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  1. pinso

    BitDefender Management Control

    Hello Harry, i understand now that its a part and partial problem that arises when a user installs BitDefender and it becomes corrupted by some installation problem. But i tried to be very patience with this problem you know, until i decided to restore my PC. Start from fresh again; because i needed to install few more software's that required net connection. So i reverted back. But now the problem doesn't exists anymore and i'll not touch Windows Defender again. But thank you for taking out your time for this post. There could possibly be a user in future who would look for such solution to the problem. So it becomes easier. Thank you, have a nice day.
  2. pinso

    BitDefender Management Control

    Win7 was working pretty fine before this error. It is still working too. When i restart or power on the machine, i get this error. There are very few post on this problem when i Google. I really do not know what to do and where should i zero in, this much i do know; i do not have a corrupt installation. I have made backups after installing software that require net connection and it took hours to do that. Also i am using RollBackRx to take snapshot, i could choose to go back to earlier snapshot. Which i did prior to receiving this error. But this error still persists. Like its stuck.
  3. Hello, i have been receiving an error message that says BitDefender Management Control. Error Message: As far as i can remember, i last switched on the Windows Defender that resides in Control Panel in Win7, just to see what it does. Now i know its some kind of Anti-Virus or Anti-Malware program that requires constant updating. But i didn't update then and i kind a left it like that, after that i have been receiving this error constantly. I tried Google but there are way too many topics which really doesn't make any sense or i zeroed in: on forum to find a solution. I hope there is some solution this. Hoping for some solution.
  4. Well i am graduate in Hotel Management , years back and i am looking for a nice job.

    I wanted to join this forum , since their are a lot of things one can learn from here. No need to say more.


  5. I want to make Winpe from WAIK for Win7 that i downloaded years back, i know their are Stickies , but i m a noobe and really i am sorry for asking baby steps help from you people. Would someone be kind enough to direct me to which Stickies should i follow to make a WinPE, i hope thier is a batch file for this. Also their are dozens of things i want to ask , not about adding plugins, it was a hair puller and i couldn't figure out how to and that doesn't matter here. I am content with what i have and the third party software suffices me. But lets one thing at a time.
  6. pinso

    How to Slipstream Corporate Edition

    The methods Outlined in ELDERGEEK TUT worked smoothly,,,,Corporate Edition asking for a VLK key I got the Corporate Edition from a Friend, willing to share a copy of his VLK. Dont know if VLK is pirated or not / dont h' much idea about that. I h' to say Corporate Edition is the best Xp i h' used so far/really like the Activation thing being removed. Was looking for a WinOS that doesn't h one. Good cause i can perform BareMetal Restore on other < PC>.
  7. Hello Folks, u see i h' Win xp Corporate Editon , n i want to slipstream SP3 . Their was this Tutorial in CHECK HERE FOR TUT Elder Geek, which was quite uselful. But no TUT for Corporate/Home/Studen Edition . My guess is i can download SP3 from FOR SP3, n slipstream by the process mentioned in Eldergeek TUT. Its not that i refrain from using nLite/Autostreamer, its a matter of preference. I found the Latter was easy.... Can someone suggest me its ok to follow the Elder Geek Method, can someone Pro here give me the Green Light.... Currently DLoading SP3....