moot now anyways. With the end of support, I'm trying to build one last image with everything in it, mostly to use in vBox. But as anyone with the chutzpah to be using NTLite already knows, the size of a complete Windows 7 installation is huge compared to previous versions such as XP. I'm pretty rusty, but I'm assuming NTL can trim that down a lot with the slipstreams. Still working on it.
  2. Thanks. I'll disable IPV6 as soon as I there's a lull my work today. I generally turn it off anyways, but I'm on wifi atm and I didn't realize it was still enabled on this adapter. But...it's moot now anyways. I just started using NTLite again after not using it for something like 10 years, and wow it's turned into something pretty impressive. I was focusing on the beginning steps of building an image, and not realizing it had the built-in ability to download the updates itself. I just bought a personal license, and I've already downloaded the updates.
  3. Where does WUD download from..? Is it a Microsoft site, or somewhere else..? More to the point...since there's no indication of the source, how do we know the updates haven't been tampered with..? I checked the IP and it's 2604:6000:1012:c635:8c88:1d4d:a725:f752 which I haven't been able to find any registration info for.
  4. Helooo MSFN, it's been a long time. Has anyone had success adding any of the individual VBox Guest Additions drivers to WinPE..? It would make test builds much easier to work with in VBox. The driver I'm most interested in adding is the one that allows seamless integration of the mouse pointer with the guest window, so I don't have to keep manually uncapturing it. Also, the one that facilitates automatic desktop stretching/resizing would be nice too, but it's not essential, and it seems that function is based in VboxTray.exe rather than a driver file anyways. ~Thanks.
  5. Yes, that looks close. Thanks, I'll check it out. =-)
  6. Hi all, I tried googling for this, but no luck. Maybe I'm using the wrong words. I was wondering if anyone has ever seen a "builder utility" for the stock Microsoft AIK with WinPE 6.0.6000..? Somethign with a regular Windows GUI with menus and a "Build" button that can do all the work of adding packages, drivers, and any sctipts & other files that I need to go in..? I used to have a batch file for this, but I've misplaced it, and decided to go looking for an actual program. Thanks.
  7. Does anyone know of a TRUSTWORTHY repair/recovery service for USB flash drives? One that can replace a USB controller chip gone bad? And won't cost $2,000.00..? I found a few on Google, but I'm not trusting my drive to someone just because they have a web page. I have a 32gb thumb drive that suddenly stopped working while attached to a laptop in a high-RF environment (FM transmitter site) and I can't get anything to recognize this bugger now. My life isn't gonna stop without it, but I put some work into making it bootable and with various utilities, and I don't have a recent backup. =-/ I tri
  8. HA!!!! Jaclaz, That's exactly the look I get..!!! Allen, thank you! That Unix find.exe is working perfectly. I've just been playing with the -atime, -mtime, and -ctime and getting various results which i should be able to modify to my needs Thanks.
  9. Oh wow. I'll try that on Monday. That may be exactly what I need. Are the default settings of the NTFS file system sufficient for this to work? Does anything need to be set to activate the last-accessed metadata, or is that turned on by default..? Do any "simple" actions like directory listings or the activity of shmedia.dll trigger an update of the last-accessed data?
  10. Hi all, I'm about to embark on some upgrades of our servers & networks. We're a media company, and have huge numbers of huge files - 10MB, 100MB, 1000MB. Yes that big, many of them WAV files. I need to start deleting old files or transferring them to offline storage, but trying to figure out what gets used is impossible. And it's useless asking anyone because all I get is the deer-in-headlights look, or stark-raving-fear-terror-OMG-NO-I-NEED-THAT even though it hasn't been touched in months. So it seems NTFS File Auditing is the beast I need, but I've never used it before. This is what I n
  11. Hi all, Could any of you point me in the direction of a good place to learn/setup a Windows 2003 cluster? Google gave me more than I needed, so I thought someone here might offer some suggestions. We have a couple of database servers and a file server that I'd like to clusterize with less expensive hardware like one of these awesome buggers. I figure three clusters with two nodes each should be sufficient, with two hot-standbys. I see that my Windows 2003 Administrator Tools includes the Microsoft Cluster Manager. Is this ok for small-scale stuff? Or is there something better. (think cheap) Th
  12. I'd like to build a WIN2K3 system around a CF memory card plugged into the motherboard. The Transcend Industrial CF Series is just for this purpose. They come OOTB with the "fixed disk" flag set. So they can simply plug directly into an IDE port with an adapter and the BIOS and Windows sees them as a regular hard disk. I was wondering if anyone could chime in on questions that Google couldn't answer: Disk Access: because it's flash memory, it's subject to "burnout" from too much disk access. How much truth is there to this? I assume that since the Transcend Industrial series is made for this
  13. Our Dell PowerEdge servers have this built-in "management feature" that's supposed to allow BIOS-level remote KVM access to the system through ethernet to another system running the management software. We've never used it, but... I was wondering...I see a lot of "management features on Asus motherboards, like Intel AMT and VT and some other things I haven't looked into yet. Do any of these "technologies" in the Intel chipsets allow for BIOS-level KVM..? Are there any desktop-PC motherboards out there that have this kind of thing?
  14. Hmmm thanks you raise some good points. I've actually been thinking about fingerprint scanners. If someone loses their fingerprint, they prolly won't be needing to use their computer for a while. =-)
  15. I was wondering if anyone's had experience with these pieces of software that can store your Windows XP login passwords on a USB flash drive? Any suggestions on which of them are good? Do they come with their own GINA? How is the security reliability? I like the idea of creating an actual "key" for my users that they have to stick into the computer to make it go.
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